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Even with stretching I still have to stop after a few holes once in a while. Back issues crop up now and then
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I have a good routine of stretching prior to throwing. My buddies used to make fun of me but as they get older they see/feel the importance of it.

even if you aren't that old it is still a good idea and will help..
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Essential - I throw a lot of OH shots - and you need to loosen up, or you will wreck your shoulder..... On my home course, I park, can do some nice loose throws to the 18th basket from my parking spot, then from the 18th to the practice - so I can get about 10 overhead throws (and some BH ones as well). Not so necessary when I can play a few days a week several weeks in a row, but unfortunately work keeps me from that all too often
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I find warming up essential. I usually start with putting and just moving back on the basket, then moving up to mids and upshots, then I practice some driving. I finish up with some putting. If I don't warm up, I usually have a crappy game. Today is a prime example. I had a crappy first round because I didn't warm up. My second round was pretty solid(especially compared to the first round) because I felt warmed up.
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It is important, but I take a full 18 to really warm up. Played with a guy who had the pad the entire first round. Second round, he asked me if I was planning on pool sharking him, because I was killing it compared to our first round.

So basically, I need to warm up, but I can't because I'm not warm for an hour or so.
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I warm up in a few minutes. Sometimes it's just by fanning a disc quickly in a throwing motion. I wish more courses had "warm up nets" but obviously that's another expense and not many places want to spend the money.

There's new research out there that talks about how stretching before runs can be bad (though I think stretching after is still recommended). I'm not saying it definitely relates to stretching before you play disc golf, but it may.
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The course I play regularly is just a 9 holer. Nothing incredibly long. But I still like to warm up. sometimes I even bring my practice basket and set up off to the side of the parking lot a good distance from the first tee pad. I will putt and do long approach shots for 10-30 minutes depending on the amount of time I have to play. Everytime I do that I have a really good round. When I don't the rounds are good but not great.
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Another "essential at my age" vote here.
I like to putt for at least ten minutes, stretch my legs, back, torso and arms.
I also like to do push-ups against a picnic table then throw a putter around.
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I consider hole 1 my warm up. I never stretch, just throw two or three drives from hole 1 then toss putts from each throw.
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"Does a lion stretch before it takes down a gazelle?"

Ok, but seriously, I'm now at the age where a minute or two of light stretching/warm up helps out, and we always throw two drives off the tee on the first hole of the first round...
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