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I've played at -10 with 18 inches of snow. Managed to only lose one disc too. The tournament this weekend started at 8 degrees and I had on a light jacket over a performance shirt.
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The coldest was when I played Blue Ribbon Pines in Feb 2012 but at home I generally do not play if it is below 40 degrees (normally feels around 20-30 degrees due to the humidity and wind here) . It was a beautiful day at BRP and 30 degrees with no wind and no humidity. When I was working up there in 2013, it was -10 wind chill and I tried to play Minnehaha one Sunday but only made it to the frozen waterfall to take pictures.
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I played 3 rounds this weekend, but I won't be playing today!
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anything below freezing is too cold
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It's fifteen below right now with windchill of -43. That's too cold for me, but tomorrow morning I plan on getting in a round when I expect the temp to be around 5-10 above.

Back to putting in my warm basement now...
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I'm tempted to throw a few holes today - it's -15 with a -30 wind chill. Just to say I did :0
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They said it might get down to 35 in my area of Florida tonight. Makes the oranges sweeter! (If it doesn't kill them)
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Played a round last week at -8 up here in Maine. Usually I wont go out if its any below 0.
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Originally Posted by Monkeypaws View Post
I'm tempted to throw a few holes today - it's -15 with a -30 wind chill. Just to say I did :0
I'm going to throw a few practice putts tonight just so the wife can call me crazy. Should be about -15 with -40 wind chills when I get home.
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I got a round in this morning, 18 holes. It was -21 when I started, that's -45 wind chill.
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