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Default Found Disc ?

Found a disc on Aug 24th, I sent a picture from the course and got a response from him wanting the disc back. I was out of the country from Aug 27-2 Sept. I have texted him several times since the 2nd looking to meet and give him the disc back.

How long do I keep trying until I take ownership. (I would plan to sell it rather than throw it.) Don't want to sell it and have him come calling back.

LE Z Drone if it matters any.
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Many many many many many many many many many many many posts like this.

And they all end in, "It's your call."

But I do dislike selling found plastic. I don't believe it's right. Hang on to it and it might make your own bag or give/trade it to a friend that will use it in their bag. Or like Scotty said you may finally end up finding the owner.

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It's not yours to sell. Toss it in the trunk and you'll eventually meet up. I got my Havoc back after 2 months the other day when the finder sought me out at a tournament in his home town.
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you really need to make the effort to return it. If it was yours wouldn't you want it back? Plus you never know what you may get in return.

I threw a new Surge SS on a water hole in May that hit a branch and did the lost splash down dance. Someone just returned it to me. I gave him a brand new 1st Run Crank as a reward.
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Found a disc in some heavy, HEAVY shrubbery trees the other day (don't ask what >I< was doing in there...ugh). Texted the guy, no response in a few days....I'll give it a while. No way would I sell it, would rather give it to someone who may use it or to a complete beginner who has zero to 2-3 discs.

That's my take.
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Stick it n your car and wait a few months. It's no longer your problem to contact the owner but give him a chance to follow up and get it from you.
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Originally Posted by chrishysell View Post
Plus you never know what you may get in return.
Word. Guy I am meeting up with today who found an Ibex I lost is getting BEER as finder's fee
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Why is doing the right thing have to have so much gray area. Don't look for rules or guidelines, just do the right thing, man.
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I have an old Saturn Comet I found in the creek at Indian Creek Park @ 3 (?) years ago. The only ID on it was guys full name and PDGA #. Tracked it down to a (then) local ATL player, sent him a few PM's thru the ADGO site. He replied a couple times saying he wanted it back, but never sent me an address. I still have it in a box in the shop.
Maybe I'll run into him one day...
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I've been sitting on a disc for about a month now - called the owner, told him where I work, gave him my number, it would be a snap for him to swing by and get it, but he still hasn't.

I'm in no hurry; it can just sit on the computer under my desk for as long as it takes.
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