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I'll play any day of the year. Just have to find a babysitter first... >.<
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Playing today....... low 30s with wind chill near 0

Running a tournament this Saturday too.

Forcast says a high of 30.
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Played Maple Hill Last Day Dubs yesterday from sunrise to sunset. Had 42 teams I believe. Temp topped out at 23, with 30mph sustained winds and 45mph gusts. "Feels like" temp reported at 3 degrees F.
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i've played just below 32deg before, but will not do that again (accept for ice bowl, since it's for charity). Being cold sucks, not being able to move sucks...one of those is sacrificed in cold weather.

I use coffee and Hand Warmers to try to stay warm. I wear mittens (with hand warmers inside). And I complain about the cold the whole time. I learn bad form from shortened run-ups and less flexibility, which translates to a bad start to the tourney season in the spring as well. That is the main reason I will not be doing that this winter.

Pretty stoked about this coming thanksgiving weekend though. Should be about 40deg, which is my self imposed limit this year. Going to try to get a few rounds in before winterizing my bag. (putting it in the closet with all my boxed discs as well)
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I've played down to 5 degrees. If it's not horribly windy and blizzard conditions I will play at least down to this temp. Not much choice up here in Minneapolis area. You play in it or pack it in until Spring. Which could be mid to late May as it was last year.
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During my junior year of college my buds and I went to Highbridge for Spring Break... in early March... We drove through a blizzard just to get to the complex! Needless to say, our week was very snowy and cold. But it was still amazing! We had the whole place to ourselves all week.

I doubt that I'd choose to play in those conditions on a normal basis, but we had the entire trip planned and I didn't want to bail and ruin it for the other guys in our group. I'm glad I didn't!
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I've played in snow shoes, with 3+ feet of snow on the ground, and -40 windchill.

Its not fun and I don't tend to go out to play in those conditions anymore.
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As long as the weather isn't so cold that the number of layers I have to wear stops me from moving, I'll play. I won't play if I can't throw or if it's snowing fast enough to cover my disc before I can get to it.
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So I did end up going out today in 25 degree weather. Tons of layers and a few shots of blackberry brandy I felt great. My only problem was footing with the snow on the ground. I'd bet cleats or decent hiking shoes would take care of that. All in all it was tons of fun.
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Played yesterday morning with a couple buds. 30 was the high for the day and we were out there before 10am so I'd venture a guess that it was in the 20's. A little bit of wind and flurries, nothing crazy.

After we hit hole 12 we see a dude coming up 11's fairway in shorts and a tshirt, using his hoodie to dab his sweat! We figured he was probably jogging the course while playing or just crazy because after he holed out 11 he just kept walking to his car.
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