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Uploaded By: scarpfish   (Taken 9/2009)
Park sign you'll see as you go over the levee into the park.

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5+    9/15/2014   9/29/2014
Review By: lazjak
Played: 2  Reviewed: 2
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Pros: Massive trees.
Tons of shade
Gets mowed often.
A pristine river view.
Nettles can make it interesting.
Cons: Mosquitoes.
Poison ivy.
Nettles can be dam itchy.
Other Thoughts: Best course in Lawrence, hands down.
Clay teepads are a nice change.

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Riverfront DGC

2-4    5/8/2014   5/19/2014
Review By: Jayhawker10
Played: 9  Reviewed: 6  Exp: 1.1 Years
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Pros: I really enjoy this course. It does not require the longest throws but it does require accurate ones.

- Fun holes that never get old and are always challenging for almost any skill lever.
- Easy to follow the layout once you have played once.
- Holes are not far apart with a few exceptions.
- Quality baskets and decent quality tee boxes.
- Adequate parking, a port-a-potty, and some trash cans.

Cons: - Course is littered with empty beer cans. I have been drinking on a course before but this one is extra bad due to them never emptying the trash cans.
- I have never had an issue with the bugs but I can see how it could be an issue for some. I have come in contact with poison ivy here but, let's be honest, most DGC's with any type of wooded holes have it.
- Can get congested with only have 9 holes but I have never personally experienced this issue either. I have experienced people doing drugs (pot) but this is Lawrence so I am not totally shocked and it did not bother me.
Other Thoughts: This is one of my favorite courses that I have played because it combines a few longer holes with many short technical holes. There is water but it is just a creek that discs are easy to get out of. For the most part, the fairways are well mowed. Honestly, my only true complaint is that the trash cans are never emptied. If you are in Lawrence, go here instead of the other course if you enjoy a more scenic course instead of just open fields.

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Good change of pace from Centennial

5+    9/15/2012   8/20/2012
Review By: bigreddog
Played: 61  Reviewed: 31  Exp: 3.1 Years
This review was updated on 7/11/2013
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Pros: Navigation between the holes is very easy, every basket has a sign attached to the post telling you where to go for the next tee, plus the grass is more mowed down on that path. 10/10

There's a great variety of openness on shots, as several holes are narrow roads through trees, while several others are pretty wide open, and there are some in between. 9/10

Great variety of distances on holes. Because there are two baskets from every tee, most of the tees (all of the treed ones since there's nowhere else to go) have one shorter and one longer basket, so there's a variety by necessity. 9/10

This course uses obstacles pretty well, and there are a ton present. I don't really like the waist high grass, but it does add to the challenge (the most recent time the waist high grass was gone except for hole 3/12, which made it much more enjoyable). No hole is completely void of obstacles, with either one or both sides being tree-lined. 7/10

Navigation on the holes themselves is unique. Tee signs are present, but provide minimal information, just telling you which two holes that tee is for (not telling you which is which). It's easy to tell where the holes go because you can see where the fairways/trails through the trees go. The reason I say it's unique though is that there are two baskets from each tee, so it's easy to see both baskets (or tell about where on treed holes) . The problem is that there is no way to tell from the tee which basket is which. For example, on the 2/11 tee, you can clearly see both baskets, but you don't know which is 2 and which is 11. It's not important as long as you remember which you play the first time through and play the other the second time through, but due to the confusion I'm dropping it to an 8/10.

Baskets are decent, a few are kind of tilted but not too bad. 7/10

Many holes require a certain shot path to be successful, so that's good. There isn't a huge variety of this though since it's all the same shots twice, but it still does a good job of making players throw every shot in the bag. 6/10
Cons: No alternate hole positions (unless you're playing it as a 9 hole course where you can pick...) 0/10

Not much elevation present, almost every hole is completely flat. There is an interesting valley on holes 6 and 15 that comes into play that brings it to a 2/10

Discs can be very difficult to find, especially with the waist high grass. (this is the only course I've ever lost a disc on) The woods don't help much either, although they are thinner due to the drought. I'm hoping they keep the waist high grass mowed down, but I'm not optimistic. 2/10

