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Disc Type
  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     Innova Roc3 Champion 171g Midrange New
    Notes: Blue with Gold circle reflective stamp
     Innova Roc3 Champion 179g Midrange New
    Notes: Protostar Roc3 Smoke w/ Rainbow Stamp
     Innova Roc3 Champion 180g Midrange New
     Innova TeeRex DX 150g Driver (D) Good
    Notes: Thrown by Barry Schultz at AO
     Innova Valkyrie CE 159g Driver (D) Good
    Notes: Dibbed from dmbrun2! -Stainglass Dye by Jeff Ash
Innova Valkyrie Champion 166g Driver (D) Excellent
    Notes: Is neon-yellowish with a sweet HEADSHOT skull Dye on it, surrounded by flames.
     Innova Wraith Star 174g Driver (D) Average
    Notes: Traded from Scared_Discless
     Latitude 64 Fuse Gold Line 175g Midrange Excellent
    Notes: Colorshift
     Latitude 64 Fuse Gold Line 180g Midrange Excellent
     Latitude 64 Halo Gold Line 171g Driver (D) Excellent
    Notes: Is Really more of a gold colored disc, but has a Black Dye all over it, leaving a gold outline of a Medieval Lion in the center
     Latitude 64 Halo Opto Line 168g Driver (D) Excellent
    Notes: First Lat64 disc ever bought
Latitude 64 Pure Opto Line 175g Putter Excellent
    Notes: Brainwave dye by Jeff Ash
     Latitude 64 Pure Recycled Line 176g Putter New
     Latitude 64 River Gold Line 165g Driver (F) New
    Notes: 165 GL White river, AWESOME - Brainwave by Jeff Ash
     Latitude 64 River Opto Line 174g Driver (F) New
    Notes: Bubblegum Opto River - Sexy
     Latitude 64 River Recycled Line 172g Driver (F) New
    Notes: Mohogany RGL River
     Latitude 64 River Recycled Line 172g Driver (F) New
    Notes: Recycled Gold Line River (Purple Swirl)
     Latitude 64 Saint Opto Line 166g Driver (D) New
    Notes: Bubblegum Opto Saint
     Latitude 64 Saint Recycled Line 171g Driver (D) New
    Notes: Recycled Gold Line Saint (Blue Swirl)
     Latitude 64 Saint Pro Gold Line 168g Driver (D) New