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Nice Casual Round

5+    5/16/2015   5/18/2015
Review By: RacerX2727
Played: 2  Reviewed: 2
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Pros: - Scenic, lots of old oak trees
- Not overly long
- Rarely busy
Cons: - Flat with few obstacles
- Walking paths cross some holes
- Few soggy spots that never seem to dry
- Dirt tee boxes (slippery mud if wet)
Other Thoughts: Due to easy holes, a scenic backdrop and sparse crowds, it's a great course for a nice casual round. If you're looking to challenge yourself and your skills, this isn't the course for that.

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Good practice course

1    8/29/2014   3/10/2015
Review By: RDisc12
Played: 8  Reviewed: 6
Pros: -Some trees for obstacles in this course
-Because this course is in a grass park there is no undergrowth or thorns to loose your disc in
-Very friendly course
-Good parking
-If these holes aren't long enough for your liking nothing stops you from backing up an extra 50 feet or more on most holes to throw longer drives
Cons: -Almost no elevation change
-Grassy fairways are open on either sides. If you have enough power you can bypass most obstacles with little challenge
-Tees are marked by limited signage. Some is missing/unreadable.
-Tees are dirt/mud and become unusable with rain
Other Thoughts: This course is fun but it is not worth driving from great distances to play a round. I enjoyed my round here and will be back now that I have a better understanding of the layout of holes. The first time through can be difficult because of missing and damaged signing. Elevation change would be nice but this course makes the best use of the land that it could. Overall, a good practice course but nothing I would bring my buddies to for a round.

 Short, flat, compact

1    7/26/2012   7/27/2012
Review By: omightytimm
Played: 19  Reviewed: 12
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Pros: - Very old oaks spread throughout course
- Well-marked holes, with color coding for tee/pin and sharpie marks on pins pointing to next tees
- All in all they made good use of the compact terrain for the course, hiding pins behind/among trees or putting trees right in the middle of the fairway
- Easy to find from parking lot, and big sign with hole layout right at beginning (take a picture with your phone, though you'll probably not really need it)
Cons: - A very short course overall
- Since it was so compact, there wasn't much variety between the various holes, they were all in basically the same section of oak savanna (though a pretty one at that)
- Dirt and mud tees, many unusable right after a rain
- Distance markers on few if any tees
Other Thoughts: Not a waste of time, and good for practicing your birdie tee shots, but I've played prettier oak savanna courses (try Anna Page in Rockford, for example).

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5+    7/10/2012   7/11/2012
Review By: Wolvhunter
Played: 10  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 8 Years
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Pros: This course is on a flat field with very very old oak trees that dot the entire course. I love that part of this course because there is very little under growth and thick to lose your disc in but the holes are still challenging with a few giant trees in the way. The pro tees are nice and make the course more interesting by much lengthening the course and adding more trees for difficulty. The course is well maintained and kept in decent shape.
Cons: When there is a lot of rain the course gets soggy and large puddles and even water hazards can form. Bugs can be a slight problem but usually never to bad. There is a walking path and often walkers and bikes can slow down your game. normal tees are dirt and worn out and pro tees can be challenging to find.
Other Thoughts: This is one of my favorite courses and its the closest to me so I go very often.

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 Not too bad

5+    7/10/2011   8/11/2011
Review By: Dr.Hyzer
Played: 19  Reviewed: 11  Exp: 5 Years
This review was updated on 2/3/2012
Pros: The course is inviting as soon as you walk up to the first hole.
-There is quite a bit of holes that are right in your site and shouldn't give the average discer much trouble to grab some birds and save a bunch of pars.
- Two holes are over 400 ft and are basically the premier holes on the course.
Cons: The chunk of land it's built on is all flat, so don't plan on stopping out there if it's been raining the past few days, the course holds standing water for a few days, and the mosquito's will be ravages.
-It's a little bit too simple. A good amount of the holes are just a solid mid-range shot to get you parked easily.
Other Thoughts: I enjoyed this course just about every time I played it. I wouldn't go out of my way to make plans to go play it. But for a change of pace, and to get a good round in. It's worth a round, maybe two.

 Great Trees

1    9/18/2010   9/20/2010
Review By: tistoude
Played: 176  Reviewed: 61  Exp: 6.9 Years
4 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: The course is populated with beautiful old growth hardwoods. All of the holes play in and around these trees.

