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Default Innova Competion Bag- Best DIY upgrades?

I won a new Innova Competition Bag, replacing my old one.
Definitely nice to have one with new inserts and I got quad shock straps with it, which seem a lot nicer than my innova straps were. So I think I definitely want to add a sternum clip.
It's a decent bag for sure, and hell as a 850ish rated player 18-20 discs is plenty for me.

Does anyone have any good DIY mods that they have seen or done?
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Isn't it nice to have a bag that's good to go as is?!!

seriously, I have the Innova Deluxe which is a lot like yours. Tonight I will be trying a set of shoulder straps off my carpentry tool bags to see if I want to go that way or stay with the shoulder strap (which is a quality unit).
In the next few days I will be doing the Plasti-Dip treatment to the bottom as the tees on 3 out of 4 of my local courses are just diet & the 4th is gravel & I live in a fairly wet area. Other than that I don't see any upgrades needed on mine so far.
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I had a piece of naugahyde sewn onto the bottom of my bag to keep the bottom of the bag more durable. It comes up the side of the bag on all sides about an inch.

I then painted a vinyl coating onto the drink holder bottoms to keep them from tearing up.

And lastly I tore open the fabric on the front face of the bag where the putter pocket is attached and had a piece of cardboard inserted into it. It made the bag more rigid and it keeps its shape.

I also recommend getting larger carabiners for your bag straps.

The only thing I didn't do but I hope to do on the next bag is to have a back pocket made along the entire back of the bag.

With the bag insert there is a sizable gap in the bag in the front and rear of the bag on the bottom. I am still trying to figure out how to use these spaces. I thought maybe a gap with a zipper for an umbrella to slide through or to store a towel.

Though I haven't done it, I have heard that it's pretty easy to make an insulated drink holder out of the pockets on the side. Not sure why you would need four drink holders, but it's an option.
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Brushed the PlastiDip on my Deluxe bag today & it was an easy enough job. Just mask well. I did 2 full coats & put a thick goober on each outside corner. I went up the sides of the main bag & the pockets approx. 2".
I like the shoulder straps, but don't throw long enough to really justify them I was going to get some gel straps if I liked the ones of my carpentry bags, but they are custom made of a very similar material to the Innova bag so I will just stick with these for now.
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how did the plastidip hold up?
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Ive had plastidip on my bag for a year or so and it has held up just fine.
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