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 Best course in town

5+    4/20/2014   4/25/2014
Review By: zmangin
Played: 28  Reviewed: 4  Exp: 6.5 Years
0 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: 1. 18-hole course. Air Force base course is only other 18-holer in town. Need a pass to get on base to play that one though.
2. Hole #1 is my favorite. It is very aceable.
3. Easily navigable.
Cons: 1. Kinda muddy sometimes esp on back 9. Forget about playing after a heavy rain.
2. Horse manure near hole #15 usually.
3. One hole has a big orange net in front of tee box. Kinda annoying but park is trying to get a tree to grow there.
Other Thoughts: Dry creek isn't usually dry. A stream flows through and affects a few of the holes.

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 WInd and Water

1    4/10/2014   4/11/2014
Review By: markmcc
Played: 164  Reviewed: 154  Exp: 4.5 Years
5 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: This 18 hole course is built along a creek and takes great advantage of the vegetation growing along the creek, and the creek itself. Given the small width of the creek, I was surprised at how many holes brought the water into play.

Nice range of hole lengths from 200' out to about 600'.

Two tees for each hole with concrete for the white tee and a natural red tee. The are 2-5 pin locations available for each hole as well and the pin positions are far enough apart to give different looks to the holes.

Great use of the trees and brush along the creek to impact the line to the basket. Hole 4 requires a straight drive to stay out of the trees on the right and the creek on the left. Hole 5 actually crosses the creek and requires that you hit a gap in the trees to get over safely. If you end up in the creekside brush you may be limited to just pitching back out.

Hole 15 is a nice challenge as the basket is close to the bank on the far side of a pond. You have the choice of laying up right, laying up left, or going directly for the basket at about 300'. Even with a layup the basket is so tight to the pond that your approach will likely end up well past the pin.

Course flow is decent, but having the map helped me know which way to look in a few spots.
Cons: Little elevation change along the course.

Navigation can get a little confusing, especially in the area of Holes 10, 11, and 12. The course has apparently been changed since the pads were poured, and the pads for Holes 10 and 11 have been swapped. But the original hole numbers are still cast into the pads, so it is confusing for first-timers. There is a new pad poured for Hole 12 that is up in a corner and a little off the beaten path.

Many of the alternate pads are just places in the dirt, so they we uneven and a little muddy when we played.

The 4x4 post at each tee pads gives a distance, but depending on which location the basket is in that distance could be significantly off.
Other Thoughts: I played three of the courses in Cheyenne (missed the AFB) and found this to be the best of the lot. Good variety of hole lengths and lines, use of the creek and the ever-present wind make this a challenging course.

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 The Creek Wasn't so Dry...

1    10/27/2013   10/27/2013
Review By: Wise Fool
Played: 125  Reviewed: 118  Exp: 7.7 Years
3 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: -Concrete tee-pads on all of the holes except we couldn't find a concrete on for hole 13.
-Most of the holes feature both shorter tees and long tees
-Good variety of distances on the course. There were some short ace runs and some holes that were close to 500 or 600 feet, with a good variety in between.
-I really enjoyed hole 6 and thought it was a fun well-thought out hole that required some good shot placement to score well.
-The majority of holes have a well-defined fairway and some holes will really punish you for going off of the fairway.
-Baskets are in good shape and catch well. They are also pretty easy to see since they are red.
-Multiple pin positions on all of the holes
-Water comes into play on several holes. (Quite a few holes feature the creek, while hole 15 has a pond on it).
-Good use of the available obstacles that the course has. The course requires some accuracy, different shots and on some holes placement to score well.
-The course made pretty good use of the little elevation it had available.
-There are some trashcans placed throughout the course
Cons: -There are no tee-signs on the course. It was annoying because on some of the longer holes, you have to walk up the fairway to see the basket or get a good feel for how the holes plays. Some of the posts that say the hole number were not in good shape. A few holes were missing the posts that stated the hole number and distance.
-The shorter tees on each hole only had dirt tee-pads.
-Water on the course was very murky, especially the pond on hole 15. If you throw a disc into the pond, it will be very difficult to retrieve.
-Course can be a little hard to navigate the first time you play it. There are baskets and tee-pads going in several different directions at some spots and you will spend a little time figuring out which basket to throw to and where the next tee is. After hole 10, it got even harder to navigate as a few of the holes didn't even have their hole number marked, they were just unmarked concrete tee-pads.
-Other than hole 15, the last 6 holes seemed quite bland and not as interesting as the rest of the course. Hole 13 was terrible. It was a straight slightly downhill, short shot that was really boring.
-If you park near the first tee-pad, you have to walk back across the fairway for hole 1 to get back to your car.
-Parts of the course got really muddy and wet.
-Some holes played close to sidewalks or roads.
Other Thoughts: I quite enjoyed the first 12 holes, but started to lose interest on the final 6 holes. Of all of the courses in Cheyenne, I feel that this is the most complete course, even though I like some of the holes at FE Warren a little better. It's a solid course that is worth a stop, if you are in the area.

