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Originally Posted by MNThrower View Post
Perhaps I worded that incorrectly. Please elaborate for me and the thread. I feel that it has been well documented here that new players do not have the strength to throw high speed discs. There are even certain exercises etc that are used to increase arm strength in order to throw faster discs in the form section.

I understand that form has a lot to do with throwing a disc as well but without the proper strength someone isn't going to throw a Katana or a Boss BH the intended way.

I could totally be wrong or I could have worded that funny to start. Discuss
I could dead lift two Paige Pierces (maybe three), but she would still outhrow me by an easy 250'. Strength isn't the only lever in a properly thrown backhand. Timing and form are vastly more important.
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Originally Posted by eegor View Post
Rule #1: Have fun

Rule #2: If you're not having fun, try something different.

Rule #3: Play with people that have fun.

Rule #4: Respect yourself and others... while having fun.
^ I like these ideas...So did the guy who started it all (see signature below)!
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1. Yes. I definitely went to speed 13 drivers way too fast. Spent a couple months just using Putters and Mids to relearn some form. But unlearning stuff while learning the right stuff is harder than just learning it right the first time. But I enjoyed it all

2. I've been lucky there, play with great folks. Will start with organized play once my daughter is older and I have more free time.

3. Watch this. Goofy, but the best explanation I've seen.


4. If your runup isn't adding distance, go back to standstill, one and two steps and add the runup back in slowly. The best way to practice driving form is standstill IMO. But it isn't always fun to do that, so I only do it when I'm on a self-improvement kick When I do, it always helps. Since I'm better at standstill/one step type shots having practiced it more. I use that a lot more in the fairway now for approach shots and such - which adds more practice as well.
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Things I learned.

1. When defecating on a course with out toilets sneak a buddies towel to wipe

2. Dont throw 175 gram Champ Bosses at people from close range

3. Dont take shrooms before playing in tourneys

4. Its not OK to punch old people in the face
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Originally Posted by horsmanm View Post
Not sure I agree with #4. Ive had more success teaching people from the beginning with them learning the x step right away, as apposed to teaching someone the x step after they already have their own form. But if this worked for you then more power to you
I played for more than 2 years with no x-step, and I thought I could drive pretty well.

Last year, I went through the agonizing process of learning an x-step, and now I can drive much much further and more accurately.
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The importance of putters for more than putting. Now I carry more putters than distance drivers.
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1. The 3 C's

2. Practice putting but change up the spots where you practice from so that you don't get comfortable making putts from only a single spot

3. Stay loose, breathe deep and have fun
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Slow is smooth, smooth is fast, fast is far
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Sinnking a putt no matter how short is as good as a 450' drive.
Practice doesn't make perfect. Practice makes improvement.
Read all you can on DGCR cuz some of these people make sence.
Don't start off with the same weight discs the top pro's use.
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Originally Posted by Grungedude42 View Post
I could dead lift two Paige Pierces (maybe three), but she would still outhrow me by an easy 250'. Strength isn't the only lever in a properly thrown backhand. Timing and form are vastly more important.
That's a fair statement but I think you underestimate her strength. I bet she's got a lot more in that arm than some of us! I also think you are confusing what I am saying regarding arm strength.

Just because you have arm strength doesn't mean you can throw far.

But a new player likely hasn't worked certain muscles hard enough yet in order to throw the faster discs.
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