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Geez...hard to tell what's going on with this hole. Star Leopard maybe?
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RHBH flex shot with a Star Tee Bird... might disc down to a Warship if the downhill is steep.
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LHFH Champ Teebird on a flex line
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Teebird or M1
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Teebird flex? This is one I'd need to walk down the fairway and check out, especially with the distance in question by a matter of 228'...

At 528 I might go DX Roc3 just cuz I need to beat it in a bit more and there's lots of trees around!
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RHBH Pro-line Leopard ... if 528ft most likely stick with the Leopard or disc up to a Sidewinder would depend..
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Seriously, what is going on here? Gotta agree to anny flex, Roc maybe, from the tee, and see where it goes from there. If 300', probably the same Roc on a smooth hyzer to get around second dogleg. If 528', your guess is as good as mine after that first shot.
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PA4 from there.
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If it's the 300' downhill....Wizard on a slight anny.

If it's 528' and still downhill I'll throw the Bandit here and see how it does on a full powered shot. From there I'm sure I'll throw a roc or two depending on if the fairway goes back uphill. Wizards for the approach and putt.

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buzzz ss
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