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Best Backpack bag

Sometime around a year and half ago I bought a Voodoo Zulu to replace my 6 year old Innova Champion bag. Although overall I am pretty satisfied with the Zulu, I keep thinking about jumping onto the backpack bandwagon (mainly because they are nicer on the back than traditional bags of the same weight). Trouble is, good reviews of alot of bags are hard to come by anywhere except here (and I don't want to sift through 100 page long threads for hours).

So, if you could only have 1 bag for the rest of your discin days, and the only stipulation was that it had to be a backpack bag, what would want?

Keep in mind that in this hypothetical question, you are getting the bag for free.
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Mystery Ranch Golf Mahal
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Grip A-Series
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Ranger by DD. I've had it for 5-6 months and couldn't ask for more......
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Originally Posted by DiscinFiend View Post
Grip A-Series
2nd'ed ... shame OP missed out on the $176 sale
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Gorilla Simian.

There. I think we listed all the best in a few posts.
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I should have mentioned that I would like to know why you would choose the one you do.
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Grip A-series. It's like a cloud on your back.

Also it has a lifetime warranty and their customer service is top notch.
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I own a Dynamic Discs Ranger Bag and I enjoy it very much, it has served me extremely well. Although its the only backpack Ive owned so far. I would like to get a Grip at some point but am so satisfied I am in no real rush at all, especially considering the price point. (I buy allot of discs too!)

I typically hold 17 discs in the main compartment and 1 putter in the outer putter pocket. If I had more space for discs I would probably carry more, but I feel this is a mood point. I shouldn't NEED more than 18 discs on a course. (you can carry more discs in the top compartment, probably 5 or so)

I can easily and quickly grab my putter and mini AS I am setting my bag down to the ground in one motion, very convenient. I can also grab my drink (beer/water) while I am walking while I have the bag on my back. The straps and "ride" of the bag are comfortable and the airflow on the back is great. I also fit my speaker on the outside pocket of the bag for jamz on the course.

The top compartment is very important for me. This I feel is what sets this Backpack apart from the others (and Im sure they have their advantages as well) bags. I can fit a full on sweatshirt in their if need be, I can fit a six pack of beers easily. But most of the time I carry my camera equipment as I am an avid photographer and love the outdoors. I have a Micro 4/3s camera I carry and a GoPro Hero 3 in the top compartment I carry most of the time, very easily by the way.

Lifetime warranty and the bag is made by OGIO!

That was just my 2₵
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I made the leap from my Fade Crunch straight to a premium backpack. I figured I'd upgrade to that level at some point in my career, so I might as well skip the middle steps and go straight to the end result. After a good month plus of serious research, I settled on the Simian.

Things I like about:
- Handmade in the USA by a guy whose name I know: Can't overemphasize this - I love that my cash is going to a (very) small business in the States.
- Built-in stool: $$$. This thing is amazing, both for comfort and convenience. On multi-round days, it's a sure leg-saver.
- Space: Could hold 30+ discs if you wanted it to. As-is I have ~20 with room for flashlight, athletic tape, sandwiches, two water bottles, a long-sleeve shirt, towel, etc etc etc, all of which is easy to get to.
- Organization: Unlike most big bags, the Simian holds 12 discs just as comfortable as double that. You have the main compartment (12 discs), the pocket underneath (3 discs), and two large side pockets (6-7+/each). I love the ability to compartmentalize my set up.
- Durability: I've heard nothing but good things, and my experience has since backed that up.
- Track record: You hear so many negative experiences about newer bags (*cough* Catalyst *cough*). GB has been around for what, 7 years? And the Simian has been being developed over much of that. I knew what I was getting when I ordered it, and I haven't been disappointed.

I could go on and on. It does come down to personal preference in part, of course: I'm sure I'd enjoy having a Grip. But the Simian was my choice for the reasons above, among others, and I couldn't be more pleased. I expect it to be my bag for life.
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