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1    6/14/2013   8/11/2013
Review By: optimalben
Played: 43  Reviewed: 15  Exp: 18.4 Years
Other Thoughts: I just played this course this summer, and I had a great time; I also closed out with two 2's on 17 and 18 including a near skip ace on 17 where it bounced up and hit the basket. I'm rating it a little lower (from a critic's point of view) compared to how much I enjoyed the course. A couple drawbacks for a first timer (especially) is that the course is so compact that you occasionally end up aiming at the wrong pins. This is something that you can learn the 2nd time around, but navigation was a bit tricky the 1st time. In general I like how the course is laid out, but it still needs a bit of polish, e.g., hole diagrams, signs pointing you to the next tee, all of the tees paved (some are currently). Maybe this one doesn't have to be like other "nice" courses with these amenities, though, because I really enjoyed playing this compact casual, yet challenging, course. And though I didn't personally get any discs wet, the water could be a major factor.

 A fun course. Best in Cheyenne

2-4    5/14/2013   5/15/2013
Review By: bcos4life
Played: 31  Reviewed: 20  Exp: 4.5 Years
This review was updated on 7/6/2014
2 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: A really fun course with some great pin placements. It is rarely an open shot that you can just go for. Trees, creeks, and bushes are always around.

Good mix of short shots, and one's that you can stretch your arm on.

The use of water is second to none. Rarely are you not throwing over/around/before water.

Great tee pads. Only one is an addition to sidewalk.

Fairways are mowed to increase skips and make it easier to figure out where you are going.

A few level changes, but not too many.
Cons: Signage is either missing, or damaged. The course is oddly maintained. Trash is prevalent, but the rest looks great.

Baskets are a little lower than usual.

Some of the foliage, brush, and grass is very mean. Tore my legs up.
Other Thoughts: It might be a little frustrating for a newer player due to the technical nature of the putting, the constant presence of water, and the usual lack of conventional drives.

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 Not a Dry Creek

1    7/13/2012   7/20/2012
Review By: mndiscg
Played: 364  Reviewed: 357  Exp: 8.4 Years
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Pros: -Cement tees which are marked by a post with distance and hole # on them.
-Creek and some trees provide challenge.
-The hole length was pretty varied, I imagine it could be even better depending on the pin location. There are a few ace holes, especially early, but there are some bombers too.
-This course wasn't busy even though I was there at peak time. Just the sketchy chuckers (see below) and a few nice gentlemen who let me play through.
-Practice basket
-Houck used the land well.
Cons: -There are multiple pin positions but no map and the distances on the tee are only for one of the positions. Hole 3 said 400+ feet and I easily got a 2. It was more like 250. There are also often multiple baskets in the same spot and blind baskets so you don't always know where you were throwing. If you can get a map, do it!
-This creek was not dry and was spilling out onto the course. It was hard to cross the bridges without getting wet.
-What wasn't wet was covered in this awful silty stuff that got all over everything. Bring a towel.
-You could lose a disc in that creek. Or in the tall weeds. Or in the pond later in the round.
-It could be very windy here, and is most of the time.
-There were some sketchy chuckers sitting around the course. I don't know if they were actually playing or just sitting there smoking. They made me not want to throw the blind holes across the stream where I had to walk awhile to get to my disc.
-No real amenities at all. There is a parking loto and I think there was a map before it was vandalized.
Other Thoughts: This is simply one of those courses where poor land combined with nature and sketchy characters can ruin a course experience. I think John Houck used the land well for what he had to work with but the flat, overgrown floodplain just isn't the ideal place for a disc golf course. I could see the potential fun factor here but on the day I played, it wasn't there. I will be back to play again and see if I enjoy it more. I encourage you to stop by and see for yourself.

