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  Manufacturer Model Plastic Weight Type Condition
     Gateway Voodoo SSS 171g Putter Good
     Gateway Warlock Supersoft 175g Putter Excellent
    Notes: Standing Rocks Open 2011 Stamp
     Gateway Wizard SSS 175g Putter Excellent
    Notes: Lifetime Disc Sports Stamp
     Innova Ape Champion 176g Driver (D) Excellent
     Innova Archon Star 168g Driver (D) Excellent
     Innova Boss Champion 176g Driver (D) Good
     Innova Boss Champion XG 173g Driver (D) Good
    Notes: WyDye Dragon quad stamp
     Innova Boss Star 168g Driver (D) Good
     Innova Dart R-Pro 174g Putter Average
     Innova Destroyer Blizzard Champion 135g Driver (D) Excellent
     Innova Destroyer Blizzard Champion 160g Driver (D) Excellent
     Innova Firebird Champion 166g Driver (F) Excellent
    Notes: Sonic the Hedgehog stamp
     Innova Groove Champion 173g Driver (D) Good
     Innova Hydra R-Pro 174g Putter Good
     Innova Katana Champion 173g Driver (D) Excellent
     Innova Mako Champion 179g Midrange Excellent
    Notes: CFR with Saukville Open 2010 Stamp
     Innova Mako Star 176g Midrange Excellent
     Innova Mako Star 181g Midrange Excellent
    Notes: Chain Heater Challenge 2nd Place
     Innova Mamba Champion 167g Driver (D) Excellent
     Innova Monster Star 171g Driver (D) Good
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ... 15 16