Grass on the course is very well maintained.

Even though the park is not very large the course itself seems secluded from the other park activities. The day I played the park itself was packed with people. cars were parking up the entry street to the park since the lot was full and we only saw two discers and one dog walker on the course

A couple of the holes require some decent shot shaping around the large trees. And almost all of the holes can provide pretty good ace runs.
Cons: Navigation, we successfully navigated the course without a map but it was not real easy. Most of the tee signs are missing and you need to look on the basket for a sharpie arrow pointing in the direction of the next tee. This sounds helpful but the course is wide open with all the holes in view so an arrow pointing can lead you to a few different tees.

Tees, the tees are dirt and are mostly worn down into a pretty good groove which of course fill up with water if there is an even minor drizzle. These tees seem to hold the water for a while also.

Although they have made the most of the available land, this course is short, and very repetative. All of the holes have a tree or two sort of in the way but do not present much of a challenge to an experienced golfer. I used a putter on 11 of the holes.

The course is on the bank of a river and the skeeters can get overwhelming on the holes closest to the shore.
Other Thoughts: I had a good time on this course even though it was really easy. This would be a great course to bring a beginner to, practice your mid range/putter shots or to play a fast round. I happened to be staying at a hotel about 1 mile away from this course and I was happy to be able to walk over and get in a round. I would have no problem playing this course again if I am in the area but I would not travel out of my way to play it.

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1    7/18/2010   7/18/2010
Review By: Sirjokes1
Played: 14  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 9.2 Years
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Pros: Not crowded
Well maintained course
Good for reasonable players of the game
Very secluded
Cons: Extreamally hard to follow the course
Missing half if not more of the signs
Other Thoughts: Even though it was hard to follow it was a great cource that was easy enough for a newbie to come here and still shoot the pars that are given

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 OK park course

1    5/23/2010   6/4/2010
Review By: mashnut
Played: 819  Reviewed: 774  Exp: 13.3 Years
4 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: The course plays through a large flat park with nice mature trees throughout. Nearly all the holes play among the trees, with a few holes at the edges of the park that have some brushy rough on one side to catch an errant drive. The rest of the holes are grassy with no rough, just some scattered trees to avoid. Other than a walking path, the area is used only by disc golfers, so there isn't too much interference.

There is an ok mix of ace run holes, and moderate distance holes, with one or two that are long enough to allow for a real drive. Most holes have multiple lines, but there is a mix of holes where the best line calls for a right to left or left to right shot. The baskets are in decent shape, and catch ok.
Cons: The course design is pretty boring. Most holes are reachable with a mid, and have multiple available lines, meaning that there just isn't all that much challenge. Because the holes are pretty open, and there isn't enough length variety, the course gets old pretty quick, and all the holes start to feel the same. The walking path is in play on several holes, and it seems to get some use, so you may have to wait on pedestrians throughout the round.

The course holds water, so there can be large deep puddles of standing water a while after rain over a lot of the course. Most of the tees are worn down into the ground, so they turn into puddles or mud pits, and the ones that are dry are rutted and uneven. There are supposedly long tees on all the holes, but the ones we were able to find were marked only at ground level, and many of the markers were overgrown or worn away, so unless you play with a local stick to the short set of tees. Even those aren't well marked, with most of the signage gone or vandalized. There are a few places where there is no numbering whatsoever so you have to do some guessing at the layout, and it doesn't match up with the course map posted here.
Other Thoughts: This isn't a terrible course, there are some decent holes here, there just isn't enough variety or challenge to keep it interesting and draw me back for another round. Beginners won't find any places to lose discs, and the fairways are open enough that it shouldn't be frustrating. More experienced players will need to look elsewhere to test their game, and won't need to be creative with shot selection to be successful here.

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1    4/16/2010   4/16/2010
Review By: Disc Golf Greg
Played: 21  Reviewed: 16  Exp: 7.2 Years
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Pros: -Mature Oak trees
-Decent amount of obstacles with the trees
-Parking wasn't an issue
-Practice basket
-Not crowded
-Tucked away in a corner of the park so nothing else interferes
-Pretty fun to play
-No litter
-Nice park
-Grass cut
Cons: -Tees are grass/dirt
-I had a horrible time navigating the course
-Some baskets are pretty beat up
-Many signs missing
-There was a map but it was too hard to read
Other Thoughts: I was going to give this course 3 Discs/ "Good" but since so many signs were missing and I could not navigate it at all I am going to give this course 2.5 Discs instead a "Decent/Typical" course.

