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How about a buzz and roc round. That would settle the argument. 2 throws every hole.

Good day.
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This debate again.

I dont care what you throw, all that matters at the end is the number of throws you took to finish the course.

And the best midrange is the comet ;P
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I think a roc would make a better putter! I don't like when non sponsored players always say roc or buzzz. use both!

Buzzz won out for a long time because champ rocs were around 40 bucks. now the Roc3 is out and you can get them for 12-13 dollars anywhere!!! makes rocs a lot better.

buzzz is also just a great beginner to pro level disc. rocs work better for new player if they are 6/10 on the sleepy scale. new rocs are too stable to learn with. I loved rocs forever but i think a single buzzz vs roc round will prove if roc throwers can putt with a roc or not.
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Ok, I'll bite.

Roc vs Buzzz events are great events to run. Can be a really fun event, and all the incentive for participation and competition lies in the set up. No need to complicate it by Prizing, merchandise, payout, blah, blah, blah. Keep it simple and it can be a good natured challenge that can have players talking for weeks before, and after, the event.

Here is my structure.
Roc v Buzzz, one round throw down.

At check in you declare for team roc or team buzzz. Roc players get a small scorecard of one color, buzzzes get a different color. Rocs over there, buzzzes are meeting over there. Get group photos and incite some jeering back and forth. Call out two rocs and two buzzzers to form a playing group and send them out to the furthest hole, then repeat the process till one group is empty. Fill out remaining hole assignments with the remaining players. Boom, you're off.

Each player is confined to their mold. For us ,that means carrying multiple discs if you like, but all Roc named molds for team roc, or all buzzz including molds for team buzzz. I don't care if its champ, dx, star, classic roc (I know and don't care it's a different disc) roc 3,Roc+, USDGC,Etc, whatever! Same for buzzzes, ESP, z, crystal, gt , TI, buzzz SS, whatever!

The whole idea is not about the discs, stoopid, it's the disc "cultures" that are clashing! (Who'd care about a shark v wasp v whatever event anyway besides that one guy who suggested it? BUT..If they each had a large nationwide cult following.. Then maybe) and No putters! Deal with it.

We use a birdie friendly par 54 set up on a popular course.

Cards come back and a laptop and excel sheet does the processing.
Cap a data entry score at 70 to prevent any crazy intentional tanking, or data skewing, and consider a DNF at the same. Sample size shouldnt matter too much owing to the categories listed below.

Five categories for determining winner for the year. (five just to flesh it out, and make it complex enough for people to say.. Ok you thought this through... And it discourages crazy gamesmanship sneaky stuff)

1. Team of best single score
2. Team with best mean average
3. Team with best median score
4. Team with best mean average of top six team members
5. Team with better Percentage of players under course par
(or substitute anything you like for a category)

And set a tie break, cause it could happen, but likely won't.

Post results, have a big massive ctp or something for some door prizes, to get people finishing with a smile, and post the pictures after the event and strategize how you can get your team to win next year. Start asking, is it better for us to have fewer but better players, or get a bigger group and overwhelm the other team with a bell curve? We've seen both happen.

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We had a Roc vs Buzzz event in Cincinnati, OH today, and the Roc took the Accuracy and Golf events, while the Buzzz took the Long Distance and CTP events. So overall, each mid won two events and the debate continues

I did my best to represent the Buzzz side since I used to throw Buzzzes and got 2nd overall on the golf side, and 3rd overall on the accuracy side to try and keep Buzzzes in contention there.
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I do like the idea of CTP stats. that might be the way to measure it. just go to a course with both disc.

throw even holes with roc first and odd holes with buzzz. which had more CTPs? and how many no putts from terrible drives did you get.
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We've done exactly what royal hill has posted. Makes me wonder if he's in my part of the great NW. It's a real fun setup and definitely makes for a year of bragging rights. Only problem is there are way more buzz throwers than roc throwers. So they kind of get a slight disadvantage for some of the scoring but who cares bout them I throw a roc. All in all its a fun one round with good people.
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You guys are a riot.

Ever heard the phrase, "it's not the arrow, but the archer"?

Words of wisdom.
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Originally Posted by New013 View Post
hey look... buzzz throwers are realizing their disc isn't as versatile as they thought.
MD2 throwers still delusional

Originally Posted by Jesterian View Post
"it's not the arrow, but the archer"?

Words of wisdom.
spread your lies elsewhere
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