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 Fun course offering some good challenges

1    3/31/2012   4/1/2012
Review By: tbsox
Played: 40  Reviewed: 17  Exp: 10.3 Years
3 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: This course offers great variety with a great use of obstacles. The course is built around a small flowing creek and a small lake of which one of the 2 comes into play on most holes. The creek is not deep enough to eat your discs and retrieval is possible if you do end up in the creek. Of the 2 water hazards it plays more often.

The lake makes for a great marque hole (15). It is a great risk reward hole (it looks more likely to eat your disc than the creek).

I am also a big fan of hole 12 which I think is new. Its a downward look to the hole and has a few trees which once fully grown will make for a great hole design.

Overall the course is fair and balanced. It is a good fun option.
Cons: I don't see the point behind the amateur tees. Most only cut about 15 feet off the hole and really don't change the look of the hole to make it any easier, they are not padded (dirt only).

5 is a partially blind drive. It is not the hole which is clearly visible to the tee pad at the beginning (its actually 18).

13 and 14 are disappointing given the rest of the course. They are both wide open slightly slopped holes with no obstacles and not any significant amount of length.
Other Thoughts: There are a few redesign issues at the time I played I figure they will be worked out in short order. Some of the tee boxes are mismarked ( and if you've never played it before 9, 10, 11 area) the redesign has made these holes more cleanly ordered so playing the logical hole rather than the marked hole (the hole numbers are marked into the concrete on some holes) is going to get you to the right place. The area around the course had me believing I was in the wrong place (its in a neighborhood) but sure enough the coordinates were right on the money.

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 Dry Creek DGC

1    8/13/2011   8/13/2011
Review By: DiscGolfer947
Played: 40  Reviewed: 23  Exp: 6.2 Years
6 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: 1) good use of trees and well protected baskets on most holes
2) two sets of tees
3) water comes into play, and is actually an obstical, on some holes
4) good variation of distances and design
Cons: 1) only long tees are cement, short tees are dirt are rutted out
2) not much elevation
3) confusing layout from holes 8-16
4) difficult to navigate and the course map is very inacurate, missed hole 12 and 13 compleatly and couldn't find 15s tee.
5) when i played it seem to not be mowed for more than 10 days
6) "bridges" that go ever holes 5 and 6 are more or less ballance beams
7) on most holes the creek is annoying rather than an obstical, because it is maybe a foot wide and a few inches deep
8) lots of holes play very close together
Other Thoughts: overall it's a less than average course, i do not plan on playing this course again. even if i am in the area, i would play one of the other courses in Cheyenne...which i hear from the locals are much better.

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 Soggy and Challenging

1    8/5/2011   8/6/2011
Review By: dborrego
Played: 69  Reviewed: 2  Exp: 5.6 Years
1 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: Nicely maintained course. It has several aceable holes (i got my very first and second aces on back to back holes 12 and 13). It also has some challenging and technical shots. Some of the baskets are tucked behind trees or shrubbery.
Cons: Most of the hole markers are broken and/or missing. The town has been hit with several rain storms so many of the fairways were very soggy with a lot of standing water.
Other Thoughts: I cant wait to play it again. Its a nice short rewarding course.

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 Very nice course, lots of risk v.s reward

1    8/30/2009   8/31/2009
Review By: Harrishabitat
Played: 175  Reviewed: 11  Exp: 10.4 Years
1 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Great design, you can tell this was a professionally thought out course. Starts of with two easy holes to get you started then gets technical. Hole 6 par 5 was a great hole. Decent signs and tee pads. This course is just a few small tweeks away from being a exceptional course.
Cons: Sometimes finding the next hole can be confussiong, some arrows or a small sign would go a long way.
Other Thoughts: I sadly had to catch a plane out of Denver in a few hours so I was only able to play the first 11 holes, but those were great. Park rat (lonely 12 year old kid) followed me around and was annoying and tried to get me to pay him to find my discs. There were a few times that I was not able to figure out where I was supposed to go for the next hole, some signs would be very helpful for first timers. All in all, I would love to play a tourney here, it would be a lot of fun,

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