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Originally Posted by biscoe View Post
scrutinizer- what does a throw off for an ace pool have to do with the tournament to begin with?
It was the ace pool for a tournament. Nobody aced that day. So there was a giant throw-off, everybody encircling a basket from about 100' out and they all threw at once...except for a dozen of us who were sprinting from our cars because we had put our Discs away half an hour ago. We were only like three seconds after everyone else threw, but the TD, who gave no heads-up or gave us no time to get our Discs and participate even though we had put money in the ace pool...he disallowed our throws. My putter was closest and would've won, but some guy won it who was a good couple of feet further away.

I was pretty pissed off about that, and haven't played in a tournament since. It has been over 7 years. Once you get up into Am-1 and above, the fun starts tapering off, to be honest.
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Originally Posted by Central Scrutinizer View Post
Once you get up into Am-1 and above, the fun starts tapering off, to be honest.
Why?? What about becoming better or moving up makes tournaments less fun?

I don't mean that sarcastically, either.
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He probably just means it gets more competitive and less fun in that sense .Just a guess tho
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I got royally screwed in the Korean National Championships this year, but at least I can chalk that up to several uncontrollable factors: rain making the scorecards wet and tough to ride, national pride of my host nation, and the fact that I don't speak Hongul and they didn't speak English.

The OP doesn't get that luxury. From the evidence put forth here, it's pretty cut and dry the TD was in error. Whether intentional or not, that effects you in several ways. OP sounds like a chill dude, so I am assuming the scrip payout is not a big issue...as it would be for some people. If you are going for points to qualify for a major event, then this could effect you negatively. On the plus side, you threw a heckuva tourney to get tied for first, and your rating will reflect that.

But you do need to contact the PDGA. E-mail Big Dog Sweeton and present your case. At the very least, they can award you and the other guy points for first place (if that's allowed..I'm honestly not sure) so those can go on your record.
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Originally Posted by Central Scrutinizer View Post
Once you get up into Am-1 and above, the fun starts tapering off, to be honest.
In my experience, exactly the opposite is true. I now play Open. I have way more fun. The guys know the rules. Players aren't getting drunk and high. Players play at a much higher pace. Far less shady things happening. I have heard of stroke shaving and cheating occurring advertenly and inadvertently at the rec and am2 levels far more often.

Maybe I am lucky and the region I play in just has honest players.

To the OP....sucky situation. I would email the TD my list of concerns, give him a chance to make amends, and if not satisfied, report it. Now that the TD is done for the day his perspective may have changed
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I played my first tourney this past weekend. Loads of fun… in spite of the fact that I lost two discs, shot at the wrong basket on three separate occasions(on account of I have lapses of idiocy), lost my sh** more than once, and had a horrible last round. Still, I had a chance at the "money", and only dropped to fifth after all that. Oh yeah, I also saw some fantastic golf. I can only see it getting more fun. At 45 I might try playing in the masters' div. next time though(instead of int.).
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i've been to several tournaments where the meeting place for awards was somewhere different than the course. i can remember 3 occasions of realizing the was a tie after everyone had left the course. in all 3 occasions the TD and players associated figured out some kind of way to play off for the win.

I do want to give props to the OP tho, nice to see someone not care about the payout. I'm with you, payout matters little....all about getting the win!
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Really sucks you had an incident. This was only my second Belchin Turkey but I've had a blast both years.
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Default bad experience

Originally Posted by curveball4 View Post
Really sucks you had an incident. This was only my second Belchin Turkey but I've had a blast both years.
So you were there? Did you see me go up when he called my name out as second place? That was the first time the td talked to me after rounds were over. He didnt even tell me he was giving me second place. I heard it when everyone else did. I wonder what made him think i would gladly take second place with no explanation whatsoever. Lol. I am really over it and im not even upset anymore. Still havent decided if im going to contact pdga or not. Leaning towards not as i really think he knows he screwed up. Heck i would have been ok with a putting playoff. At least give me a chance. Its not like the other guy had a better score than me.
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it's the principle of the thing
don't just suck it up and roll over because "life is hard"
send the pdga an email, let them know the situation and have them determine how best to handle it
once you allow yourself to be a victim, you begin to accept that life
if you are a winner, act like one
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