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Default Metal but no ACE

Last night in League play I was LUCKY enough to hit metal.. caught the pole on a 288 ft sidearm shot that was fading to the right.. It was actually the flight path I was intending, so that was cool... It felt great, BUT the first ACE still eludes me.. I've hit metal 3 times in the last two weeks, Maybe.. maybe..

Im still a newb, but a play ALOT (great work schedule), even being new I figure the more I play the greater my chances.. last night would have been so cool.. witness, it wasn't a bounced shot off some stray limb, or well woulda coulda shoulda.. didn't happen.
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you will get one sooner or later =)
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I feel your pain; I recently just missed what would have been my first ace, too. Last week I was practicing a few low ceiling tunnel shots on a 255' hole, hit the very top of the basket with an Underworld. Two inches higher and it goes in. Would have been a very sweet mild S curve shot. It was dead on the line, just not quite enough height. So it goes.
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I've had lots of metal hits over the years, but haven't gotten my first ace yet. I was close a couple times last month, most recently blew through the plastic stick holding a flag on top of a basket on a somewhat downhill hole - dead center, just a foot too high
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I almost had an ace like this, got an m1 stuck in the side of the cage ... A couple inches higher and i would have had an ace
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Any time I have hit metal on an ace run I usually end up with a 3 or a 4. I have had some ridiculously bad roll aways on the mountain hitting full chains. Had a thumber that smashed the curtain, popped out and rolled 150 feet down a wooded side hill
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I hate the ones that hit the top of the cage and bounce away. Or hitting chains pretty solid and spitting out. I've got about 5 or 6 of these with no aces yet.
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Hit basket once form about 250 out... I think that sound is worse than hitting the crossbar in soccer.
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Dont worry about Aces they will come. They are just bad shots stopped by the basket anyways!
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I went from never even close to hitting the upright twice last week. Homing in on my first one, I can feel it.
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