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Originally Posted by prerube View Post

I would be willing to bet you will find him at the Druid Hill Open
Doubtful. He just had twins. I would hazard a guess that it Be a bit before he can leave the nest.
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Originally Posted by Grungedude42 View Post
Try the white pages instead of facebook. I once returned someone's home wireless phone by looking up the name on the on the phone on the white pages. If they're unlisted, I guess they're SOL. Personally, if they've marked their PDGA # instead of actual contact info, I'd wager they're just looking to satisfy the marking requirements for tournament play, rather than looking to have their plastic returned.
I found a cell phone in a parking lot once and called "Mom". Turned out it was some kids phone and they were heading back to the mall to look for it as I called them.
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Originally Posted by scarpfish View Post
Just my suggestion, but if I were looking for a person in Santa Rosa, New Mexico, I'd go to the Santa Rosa, New Mexico resources first and work my way out, than start with the entire world and work inward.

You found the disc off the internet. Perhaps looking for its owner off the internet would be the solution. Sadly, too many tech addicts can't seem to figure there's a whole lot of people out there that don't share their internet hobby.
Upon my searches I could not find an exact location on where to start searching for LP. I thought going to this disc golf community forum would be faster and easier. Judging by most of the replies there are some people that know or know of him. I do appreciate all of the help and if LP is directed to this link then I think I have taken a step in the right direction to getting this disc to it's owner. I did not find this disc off the Internet. It was found at a disc golf course in Seneca Creek State Park while I was searching for my disc.

Thanks again for those of you that are helping get in contact with Larry. Hopefully he sees this posting.
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Sorry scarpfish. It's been a long day at work and I wasn't thinking straight when you said I found the disc OFF the Internet and then I go saying I didn't find the disc on the Internet blah blah blah... I do find the Internet a resourceful tool and again I would not know where to start if I tried to search for this person of the Internet. The only way I can think about that is putting up flyers with a picture of the disc at every hole at Seneca and everyone's car parked there as if the disc were some lost dog and help find its owner. I don't think that would go well, lol.
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From the md-discgolf forum:

Hey guys,

I'm responding to a post on DGCourseReview by airhockey21, dated 8/20/13.

Airhockey21, the lost disc on #3 is one of the many discs I've lost over the years. I can't tell you with certainty which disc of mine is in your possession, but tell you what: I plan to play at Seneca on Saturday (8/31) with a couple of friends. Bring the disc and I'll bring proof of ownership.

You can send your response to ravenclaw70@gmail.com, as well. Doing so will ensure a timely response.

(lvp #25410)
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It's been awhile since I've been online but I wanted to update this thread to say that the disc has been returned to Larry. Thanks to Ziggy for informing him about this thread. It was great to meet Larry and his son. He is deaf and a really nice and humble guy. I wish I could have played a fun round with him and his son but I already had plans that day. I guess the disc he lost had some markings on it that were not there before and it's been at least 2 years since he lost that disc which led me to believe some dumba$$ had it all this time and lost the disc where I found it. I'm glad I put in the effort to reunite a lost disc with it's rightful owner. I hope someone does the same for me when/if they find any of my lost discs.
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