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Critique this (it will be easy)

Ok, I think it's time to get some feedback on my throwing. I can see myself that there's lot's of issues, but I can't figure out how to fix them or at least where to focus.


I've played around 4 years, and for the last year I have started to throw only standstill shots as I felt that there's too much issues even without the run up. My distances are around 60-80 meters, with occasional 90 meters or so. I use S-line/Star FD, TD2, and Eagle, and PD for thumbers. As a midrange disc I use mainly FLX Buzzz which isn't far from the FD distance wise. For putter drives I use Jokeri or P2, which are go around 50-60 meters or so.

The problems in my technique of course hinder the distance potential, but even bigger issue is tendency to turn and often burn all my supposedly flat shots. I just bought MVP's Tangent and Tensor, and they really show the technique flaws nicely, as in a proper shot I shouldn't be able to turn Tensor to right with these power levels, but if I try too hard, that happens due to OAT, and Tangent of course turns and burns. Also, I often tend to release right of the intended line when driving with midranges or putters.

The video above is few weeks old, and after that I have already tried to do all kind of adjustments, and for a while it felt like I was on the right tracks but then I somehow lost it again...

My grip looks like this:

Thanks in advance for all the feedback!
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From what I'm seeing your form doesn't look as bad as you might think it is. The biggest thing I'm seeing is you not getting over top of your throw. Try throwing through your core a bit more and don't be so rigid with your reach back, let it be natural. What helped me the most is letting my arms go completely limp and rotating my hips (making my arms swing). Just feel that out for like 10 seconds rotating back and forth and slowly start to move your throwing arm in the motion you want your throw to be. During that "exercise" focus purely on smoothness. Also, weight transfer (that should improve naturally when you start throwing more through your core). And the last thing, make sure your pulling your non shoulder back as well. Will Schusterick's video goes over alot of what I just told you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30cUNsWOYSI

And just letting you know my background. I just started playing a year and a half ago and those things that I just told you helped me out the most. Now I'm looking to make my way into advanced division after this weekend. I'm hoping this tourny I'm in will show me that I'm ready to move up from intermediate.

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From your grip, it looks like your thumb pad is too close to the edge and the disc is too deep into the back of the palm(base of thumb too over the disc). I'd try bending the ring finger and moving the index finger further forward and keep the edge of the disc pressure more toward the base of the index finger. The rest is spinning out and not bending your hips to trap/tilt the chest forward. Your rear heel spins out back and around and your hips just spin with no or little leverage behind them. Your rear heel should move forward ahead of the toes moving your body forward and the front leg should resist that some. Your throwing shoulder is also high most the time, drop the throwing shoulder back and forth(bending the hips and trapping the chest forward will help).

Dropping the shoulder:

Watch where in the palm Robbie and MJ have the edge of the disc pressure.

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Thanks both, I was practicing bit on my new discs on the course earlier today after seeing the reply by jchoate7, and I tried to stay more loose, and bend my knees bit more. I first struggled quite a bit, as I was throwing too low and the disc was slipping out of my hand early for some reason, but after I went to the field later it felt quite good, no difference in distance but didn't OAT anything over.

I have to digest all the info in the videos and links and in your tips, but here's video from today (before reading sidewinder's critique):

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No new material, but some thoughts and questions. After watching videos and reading stuff, I tried to be more loose and bent over the discs, which felt good without actually throwing the disc. But then on field, I realized that I was of course throwing everything on a hyzer plane due to the bending from the waist. If I tried to adjust the plane of the disc on my hand, then I was OATing everything over.. So bending over the disc works for hyzer release, but I should be pretty upright when throwing flat right?

I once again watched the closed shoulder drill from Bradley Walker, and that reinforced my idea that one big problem in my throw is opening my shoulder way too soon, so the arm wont have time to collapse and my hand doesn't really stay on the opposite side of the disc long enough to properly pivot the disc. If I focus on keeping my shoulders rigid I can somewhat feel the proper pivot etc when throwing with just arm, but then the problem becomes how to incorporate lower body, torso and weight shift to this.

