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I'll just put this here then:

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Got my first ACE on New Year's Day, in a foot of snow and well below freezing temperature. Tomahawked a Groove into #1 at Rockford University. Must have been around 12:30 CST
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Got my first ace in three years yesterday. The hole is a shorty, only 110', but its still an ace and I'll take it. Nailed it with my fave Opto Pure. Started my shoulder injury exodus the day I got my last two aces three years ago. Two aces in one day should have told me to stop.... But, three years, four shoulder injuries and several dozen metals later, I'm back!
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Got my second ace today! Wind was gusting about 25mph right-to-left. Got a good rip on my 170g GL Villain which is a straight flyer with a good skip, which I usually play off a sidewalk on this hole (Lake Shawnee Hole #10, ~315 ft)... kept waiting for the usual fade and skip but the disc didn't drop like usual, and then I hear the very loud "ching" of the chains! Couldn't see it because of an obstructing tree, started walking up to the basket and thought it had probably chained out, but once I got there it was lying flat in the bottom of the cage!

No witnesses of course because no one else was crazy enough to go out and play in the wind, which is the only bummer...
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Finally after about 3 years of playing I got my first ace today!!!! I'm currently on vacation staying at my Grandparent's place north of Orlando in Tavares.
I finally got out to play at Mt Dora's Lincoln Ave Park Course. It's a smaller 9 holer with holes ranging from 150 to 290. Hole 3 was where it went down. 228 feet, one big tree about 80 feet out on the right blocking the hyzer lane. I threw my 164g recycled River with a little hyzer and had it turnover just a little bit. The pin is 10 feet behind 2 trees with a 10 ft gap. After it leveled out it was dead straight into the bucket.
Of course I was alone, but took a video of myself all worked up over it. Hard to get that worked up over nothing haha... ImageUploadedByTapatalk1389553436.884389.jpgImageUploadedByTapatalk1389553479.383312.jpg
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At bathrooms. No idea how to get back. Please send help. Lol. Not kidding.
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Hit an ace today at The Quarry in Sheboygan on Hole 13 (sign reads 11). 148' Forehand shot (I'm a RHBH thrower) with an ESP Force and a bit of luck.

Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta.
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Originally Posted by HeavyCritters View Post
Hit an ace today at The Quarry in Sheboygan on Hole 13 (sign reads 11). 148' Forehand shot (I'm a RHBH thrower) with an ESP Force and a bit of luck.

Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta.
I'll add that it was off of a teepad covered in ice...
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A crowd had gathered at "Top of the World" at Delaveaga as the sun was getting ready to set. After admiring the view of Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay, I stepped on the pad and flicked my Xcaliber. It followed a gentle hyzer all the way to chain glory. Of course, I modestly told the witnesses that I had come from out of town and had only played the course twice!
Even though the basket was in a shorter position, it was pretty epic way to end the day!
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Helotes, hole 2 100 and something feet, tunnel shot through the canopy. Released a Buzzz RHBH and it road the line perfectly and then Ca Ching, the sounds of the chains rattling and then watched as it fell out the backside of the basket Still waiting for my first Ace or Eagle! Too bad almost doesn't count
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Spotsy club member has hit 3 aces so far this year at Loriella. His 2nd was for a $200+ ace pot.

I want sucker nut punch him....
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