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Originally Posted by Jay Dub View Post
Flipping the bird to a camera was old in the 70s. :yawn:
Being able to identify a Google car and have enough time (about 1 second) to think up something as witty as flipping the bird is not an achievement.

Finding this on Google maps is pretty spectacular.
I drove a van for another company with a camera system similar to google and you would be amazed at the stuff some people would do once they noticed it was a camera and sometimes they got angry when they found out our images were not put on the internet.
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Why would you flip off a service that is provided to you for free ? People these days...
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Originally Posted by JTacoma03 View Post
Not sure you understand how the google car operates...
It only puts you on street view if you're giving it the bird?
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Originally Posted by Smigles View Post
Why would you flip off a service that is provided to you for free ? People these days...
Damn you Europeans and the sense you speak!
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Originally Posted by blammo View Post
The man dressed in a suit approaching you was a little less comfortable with his image appearing on google. Perhaps he had just done something illegal?
I believe he is talking on a cell phone. Look at him from up and down the road. The facial recognition/distortion software just made it look like he was covering his face.
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Originally Posted by tbird888 View Post
Or 9 Andy Warhols

The Predator cycles through his filters
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