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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     Innova Leopard Champion 175g Driver (F) New
    Notes: 2013 Ice Bowl
Vibram Ibex X-Link 171g Driver (F) New
     Discraft Stalker ESP -- Driver (F) New
     Discraft Buzzz Elite-Z Glo 175g Midrange New
    Notes: 2013 kiltlifter stamp
     Gateway Wizard SSS 175g Putter New
    Notes: 3rd once around the mountain
     Innova Whippet Glow Champion 175g Driver (D) New
    Attributes: Glow
    Notes: 2013 Inbounds Open
     Innova Tern Champion 167g Driver (D) New
    Notes: 2013 Sellersville Fish Bowl
     Vibram Trak X-Link 174g -- New
    Notes: 2013 seeded doubles showdown stamp
Innova Tern Champion 175g Driver (D) New
    Notes: garou dyed kiltlifter 2014
     Latitude 64 XXX Gold Line 170g Driver (F) New
     Latitude 64 Fuse Gold Line 176g Midrange New
     Millennium Omega Super Soft Millennium 175g Putter New
     Latitude 64 River Gold Line 170g Driver (F) New
     Discraft Meteor Elite-Z 174g Midrange New
    Notes: 2014 somo snow bowl
     Dynamic Discs Judge Classic Soft 171g Putter New
    Notes: 2014 once around the mountain
     Innova Destroyer Star 171g Driver (D) New
    Notes: 2014 inbounds open
     Innova Leopard Glo 170g Driver (F) New
    Notes: 2014 inbounds open
     Innova Tern Special Blend 175g Driver (D) New
    Notes: 2014 Sellersville Fish Bowl
     Latitude 64 Striker Gold Line 174g Driver (F) New
     Latitude 64 Spike Recycled Line 175g Putter New
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