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Originally Posted by Stardoggy View Post
Whatever I throw, I'm sure I'd lose it.
Kind of what I was thinking..... but probably a Sidewinder just to make sure it would fade back into the water
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I'm throwing a DX Teebird from all 3 tees. If I lose it I won't cry as much.
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I threw a roc right at it from 2, would have thrown a wizard from either of the others.
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The tee sign doesn't seem to match up properly with the 333ft. 'B' tee position at all. The angle over the water isn't right for that. I feel like the image for 'A' may even be a bit left of where the tee is on the tee sign, and the 'B' image is probably tee sign 'A'.

I feel like, if I weren't worried about losing my absolute favorite disc, I'd be throwing a Zone on A-C (the B in the picture, which imo isn't 333ft.), or perhaps a Hornet/M1 if that B position is more than 250ft. or so.
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All replaceable
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A: Warship
B: Sword
C: Wizard
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I think this one would give me nightmares... even though I play fountain hills 5-6 times a year, I'm still not used to water shots like this.

1A: LHFH F1 aiming right between the trees watch it land and skip towards the basket. If I have a tailwind I'm probably throwing a Roc 3 LHBH right at the basket.

1B: Stand and Cry. LHBH Probably grab a Millennium Standard Orion LS that I'm not afraid to lose and hope I get it there. 330 is a BIG throw for me on flat ground. I have maybe one per round. If that's not in my bag I'm playing safe and left, laying up and happily walking away with 3 and all my discs.

1C: Depending on the wind either my Z-Zone or hyzer flip a beat KC Roc or an M4.
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1a. Tensor
1b. Nope. Laying up.
1c. Zone or Tensor on a spike
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