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Disc golf is an ever growing sport in the US, taking the East Coast by storm with its groups of disc golfers tossing a frisbee disc into the chain link, and high fiving one another for a job well done. So what is it all about?

It is about playing with a frisbee, throwing that frisbee from far away into the “holes” which are targets made with metal baskets and chains, so that if you land the shot, the frisbee gets caught in the chains and stays put. It makes a rewarding “clink” sound that has come to be popularly associated with the game.

18 Holes

Disc golf, sometimes called frisbee golf might seem like a new fad simply because it is starting to make its way around the world but realistically it's been around since the 1990s. Every year and new courses appear with what is called 18 holes, much the same as regular golf . However, these holes are not physical holes in the ground but rather chain-link designed endpoints into which the Frisbee must be thrown. Local parks and recreation areas are starting to feature 18-hole courses and smaller courses for those looking to spend just a couple of hours tossing around the Frisbee and the somewhat more challenging and rewarding fashion. What are the benefits of such a game? 

  • Playing disc golf gets you in appreciation for nature because you are outside, tossing the frisbee around the natural environment like the bushes, trees, and hills. Depending on the course, you might face natural obstacles that you wouldn't otherwise see if you were taking a simple nature hike or a walk around your neighborhood.
  • Disc golf can function as a form of remedial exercise even though throwing a frisbee doesn't seem all to counting. In most cases players can burn an average of 400 calories over the span of an afternoon playing disc golf thanks in large part to the physical requirements of running around to not only throw the frisbee but retrieve it.
  • Community mindedness is something you a because much like real golf, those who participate in the sport are somewhat insular community and they share the same passion, often coming together to read disc golf reviews on the latest courses, try them out, and discuss strategy for improving their game the next time they review of course.
  • Such strategy usually involves being physically aware of your body position and alignment so that you can focus on making the perfect shot contingent upon what is in your way. This type of effort develops confidence and self esteem while learning new skills necessary to improve your disc golf game.
  • Finally, you can build Independence and develop patience especially when you consider the flame 18 holes is a good way to spend an entire afternoon and if you are playing with a group of family members or friends, everyone has to take their so it's an opportunity to engage socially when it's not your turn, to cheer everyone on when it is their turn, and so on.

But don’t forget to read Disc golf reviews before you play so that you can find the best courses and instructors. Reading reviews is an essential part of playing disc golf and something that all community members do regularly. Given that new courses have been developed all the time, reviews help you decide which ones might be most challenging, which give you a different natural environment in which to play, and so forth.

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