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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     Innova Aviar KC Pro 175g Putter Good
    Notes: Lucky putter from 30-50 ft, hybrid style and fan grip, calm and confident. Great for bh approaches
     Innova Aviar KC Pro 175g Putter New
    Notes: Putter, hybrid style, aim for pole with hand
     Innova Boss Blizzard Champion 142g Driver (D) New
    Notes: Control bh driver, 300
     Innova Boss Champion 175g Driver (D) Excellent
    Notes: Overstable sidearm driver longer than xcaliber
     Innova Firebird KC 11x/12x Champion 173g Driver (F) Excellent
    Notes: sidearm fairway, excellent in woods; reaches 265-275, 290ish with anhyzer
     Innova Gator Glow Champion 175g Midrange New
    Notes: excellent disc for sidearm approaches left to right and excellent backhand for overstable approaches
     Innova Katana Blizzard Champion 150g Driver (D) New
    Notes: long distance bh driver thrown flat, needs some space for s curve, 315-330 feet
     Innova Katana Blizzard Champion 150g Driver (D) Excellent
    Notes: Back up katana
     Innova Katana Champion 170g Driver (D) Excellent
    Notes: Slightly under stable sidearm driver, more open shots
     Innova Katana Star 170g Driver (D) Excellent
    Notes: More stable sidearm katana
     Innova Leopard BS 2x Champion 167g Driver (F) New
    Notes: slightly overstable, good in woods; sidearm rt to left is excellent
     Innova Mako Echo Star 167g Putter Good
    Notes: straddle putter
     Innova Mako3 Champion 176g Midrange New
    Notes: Straight midrange bh, sidearm right to left or straight, can't handle headwind
     Innova Mamba Champion 150g Driver (D) New
    Notes: Uphill and downhill driver
     Innova Shark3 Champion 180g Midrange New
    Notes: Overstable mid backhand. Can be thrown sidearm at stand still right to left
     Innova Valkyrie Star 151g Driver (F) New
    Notes: Hybrid bh fairway-driver, 275ish
     Innova Wraith Champion 168g Driver (D) Excellent
    Notes: Under stable sidearm driver, 1 step to make it go straighter. Try with power of 4
     Innova Wraith Pro 168g Driver (D) Average
    Notes: bh driver in wind, excellent 1 step sidearm in woods for s path or rt to left
Innova XCaliber Star 171g Driver (D) New
    Notes: sidearm very overstable, 275ish
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