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^^ That is awesome lol
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Playing Murdock Park. It's a city park course in Lafayette, IN. Hole 3 is along a road. I'm about to tee off when I hear a "Clop clop, clop clop, clop clop" from the road. I stop my run-up, turn, and see a deer running down the middle of the road. Hooves don't give deer the best traction on asphalt though, cause the poor gal skidded out. She just got back up and kept on running. Best part of the story? She was running right towards the center of town.
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Something went wrong. Please make sure you added the video correctly. Click here to see how YouTube videos should be embedded. There could also be a technical issue that's not your fault. Click here to view the video on YouTube's site. If this link doesn't work, you did something wrong.
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Originally Posted by sugarnot View Post
can anyone manage to get some vid of this dog doing it? id like to see
Context, baby, context.
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Originally Posted by knettles View Post
I've seen all the old dudes hanging out in their cars looking for gay sex from strangers. To clarify, one of the courses in the area has become a hotspot for old gay hookups. Now, I have nothing against gay sex, but the disc golf course isn't the place.
Rotary park in WV, as I would drive to the too into the parking lot men that were parked along the road would follow me into the lot and just look, then repark.
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Road spikes growing on a tree. I found a few on the ground. They slice right through shoes.
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^^^Watch out for those. Some are hollow, and if you get one embedded in your foot, they can break off and require surgery to remove. Happened to my wife in our back yard once years ago.
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Originally Posted by 88weeks View Post

Road spikes growing on a tree. I found a few on the ground. They slice right through shoes.
Wow I'm glad those things don't grow in Colorado!
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Saw a dude walking down the fairway with a TV in Atlanta, he prolly stole it.....
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