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Default Body position at start of x-step

I always have one step leading into the x-step when driving backhand. I start with my chest facing left, with my right shoulder pointing towards the target, and my head is turned to the right to look at the target over my right shoulder.

However, I've been watching a lot of videos of pros driving lately (tournament coverage). It seems that all of them start with their their chest facing the target, or mostly facing the target. With their lead-in step and the first step of the x-step, they rotate their body left, so that they turn from facing the target to facing left in those two steps.

I'm wondering if anyone knows a disadvantage to starting with the chest facing left, rather than facing towards the basket.

This season I came back to disc golf after a 3 year hiatus, and kind of had to re-learn everything. I think I used to start with my chest facing the basket years ago, but I can't remember. Right now I'm annoyed that my distance is lower than it was 3 years ago and I'm struggling with off-axis torque, but my accuracy has been great.
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I can't think of any advantage of facing the target before the x step like that, since it adds an extra motion to the routine.
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I feel like it adds a little momentum into the throw with that extra step.
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Originally Posted by Mike C View Post
I can't think of any advantage of facing the target before the x step like that, since it adds an extra motion to the routine.
^ I agree. I've tried it both ways and facing the target (for me) takes much needed distance (noodle arm) off of my drives and doesn't really do anything additional to help out my accuracy to make it worthwhile.
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