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At bathrooms. No idea how to get back. Please send help. Lol. Not kidding.
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Originally Posted by SlappyMcGruff View Post
Wow, only one pink.

I'll make it 2! See my sig
Definitely cotton candy pink.

Or cotton candy blue.
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Originally Posted by chrishysell View Post
i'm colorblind so I only throw gray putters
How do you know?
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Color is over rated in a putter. Feel is where it's at. So I have pink, orange, white and very pale blue/white putters. They all feel good and fly true.
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Originally Posted by ru4por View Post
How do you know?
That's just it. Since he is colorblind, his perception is that he throws only grey discs.
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Originally Posted by 88weeks View Post
This is the easiest color for the eyes to focus on for long periods of time. It soothes pain and is associated with optimism. May make one feel happy, clean, fresh.

I putt green, the color of $$$.
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I don't know why, but. BLACK or WHITE......nothing else.
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I putt with a orange Innova Aviar R-Pro! Looking to switch to a Latitude 64 putter. The Mercy in White.
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Thanks, Dad
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if Premium plastic White, so they can be dyed. If not doesn't really matter, but normally Black or White.
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White or Purple...
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I like white putters. I'm not sure why. But since I've been putting with white putters I've tried to stick to them.

I mostly like to have two putters that are the same color. If the stamp can be the same color, I'd prefer that. But I must have two so I can hold one in my left hand as I putt.
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