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+1 for DG. Some people need more of a workout, but Ill take 300 calories burned a day, any day. thanks for the info!
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its terrible exercise

just enough to make u not want to do actual cardio or weight training

disc golf has made me fat n wimpy
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Originally Posted by alcstradamus View Post
I played solo so I was moving at a steady pace the whole round, and I also had taken an EC stack about 3 1/2 hours prior, so the effects of the stack should have been wearing off by then but it is possible that my heart rate was elevated at the time slightly.

The Data:
Round length -- 57 minutes
Average heart rate -- 114 BPM
Maximum heart rate -- 135 BPM
Estimated Calories Burned -- 396
I glanced at my monitor often, and noticed that after I threw my heart rate tended to spike into the low 120's. When I was walking up a hill carrying my bag, I was in the 130's. When I was walking on flat ground, it dropping around 105. The only time I dropped below 100 is when I was waiting for a group ahead of me to let me play through.
what is your resting heart rate? really none of this matters with out that knowledge. You should always take your resting heart rate before you start an activity if you are tracking your heart rate. It gives you a base idea.
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I think DG is a decent way to excercise especially if you do it doing the summer months. I play at Tyler State Park and when I don't have my sons (which is every other weekend) you can bet that you'll be able to find me there playing all day long no matter how hot the weather is that day. I'll play 81 holes in a day and come back on Sunday to play 54 more. Two summers ago I was playing every day after work and all weekend long when I didn't have my sons and lost more than 40lbs. It all depends on when you play and the duration of the activity.
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Haven't gotten out in two months and have gained 5lbs. Maybe its the lack of activity, maybe its the cream cheese cookies. Either way, I take back ever saying golfing isn't exercise.
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Originally Posted by optidiscic View Post
its terrible exercise

just enough to make u not want to do actual cardio or weight training

disc golf has made me fat n wimpy
I don't want to do actual cardio or weight training even if I don't play, and I thought being fat and wimpy was the reason to take up disc golf instead of anything that's hard.
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This reminds me of a previous thread on the subject, but less heated.

DG is the kind of exercise, it's like "tweener." If you go into it looking for "training," you'll probably be disappointed. It's not intense cardio or mass-building. It's the kind of "physical activity" that would benefit FROM a training regimine, but isn't a substitute FOR a training regimine.

But it is clearly 'exercise' in the sense that it's beyond 'resting,' and in some cases well beyond. Plus, it's great because it's almost like "hidden" exercise. I don't DG for weight loss or moderate physical activity. I DG for the game itself. Any exercise-type benefit I get is a) gravy and b) practically unnoticed. (mmm, gravy.)

I also agree that, for some, the obsession for improvement that DG seems to inspire can lead to taking better care of yourself. After a youth of organized sports and a stint in the military, I'm fairly over training for trainings sake. But, I'm at the stage of my DG game (and an age-42,) where I can see that further improvement is going to be tougher without some outside regimine.
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Originally Posted by AndyJB View Post
Last thing: I am a huge proponent and supporter of DDP Yoga. I do one or two sessions every day. Today, I did the "Wake Up" session, went and played a round, and then did the "Fat Burner" session...and I'm feeling great. For all of us older guys on here, do yourself a favor and get into yoga (preferably DDP Yoga which focuses on dynamic resistance to help you burn calories while stretching your body) and thank me later.
I was curious if anyone else did this. I started in April of last year having never "exercised" in my life, so once disc golf came around, I kind of put the yoga in the background. It took me 25 weeks to get through the first 13 week beginner program.

I started up the intermediate program a little while back to try to keep off the 15lb I lost over the summer and managed to complete it in 14 weeks. I do feel a lot better, have increased flexibility, and much less back pain. I am hoping to really step up the core exercises to get rid of this stupid beer belly and then stick with it through the summer. I am in much better shape this year because of DDP and feel like I can do both yoga and DG.
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Speed golf is a good workout. Playing tournaments not so much.
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March 2009 my weight was 260 after a summer of disc golf I was down to 220.
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