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Discraft Elite-Z Buzzz-OS (178g) Newest Disc
Innova Favorite Manufacturer
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9 Retired
163 Total
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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     DGA Blowfly Signature Line 176g Putter --
     DGA Blunt Gumbputt Signature Line 176g Putter --
    In Bag(s): Jaclyn
    Notes: Gumby's Pregnant Girlfriend
     DGA Breaker Proline 171g Putter --
    In Bag(s): Mine
    Notes: Pistons
     DGA Breaker SP Line 174g Putter --
     DGA Hurricane Proline 168g Driver (D) --
     Discraft Avenger Elite-X 175g Driver (D) --
     Discraft Avenger-SS Elite-Z 169g Driver (D) --
     Discraft Banger-GT Pro D 171g Putter --
     Discraft Banger-GT Pro D 171g Putter --
    In Bag(s): Jaclyn
     Discraft Buzzz CryZtal 180g Midrange --
    In Bag(s): Mine
    Notes: USADGC Stamp
     Discraft Buzzz Elite-X -- Midrange --
    Notes: Ohio State Parks -- GIVEN TO BROOKE
     Discraft Buzzz Elite-X 165g Midrange --
    In Bag(s): Jaclyn
     Discraft Buzzz Elite-X 169g Midrange --
     Discraft Buzzz Elite-X 175g Midrange --
    Notes: Dolly Parton
     Discraft Buzzz Elite-Z 179g Midrange --
     Discraft Buzzz Elite-Z Glo 167g Midrange --
    Attributes: Glow
     Discraft Buzzz Pro D 172g Midrange --
     Discraft Buzzz Pro D 174g Midrange --
    Notes: First Disc I Ever Bought!
     Discraft Buzzz Pro D 175g Midrange --
    Notes: No Stamp
     Discraft Buzzz-OS Elite-Z 176g Midrange --
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