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Innova Blizzard Champion Destroyer (152g) Newest Disc
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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     Innova Roadrunner Star 167g Driver (D) --
    Notes: Red Scare
     Westside Boatman Tournament 170g Driver (D) --
    In Bag(s): Mine
     DGA Undertow SP Line 171g Driver (F) --
    In Bag(s): Mine
     Discraft Cyclone Pro D 173g Driver (F) --
Innova Teebird Champion 171g Driver (F) --
     MVP Volt Neutron 171g Driver (F) --
     Discraft Buzzz Elite-Z Glo 167g Midrange --
    Attributes: Glow
     Discraft Drone Elite-Z 178g Midrange --
    In Bag(s): Mine
    Notes: Tigers
     Discraft Wasp Elite-Z 172g Midrange --
    Notes: Cute Wasp
     Innova Gator DX 171g Midrange --
     DGA Breaker Proline 171g Putter --
    In Bag(s): Mine
    Notes: Pistons
     Gateway Wizard RFF 173g Putter --
    Notes: RFF Wizard, Harry
     Latitude 64 Ruby Recycled Line 157g Putter --
     Westside Swan BT Soft 175g Putter --
    Notes: Top Hat -- GIVEN TO JOE
     Innova Teebird Star 170g Driver (F) --
    In Bag(s): Mine
    Notes: Butthole Surfer
     Discraft Nuke SS Elite-Z 174g Driver (D) --
    Notes: No Stamp
     Discraft Pulse ESP 168g Driver (D) --
    Notes: 1064nm
     Discraft Surge ESP FLX 169g Driver (D) --
    Notes: Sergio II
     Innova Destroyer Star 172g Driver (D) --
     Innova Teebird DX 165g Driver (F) --
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