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Originally Posted by DiscinFiend View Post
BB Aviar - 350'
Roc - 385'
Teebird - 450'
Destroyer - 475'
For some reason I can't throw putters that well, I'm still looking for a stable mold & plastic that works fir me. These are the distances I can get consistently on flat ground no wind. My max distance with my drivers is around 20' farther & I'd assume its about the same with my Mids & Putters also. My gap between my Aviar & Destroyer is around 125'.
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Consistent Distance:
Driving Putter (VP) - 225ft
Mid (Buzzz) - 320ft
Fairway (Stalker) - 340ft
Driver (Nuke) - 380ft
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Hmm, this makes me realize I don't do enough field work. I think it's around this:

putter - 220'
midrange - 260'
fairway - 290'
distance - 320'
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KC aviar: 280'
Roc: 315'
Teebird: 375'
Tern: 415

I was really only consistent to 400' with any driver before i started throwing a tern. If you don't know you better axe somebody. Tern is da truf
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Originally Posted by mashnut View Post
Wizard - 300'
Roc - 340'
PD - 400'
Boss - 450'
This is almost mine exactly. take about 20 ft off the max d. BTW this is an open field situation right? all the height i need for putters and back and forth i need for a max d drive?
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But dang, mike can crush it. I love his videos. I'm past a lot of his advice but certainly not all of it. Can never stop getting better.
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putter (d challenger): 190-210'
mid (10yr buzzz): 275-295'
fairway (400 f7): 295-315'
distance (ESP nuke): up to 330'

These are my average "maximum" golf distances when on a relatively wooded course such as Hudson Mills - Original. 80% of my (non-putting) shots are with a mid. I rarely throw any true distance drivers, as you can see there isn't an appreciable difference from the fairways (f7, teebird, Leo) to anything over speed 10/11. Thrown on a distance line I can get the nuke or my buddy's D1 out past 350, but conditions have to be right, and I must have freshly sacrificed 2 lambs a chicken and one used Groove in order to get there. Not very practical on the course.
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Realistic Distance on Golf Lines:

Aviar PnA- 200'
Roc- 250'
Teebird- 275'

And honestly, my Valkyries aren't much further than that... Actually I'm more likely to throw my Teebirds 300+ than my Valkyries. So I'd say there is a reliable 75' difference on golf lines.
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Wizard: 330'
Nebula: 380'
Force: 450'
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Everything for me is pretty bunched up together.

Ion: 275' (I used to be able to throw close to 300' but I just don't try and launch putters that much anymore)
Mids: 300-315' (probably)
Eagle/Leopard: 320'
PD/Saint: 340s (probably)

I'm limited by small, weak hands so I can't really throw anything faster than speed 9/10 without lots of slip outs. B/c of that, I don't really throw for max D either. I need to go out to a flat field with known distances and see what shakes out.
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