I would come back to play if the signs were fixed up and would give it 3 Discs also. And it would be a nice touch to fix the baskets, and then if possible install real tee pads.

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5+    4/11/2010   4/11/2010
Review By: Tree LOVE
Played: 38  Reviewed: 2  Exp: 6.8 Years
4 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: - There is a Port-a-John next to parking lot, a covered picnic area with tables, and a playground nearby for kids who aren't disc golfing yet.
- Multiple pin placements on the majority of holes. The baskets are moved quite often so the replay value of the course is very nice.
- Multiple tee pads on every hole (red- short tees, blue- long tees).
- Lots of large oak trees that make for a very technical course (can be very frustrating for beginners!)
- Technical course design makes you use a lot of different shot types.
- The course is outlined by wooded areas, so on very windy days, the wind isn't as noticeable as other wide open courses.
- A lot of tight lines that encourage accuracy over distance.
Cons: - This course is VERY difficult to navigate if you or everyone you are with has not played it before.
- No concrete tee pads, most of the red "tee pads" are mud pits
- The tee pads are small, flat, round stones that are mostly buried in the ground. It makes it even more difficult to find the next hole's tee pad. There are thin metal poles (most without signs) that are next to every red tee pad.
- FLAT!! There is NO elevation change throughout the entire course.
- There are a few longer walks to get from the basket to the next tee pad.
- There are no permanent water hazards on the course (might be a pro for beginners). BUT, there is usually standing water on about half of the holes…bring extra shoes and socks!
- Very short course, especially from the red tees. Hole number 9 is the only hole over 400' (from red). Most advanced players will feel like this is a putt and approach course with very few opportunities to rip a long drive.
- There is a bike path that weaves through the entire course so there are times that you have to wait for people to pass by before you can throw.
Other Thoughts: - ("Directions" to red tees, from previous basket) If you are standing in the parking lot, or by the "news board" looking at the course, hole #1's tee pad is about 100' directly to the left of the open, covered shelter. Look for the green park bench and blue trashcan. The hole plays in the same direction you would walk if you came from the shelter.
- #2 is basically right behind basket #1, slightly to the right. Plays same direction as hole #1.
- #3 is down behind basket #2, slightly to the right. Plays same direction as holes 1 and 2.
- #4, take a 90 degree RIGHT turn (if you were looking @ basket 3 from it's tee) and walk down the thick tree-line. Hole plays straight down the tree line.
- #5, turn about 160 degrees back to your RIGHT and cross back over the bike path. Hole plays directly back toward the covered shelter. (longer walk)
- #6, turn about 130 degrees back to your LEFT. The hole plays toward the thick tree line. (Around the area of basket #4.) (longer walk)
- #7, is about a 130 degree turn back to your RIGHT, and the hole plays toward the back left corner of the thick tree line. (longer walk)
- #8 is about a 100 degree RIGHT turn. Hole plays down the tree line, slightly to the right, back across the bike path.
- #9 is straight behind basket #8. Look for a large tree with a green bench underneath. The hole plays back toward the playground/parking lot. Long, 400+ footer.
- #10 is about a 110 degree turn back LEFT from the basket. (If you are looking from the parking lot, #10's tee pad is directly behind the covered shelter.)
- #11 is about a 140 degree turn back LEFT. Plays in between 2 tall trees in the direction of hole #9's tee pad.
- #12 is about a 100 degree turn RIGHT. Plays straight down the tree line.
- #13 is a 90 degree RIGHT turn. Hole plays back toward parking lot. (the bike path basically serves as the fairway)
- #14 is about a 140 degree turn back LEFT. Hole plays directly away from the parking lot.
- #15 is about a 90 degree turn RIGHT. Hole plays toward the parking lot.
- #16 is directly behind basket #15. Hole plays directly away from shelter.
- #17, turn about 150 degrees back RIGHT. Hole plays toward the shelter.
- #18 is about a 70 degree turn LEFT behind basket #17. The basket is to the right of the shelter and is usually directly behind the row of trees.

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