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good idea, stardoggy

I need to make about 250-300 from the raffle to cover my overhead and costs. I hope several people buy tickets when they pre-reg, so I have an idea of where I can allocate the extra cash. I would love to add the cash to the Open payout and cover any additional fees, like insurance and reserving the course for a day.
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Check out "Disc Golf Patent Art" on EBay. Came across that a few months ago and thought about this as a prize. We will be hosting a B-Tier next year and another idea, its been done before, is to purchase a "Hole-in-one" Insurance policy for say a prize of $25,000 or win a car and have a local Auto Dealer pay the premium for exchange of news coverage....try like hell to get T.V. out there and in the paper.
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I run an annual EDGE Tournament Charity Program event with a successful raffle. This year, my raffle raised $1000 for EDGE.

The auction is anchored by a DISCatcher Sport Target. (Thank you INNOVA Target Support Program) There are also other targets and bags. However, the bulk of the items are donated merchandise and discs worth around $20.00 each. I found having a larger main prize will not raise more money. If someone has an item worth $300 or more to donate, I would raise more money if they simply wrote a check to EDGE.

Having more smaller prizes will sell more tickets. Folks are willing to buy a ticket or two for the chance at a full size disc golf target! They are willing to buy even more tickets if they know they are likely to walk away with at least a disc, shirt or hat if they don't win the target.

1 - I sell tickets for $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00.

2 - I give every player in the event a free raffle ticket with the player pack.

3 - I give every player that made an advanced donation to EDGE during registration a raffle ticket for every dollar donated to EDGE. (They don't know this when they donate - they find out when they check in.)

4 - I give everyone that purchases a CFR disc at the event two free tickets. This also helps drive the CFR sales.

5 - I make sure to give every volunteer at the event at least one free ticket and I personally buy a bunch to give to the volunteers as well. (I make announcements when the volunteers win so they get recognition!)

6 -Nearly as many tickets are sold in the 20 minutes preceding the drawing than sell all weekend. Apparently the words "Last chance to buy tickets" opens up wallets. And be ready to draw, standing there waiting for the line of folks to finish buying the tickets. It feeds the frenzy. (This could also be result of having a good MC.)

7 - There are actually people that will drive to my event on Sunday, just to take part in the raffle.

8 - Maybe folks buy more tickets because my raffle benefits a charity - EDGE.
At least they are supporting a good cause if they don't win anything.

Come to think of it, the stuff in my raffle was probably worth over $1,000 this year. However, I would never be able to take the time and effort to sell the items separately to raise that much money, so it works out. EDGE gets $1,000 and the folks at my event get to take home lots of extra schwag.

FYI - this raffle is completely separate from the event payout and is not funded by any player entry fees.

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Thanks Discette, appreciate the response
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