The golf videos made sense, and I at least have some kind of idea how that translate to the disc golf. I would reach back via pendulum motion, lift my right heel up, and then plant it back, which pull my hand towards the chest. But here's the problem, if I understand correctly, I should actively pull with my arm only after the disc has passed my right pec, but when I plant my right foot the disc only gets around my left shoulder or pec, and then I have to either turn my shoulders or pull with my arm in order to get the disc closer to the right pec. If I turn my shoulders then I won't get to the proper(?) position, and if I pull with my hand, then my hand gets rigid too soon? So should I somehow make my weight shift more stronger, or what is wrong here?

Hopefully my explanation makes some sense...
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Take a look at this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nED7gcXobEo

Dan Beato has some great stuff in this video and then in this whole thread is loaded with good stuff: http://www.discgolfreview.com/forums...php?f=2&t=8925

But let me say that the first thing I see is that you're probably a baseball player? You have the swing of a guy who has knows how to swing a bat. Now, you just have to transfer that weight fully to the front foot - lift that back foot up and pivot the hips through. Dan's video has a great visual of what I'm saying, but basically quiet down the reach back and start accelerating the disc when it's much closer to your chest.

All in all, you're doing good - just looks like you can take advantage of some improvements on your form.
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Originally Posted by HyzerUniBomber View Post

But let me say that the first thing I see is that you're probably a baseball player? You have the swing of a guy who has knows how to swing a bat. Now, you just have to transfer that weight fully to the front foot - lift that back foot up and pivot the hips through.
I'm new myself, so I've been stairing at videos a ton trying to dial in my form. But this was the one thing I saw. Its something I really struggle with as well. Feldberg has a great video about weight shift. He mentions that you need to shift from 20%front/ 80% back to 80%front/20% back. What he sees alot of newer players do is stop when they feel stable, more around 50/50. This is also where you start leaning forward at the waist to stay over your disc, and limit your torso movement and power.

Like I said still working on it myself and it sounds like a common problem so just keep chipping away at it. I'll see if I can find that video.

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I will say that with the Beato video everything worked except bringing the disc close to my chest. When I try to keep it tight I throw down right pitiful. Wont even reach out to 100ft.
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Thanks all, I've watched those videos before but I'll check them again. Decided to keep bit of a break as my left leg/groin is hurting again after the field work. I tested the closed shoulder drill again by turning my left foot almost 180 degrees out of the target, which really forced me to rotate my hips. This seemed to help a little.
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for what it's worth

i feel you are making things way too hard on yourself and my suggestions for more rapid improvement AND enjoyment are as follows:

1. for now forget about standstill shots. try a one step delivery. this will help you 'get the feel' for the weight shift and timing of throwing a disc much faster.

2. try a modified power grip (fan grip). grip is very personal and the one that suits you will be the one that gives the most feedback/control about what the disc is doing while you throw. grip the disc as if you were holding a small bird. one that you do not wish to kill, but do not wish to escape either.

3. play catch instead of throwing in a field alone (your child doesn't seem interested in participating). you get more reps faster (more feedback faster) and can focus on the somatic aspect of throwing without distraction.

4. try to focus on the expression of a quality, such as smoothness, instead of focusing on pure technical things when you throw. it may sound flaky, but the analytical mind is too slow and hidebound to actually control/direct the body well. you will throw much 'better' if you get your brain out of the way. keep it simple.

5. relate the way the disc flies to the way your body felt throwing it. make adjustments. when you snap one over to the right, what did it feel like to make it fly that path?

6. play with others 'better' than yourself, even if you have to pay for it.

7. be patient and forgiving with yourself regarding the value you place on your results.

8. pick one midrange mold & weight and practice with that one exclusively, until you develop consistency. this eliminates a large amount of variables which affect your feedback.
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