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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     Innova Wraith Blizzard Champion 159g Driver (D) New
    Notes: Same as MD2, but faster. I have trouble getting it to glide so far, sometimes, I can. Too waek and slow yet!
     Discmania DD2 Frenzy Blizzard Champion 149g Driver (D) Good
    In Bag(s): Fade "Dude"
    Notes: This was the first golf disc I bought after starting to play after 30 some odd years. I lost it the first time I used it. Someone found it and returned it to me two months later. I can throw this disc further than most everything else in my bag now bec
     Innova Roadrunner Champion 175g Driver (F) New
    In Bag(s): Fade "Dude"
    Notes: MY newest disc, flies straight, and a bit flippy...trying it out, dunno if it will stay in bag.
     Discraft Challenger Elite-X Soft 175g Putter Excellent
    In Bag(s): Fade "Dude"
    Notes: I have 2, gonna get three more, all in bright Yellow!
     Discraft Buzzz Elite-Z 162g Midrange New
    Notes: Another easy to contol approach disc. Not used much.
     Discraft Glide Elite-Z 173g Driver (F) Excellent
    In Bag(s): Fade "Dude"
    Notes: Great disc for me to get flying! Stable, and controllable for my weak ass arms! My "go to" short driver!
     Discraft Buzzz ESP FLX 175g Midrange Excellent
    In Bag(s): Fade "Dude"
    Notes: The straightest disc I own!
     Latitude 64 River Gold Line 172g Midrange Excellent
    In Bag(s): Fade "Dude"
    Notes: Straight flyer, little fade.
     Latitude 64 Saint Opto Air 147g Driver (F) Excellent
    In Bag(s): Fade "Dude"
    Notes: New Opto-Air
     Discmania DD Hysteria P-Line 169g Driver (D) New
    Notes: Cannot get this to fly, too weak yet. Throw it, and it fades...won't be long though. With a hyzer shot this thing goes as far as anything else I own, just can't get it to glide yet. Not using it now.
     Innova Roc (Rancho) R-Pro 174g Midrange Excellent
    In Bag(s): Fade "Dude"
     Vibram Lace X-Link 169g Driver (D) Excellent
    In Bag(s): Fade "Dude"
    Notes: Great stable "in the wind" disc for me...long distance, can't get it to fly to specs yet...
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