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Probably a RHFH flex shot..let it work out to gain some altitude. Star Orc or AJ Destroyer.
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RHBH Roller with a Patriot. RGL Spike to approach if needed, TM2 Pure to finish.
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Ce Valk roller or FH flick Glow Dest.

Wizard for the bird.
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Champ Banshee around the far right tree. SS omega for cleanup duties
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My roller is definitely a weakness, but it seems like the most beneficial plan. Perhaps a sidewinder roller here would work out for me...
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starfire blasted up the middle gap or RR roller seems aight
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Bolt it will fade away but leave nice open comet
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Originally Posted by JSurmann View Post
RHBH Volt to fade into the clearing on the left.

From there it looks like a clear shot to the pin.

Tap in 3.
This is what I do. Throw a champ TeeBird up the middle and let it fade out into the field to the left, then throw my approach straight at the basket since you have the hill as a backstopping short position. In long, I have never found a 3.

I have seen a few take the hyzer route to the right, then another hyzer approach shot from that field above. That line works best when it is in long.

I need to work on a consistent roller and try that.
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Pro Leo, Wizard or FH touch shot w/FB, putt.
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