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Default The Secret of the Bead

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And so, some DG geeks rejoice, and many others go off to argue that Dave must be wrong...
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It won't end the debates but it makes sense.
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So the disc becoming more stable/overstable is just a side effect?

Some discs it seems true that it doesn't add any more stability such as beaded or non beaded gators, they fly the same. But an XD and a CR have a whole different flight. Could be that being such an overstable disc you don't notice it on the gator as much.

And actually I've noticed what he says to be somewhat true for say a kc aviar and a p-line psycho. Psycho maybe has a tick more glide but to me they flew pretty much identical.
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First time I've heard retard used grammatically correct.
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Got a link?
The video isn't showing up
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Bead does not and never has meant a disc is MORE OS but generally does yield a greater HSS also IMO they tend to be more sensitive to release angles.

V. Rim Stabilizers – Rim Characteristics and Flight
While the overall shape and contour of the rim will determine the disc's overall flight, there are a few design factors that make the disc fly more high speed stable and fade more predictably at the end of their flight. The two most noticeable of these design factors can take the form of a bead (either prominently rounded or a very abrupt slope change) at the bottom of the rim or a notch (flat spot) at the very edge of the wing. Both of these characteristics will aid in the structural rigidity and overall durability of the disc but also affect its flight.

As a general rule of thumb, a bead on the rim will yield a slight increase in high-speed stability and in some cases (mainly those with a prominently rounded bead) it helps delay low speed fade. While it has been debated whether or not a bead does affect disc flight, my experiences with beaded and non-beaded versions of the same model discs as well as factored discs that have had the bead removed have generally yielded these results.

A “notch” (for lack of a better term) on the wing can vary greatly from a 1-2mm flat spot to a very noticeable flat area as the rim contour approaches the edge of the disc. Discs with a “notch” generally fly more high-speed stable and are more likely to fade at the end of their flight and will fade slightly earlier than versions of the disc that have had the notch smoothed off or if the notch has worn off due to wear. This fade characteristic is especially noticeable if a disc has been turned over.
that's the best way I have heard it explained and matches my experience with beaded discs vs non beaded.
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Originally Posted by Sugar_Free View Post
First time I've heard retard used grammatically correct.
I thought the exact same thing!
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I find that, for molds that have both beaded and unbeaded versions (e.g., cobra vs stingray), beaded discs take a higher line to get the same distance as the unbeaded version, but that the unbeaded version doesn't do as well on that same high line. Related to that, I think the beaded disc loses speed more quickly and that the lower speed both earlier and later in the flight is perceived as greater hss and more pronounced fade.
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Originally Posted by bobmcnelly View Post
I thought the exact same thing!
i think even when its used venomously towards people allot it is correct as well... but since were talking about grammar and it's not a noun i get the point
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