4 Best Water And Team Sports To Play This Summer: Middle East Vs. The USA

Depending on where you live, your cultural background may suggest you choose certain free-time activities rather than other ones. It's simply a matter of culture and social habits. It would be pretty weird to see Alaskans dance belly dance or people in the Middle East snowboarding on the snow.

Summer Boosts Your Will To Play Sports

It's summertime, probably it's the best season of the year to go outside and enjoy sports (unless you live on the other side of the planet!). We are sure that out there you can find a ton of articles with sports ideas for your summer days, so feel free to go and look for those articles.

Here, we want to offer you a quick and practical comparison of the most popular and funniest summer sports options in the US and the Middle East, just to give you an extra idea of what different people use to do for fun in their countries. We'll see that beyond huge differences there are also nice similarities. And, why not, you may also get new ideas on the sports and free-time activities that you want to practice this summer.

What People Do In The Middle East And The USA

As you know, the Middle East has a different climate than most States in the American Union. Of course, there are too hot days where people don't want to put their noses out of their homes because of high humidity and sun. Well, on such days the free-time activity number one is surfing the web to look for something to listen to or watch. Video games seem to gain also a big success among Arabs, in particular.

But probably the very best online idea is watching horse racing online at a7labet.com, an emerging verified gambling platform for Arabs who want to place their bets on a variety of sports. Horse racing is not only a symbol of the British culture, but it's also a growing sports discipline among passionate followers in the Middle East. Besides, placing real-money bets is simple and safe thanks to the A7Labet platform.

Let's start looking at what people love to do in the Middle East to fight against the extremely hot temperature of their countries:



That's the best option when it's crazily hot outside and inside the home. If your air conditioning begins to melt for too much work, it's a sign that you should seriously get active in the water. If you don't have a swimming pool in your backyard, you can always buy a membership at a swimming club with a swimming pool. Either for competition or just for fun, swimming improves your cardiovascular system, your muscular mass, it helps reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, and it gets you completely refreshed, above all!


This is one of the best sports to play (and not only in the Middle East). Depending on the specific country, you'll see that soccer appears to dominate among all other sports. For example, in North Africa, Turkey, Iran, and in the Gulf regions. You can play soccer without any particular equipment, put on a pair of comfortable shoes, take a ball, and invite a friend to play with you! But make sure to have some water nearby so you can take breaks and refresh from time to time.

We've seen the two most popular and diffused sports activities in most Middle East regions. Now, let's focus on what sports Americans love to practice during the summer:



Have you ever seen those American movies with people surfing the ocean's waves? Well, you aren't American if you don't like surfing! During the hottest summer days, surfing is indeed one of the most practiced sports. It combines the love for the ocean with the love for physical activity plus all the thrilling emotions of "playing" with the power of nature of the waves, like this surfer did in this amazing video.


That's the favorite pastime for millions of Americans. Either they love watching baseball on Tv or love playing it outdoor, American people always show a strong and fervent interest towards this sport. Almost all towns have at least a baseball field, while larger cities have even more than one. Many kids love playing baseball in the park or their home's backyard with friends, as well.

Americans are also worldwide known for their vibrant passion for more sports like rugby, golf, tennis, volleyball (or beach-volley if you want to play on the beach), while some sports are emerging right now in certain Middle East countries. We'll see how the sports industry will change in the next years.