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Default Join the 2014 Divisional Tour

The Divisional Tour Newsgroup is soliciting new members. The major purpose of the Newsgroup is to identify, promote and support exciting PDGA events that offer good value to players 40 and older. Newsgroup members nominate and select our Tour events; most of the support comes from the Senior Foundation Grant Program. Newsgroup members receive periodic e-mails with a spreadsheet listing the Tour events and key items of information about those events. The spreadsheets are typically accompanied by announcements and discussions of particular interest to older players.

You would probably benefit from our Newsgroup if most of the following statements describe you:

1) You will be 40 or older in 2014.
2) You would much rather play disc golf competitively than watch somebody else play it.
3) You do not believe that your major purpose as a PDGA member is to provide galleries and/or financial support for Open players.
4) You enjoy a challenge, and don't want to be babied.
4) You would occasionally travel regionally, perhaps nationally, or possibly even internationally to play in an event that offered good value to your division.
5) You wish that there were some way to identify such events well in advance.

If you would like to try this, please send an e-mail to me (shive@uwyo.edu), and I will add you to our mailing list. I respect confidentiality, and will not provide your contact information to any third party without your express permission. Also, I will remove you from the newsgroup at any time upon your request.
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As a fellow Wyomian I would love to get involved with this...emailing you my info
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When is this tour? What date?
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amateur or professional? The description makes it sound geared towards age protected amateur divisions. Am I reading too much into this?
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to rainachritie:

The Divisional Tour is member-driven. Members nominate events that they believe are "senior-friendly". We send the TD's a questionnaire, look more closely at the criteria that are important to us, and put the good ones on our tour. If they are really good, we support them financially (until the money runs out).

So we don't know the dates yet. I can tell you that our inaugural event for 2014 will be the Gentlemen's Club in Las Vegas. We should have a preliminary listing of tour events by mid-January. We will continue to add events as they go through the nomination process.
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to chrishysell:

I would say that our emphasis is on the over-40 Pros, in the sense that our criteria are more aligned with concerns that Pros would have. For example, we look very closely at how added cash is allocated, and whether the event has a history of high enrollments of over-40 Pros.

Still, about half our members are Amateurs. Perhaps events that are good for older Pros are also likely to be good for older Amateurs. Perhaps the Amateurs are considering turning Pro, and wonder what the terrain looks like out there. Perhaps they find our updates useful, as they sometimes deal with issues of interest to all older players.
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