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Originally Posted by _MTL_ View Post
I throw a fairly large number of rollers compared to most players and I didn't roll this hole when I played the course.

I did roll hole 8, however.
Did you go the conventional anny route or sneak something down the tunnel to the right?
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I'd try to roll it. If you've got something super understable that you can lay down for a roller below head height then it could work. Depends if you're trying get a birdie or play for par. Like others have said a FH roller may be a solid option as well.
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well if all you are going for is a safe par by just trying to miss the branches id have no problem with setting a forearm roller through the gap on the right and let it flip towards the basket. one would want to use something just slightly stable so it holds the line for a bit then turns.
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i've taken the day to consider it. no, i wouldn't roll the hole, i'd play a moderately overstable disc like my C-FD on a slight anny with nose up, possible skip opportunity. that "creek" would just slow down and knock around anything worth rolling.
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flippy putter perhaps, that low ceiling is gonna mess with your roller release anyway. i say blast a line drive hyzer with your firebird and grab a skip or hyzer to flat a teebird or TL up the middle.. if anything throw pin high right and putt a lil uphill you can bang it.
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I'd try to hit a gap backhand. I have a hard time getting a backhand roller down that fast and I would fear the little creek messing with it too much. Either way I tried it though, I'd probably hit a tree and get to practice my long approach.
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Originally Posted by BrotherDave View Post
Did you go the conventional anny route or sneak something down the tunnel to the right?
I threw a hyzer pop up with a CE valk I think
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id flick my nuke os out there and let it come back =)
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I'd throw my slightly understable driver, get it to go through the gap on the left, turn, then fade back into the hill a little bit at the end.
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My thoughts: You either go for a 2 or a 3.

If you want the two, you're best bet is throwing a hyzer flip. It flies out there under the branches, flips up and gains a little altitude, and sits down on the hill. But as you noted, you're taking a big risk of hitting a trunk/branch and looking at a 4 very quickly. Even so, I seem to usually avoid a 4 going with the hyzer flip. Where is that sidewinder that you've aced hole 6 with throwing a hyzer flip?

The other option is going for a smart 3, in which you just throw the roller you are asking about. Odds are you will roll a good ways out there but not up the hill, and you'll have a 50-60 foot approach for your second shot.

Whatever you choose, best wishes and have fun.
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