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DIY, and expect apathy, ungratefulness, and people telling you how to do it better. Listen to no one. Your reward is playing "your" course. This is level 4 behavior, I think, if you follow Kohlberg's stages of moral development. Do it because that is who you are. Expecting rewards, kudos, gratitude, etc. is what elementary school children do. We live in a society of the people, for the people, and BY the people. There is no phantom "other" to turn to. Be the example. Things will be better for your toil.
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I currently blame everything on the Washington Redskins. Our city parks suffered this year after the new Redskins training camp here in town opened. And they admitted to it.
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Originally Posted by jobwilson View Post
Dude, Petersburg is only 20 minutes from Vincennes and Prides Creek is immaculate.

Also, you can make the trip to Evansville and Henderson. Lots happening down here.
This post is a major problem and a shame. See an issue...not my problem, go to a different course where "other" people care.
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Ahh this is getting tiresome. So now the parks dept guy emails me again...this time his story has changed just a bit. The story now is that the parks dept. has plans to renovate the course, and that there is nothing i can help with. They don't want me to do anything to the course until they finish what they are going to do, but they don't know when that will be and they appreciate my patience.

Basically its- We will get around to it when we feel like it, don't do it yourself. There was more to the email but the tone of it was that it wasn't something that was expected to happen anytime soon.
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Hate to say it but DG is one of the lower priorities when it comes to a municipal budget so this is the battle we will have with free courses.
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Persistence and patience............. sometimes you need ALOT of both to keep the dream alive.
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Atleast you've gotten a response within a week. More than likely its a liability issue, that's why don't want you to do anything. I wouldn't hold your breath about having the course worked on this year, next spring.
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Originally Posted by fountg View Post
....the parks dept. has plans to renovate the course, and that there is nothing i can help with.
This would concern me.

May be nothing. Maybe they're consulting with a course designer, or at least an experienced player. Maybe they're getting away from hard-to-maintain areas. Maybe you'll get a better course out of the renovation.

But maybe not.
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Well ive talked to the guy a few times now. After the first time it hasn't been hard to get a hold of him. He always is very vague about things. Like he will say they have plans to renovate, and they are just waiting on a stump grinder and they can start the clean up process, and it will happen 'soon'.

But that sounds fishy to me. He says they are waiting on a stump grinder...but how long could that take to get? There are multiple stores in town that sell them and wouldn't that be the route the city would take (support local commerce) Not to mention I would think this city would already have a stump grinder, seeing as there are other parks in the city, and ive seen them removing trees before. Also the parks dept here couldn't be too busy, as from what I understand there is actually a different head over each park in the city. So the guy Ive been talking to ONLY has to worry about this one specific park.

I just get the feeling he doesn't want to give me any real information and its kind of annoying. Ive offerered to help with the cleanup crew, or to just start on it now with the basics with a no to both. As bad as the course is, there are things that could already be done without a stump grinder. I feel like its just getting put off. Meanwhile I am left completely without a course to play on.
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Originally Posted by pigpen View Post
Most local municipalities are stretched pretty thin these days.

If you are the only one that uses the course man up and do some work to save the course.

My buddy lives walking distance from a course. He weed eats and blows off the pads weekly. We both pick up trash during play.

We all have to do our part.
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