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Originally Posted by sidewinder22 View Post
I did this 2 months ago.
nice. maybe that'll help me add another 20 feet.
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Originally Posted by jgheels1999 View Post
Best part of the overhead view for me is seeing the unforced reach back. Seems to generate better timing with opening up your hips and starting your pull with only positive momentum. I'm probably not explaining it properly with how im viewing it, but whatever, awesome view!
I agree. This is the best example I've seen of "working around the disc" as opposed to just reaching straight back.
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Originally Posted by sidewinder22 View Post
I did this 2 months ago.
Sorry, I wasn't on here much when you posted.

Thanks for the video.
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Originally Posted by Mike C View Post
The first throw of this video was with an Ion, and I think it went 350' before hitting the pavilion. Would of been about 375' or more on flat ground, so that same throw should of been 400-420' with a teebird I'd imagine.
I'd think your Teebirds would be going more like 450'. For analysis its best to have the camera stationary. Nice swing by the way!
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filmed some standstill shots tonight
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Thanks for all the videos and help Mike!
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i see you use the stack finger grip for your FH. Ever use the power grip???
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i noticed your stance opened up a little bit away from the target. namely your rear foot points away from the target, especially in the first swing.

do you feel that robs you of power at all and prevents you from getting more hip rotation in the swing? i know it's something that is touched on in many of the form analysis threads.


it looks like you use it to push yourself forward and out to the left, which increases your arm speed as your plant foot stays put and you hang tight to the disc so it can rip out at the end. basicallly sending yourself in a direction OTHER than forward so you can use the additional momentum and impart it into your throw as you redirect using your grip strength and plant.

so maybe it's not robbing you. i dunno.

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I can really see what looks like right pec drill influence in your form, Mike. Is that intentional, or did you arrive at it by a different path?
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Just got back from caddying the Fall Classic in Cottonwood. Got to see a lot of great players and big arms over the weekend. What I found noteworthy was the diversity in form. No two players threw the same, be it backhand forehand or other. The one thing that I did notice that differentiated the top players from the rest is the fluidity with which they execute each throw-Smooth effortless fluidity.
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