Great sports for in-play bets online

It is a commonly known fact among seasoned sports bettors that in-play betting often brings about the best odds available. This is due to the very nature of betting on sports when the game is in-play, as there can be wild swings in the odds based on what is occurring in the game. It is these fluctuations that provide an ideal opportunity for bettors to lock-in markets at huge prices compared to the pre-match markets. 

However, there is then another fact that isn’t as well known within the sports betting community. You need to be fairly quick on the trigger to lock-in such markets, but by choosing sports where the game has regular breaks, or where the play is generally slower, you won’t be under the same time pressures. 

We’ve given a list within this post for sports where there are regular breaks, and these sports can often be ideal for in-play betting. 


Golf is often referred to as a sport that only retired people play, and the reasons for this are fairly obvious. It’s a very slow game indeed, and it can take several hours to complete a round of golf, especially if it is 18 holes. But of course, golf is also played on a professional level, and the nature of the game provides fantastic betting opportunities within the in-play markets. This is because the odds can shift in a big way after just a shot - more so when the competition is incredibly tight.


Now here’s the real advantage, for you then have several minutes to cash-in on these odds changes, as the player won’t be hitting their next shot immediately. The only time that this isn’t the case is if the odds are frozen while a decision is being made by the officials, but this is quite rare. 

And for large tournaments in golf, they are often played over the course of several days, giving you even more time to make your betting selections. Read more about Golf betting online at Middle East at


Tennis might not be as slow as golf, but there are many times where tennis provides some amazing in-play opportunities. First and foremost, if a player manages to ‘break’ the other players serve, the odds can swing in a big way, providing a great opportunity to bet on the player who has just had their serve broken. Besides this, players in tennis have a 90-second break after every 2 games have been played, so you have a window where you can decide on what bet to make next.

This is different from a sport like soccer for example, where the play is much more flowing and the odds can change from one second to the next. Once again, by having longer breaks in the play it means less pressure on you to actually choose your market, enter your stake, and place the bet. 


As you probably know, boxing can be pretty fast-paced while the rounds are being contested. A fight can swing on a dime really, especially if a big punch is landed or a knockdown occurs. However, you don’t need to have superhuman speed to place live bets in boxing, as the fighters always have a decent break after each round. This gives you a perfect chance to assess how the fight is going and line up your next wager.

If you can also watch the fight, this is even better, as you can see the physical impact on each fighter as the contest progresses. You don’t always have to bet on who will win the fight either, for there are a whole bunch of other markets involved in boxing. This is all the more true when there is a prestigious fight taking place!


These sports are all fantastic choices if live betting is what you are looking for. Of course, these are not the only sports that are well suited to live betting, but we feel that these are definitely some of the best ones to grab appealing markets in a flash. If you are brand new to online sports betting, just play around while betting small sums until you are perfectly comfortable with what you are doing.

After all, it takes most sports bettors years to master the art of in-play betting!