Course maintenance is... I'm not sure. Both times the fairways have been mowed, I'm not sure if the waist high grass was there because of neglect or by design. No benches, no water fountains, no bathrooms I could find. 3/10

Tees are made of packed down rocky dirt, like a baseball field, some are beginning to be eroded and they're a little if you have a big run up like me. There are only nine tees to 18 baskets, so that's kind of weird, but I guess it works because of the limited space. 2/10

The first time I played this course was the second most uncomfortable round I have played in six months (Cambridge Park still takes the cake), the waist high grass was manageable on the open holes, but it was in the forested areas too and was full of razor leaf crap and poison ivy, and it was nearly impossible to avoid it as the fairways were only about 10 feet wide in most places. It just seemed a bit unfair. This most recent time it was gone and in the forested areas it was more dried out, so I'll say 3/10 for overall comfort during the round.

There isn't much decisionmaking required, as most of the holes are pretty straightforward. 9 and 18 are exceptions, with obstacles right in the middle that force players to pick a way around. I guess you could make the argument that some of the treed holes require a decision between playing safe and aggressive, but I'm saying 3/10 overall

Definitely not a beginner course, this was the second course I ever played (first was centennial park) and I was still a beginner and I hated it because of the treed holes. I swore I'd never go back but now that I'm better I think it's okay. Not good for challenging all levels, but does help to learn control. 3/10
Other Thoughts: I go to school at KU so there aren't too many courses nearby. This was only the second course I ever played. When I first started I mostly only played Centennial Park, which I definitely like better, but I'm glad I found another course in Lawrence that's a different style and good for some variety.

This is one of the most unforgiving courses I've played, there are so many shots where you can miss your spot by three feet and end up bouncing off a tree and being deep in the woods and need to take a shot just to get out.

Only having nine tees makes just playing one round fairly repetitive, there are a couple holes with different feels (2/11, 7/16, 9/18), but most of them are the same.

9 and 18 are two pretty cool holes, I like the obstacle in the middle that makes for an interesting decision.

To me this course is a 2 when the waist high grass is present, and a 2.5 when it isn't. Both of the two most recent times it was gone, so I'm giving it a 2.5, but if it comes back I won't hesitate to change it.

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 a bit confusing

1    8/19/2011   8/21/2011
Review By: kcplease
Played: 103  Reviewed: 31  Exp: 5.8 Years
This review was updated on 8/26/2012
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Pros: -great property- i enjoyed just walking the course, and disc golf made it even better
-good variety of holes in length and difficulty
-you can hop in the Kansas river if you ever get too hot
-i likes how they out 2 baskets to each hole-very econmical, i wish more 9 holes courses did this
-some of the holes even have 2 different fairways
Cons: -layout is confusing for a first time player
-since its by the river, it gets HUMID
-some holes are a bit too challenging to the point where they are almost ridiculous (holes 4/13, and 5/14 and 18)
-some holes use the exact same fariway especially the ones more through the woods
Other Thoughts: this is really a beautiful course. even the holes mentioned that are too hard (as in the go through tight woods and turn. the definition of a tunnel shot. its just each hole is 4 different tunnel shots...) are still fun to walk. i was really surprised with this course. I suppose there is a lot of poison ivy, since my friend got a lot while we were there. i wouldn't know. plan accordingly for that, as well as the mosquitoes that like to live near rivers. overall, good course.

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First Course Ever

2-4    8/13/2007   8/13/2010
Review By: jayhawker737
Played: 49  Reviewed: 40  Exp: 6.2 Years
This review was updated on 6/2/2013
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Pros: By a river, so when you get eaten alive by bugs and thorns, go there.
Cons: Not a good course for beginners. Also very bug infested with awful things in the rough.
Other Thoughts: Maybe its because I was playing for the first time and it was with another first timer, but this was not worth the drive. To be fair, I have only played it once and I was terrible, but my bad memories make me not want to return.

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 Now Which Pin Do I Throw At?

1    4/26/2010   5/5/2010
Review By: Donovan
Played: 216  Reviewed: 185  Exp: 28 Years
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Pros: This is a rather unique layout. There are 9 large gravel/sand/dirt mixture tee pads that throw to 2 separate, permanent baskets each. The baskets are numbered 1 through 18 now and there is some decent variation in many of their placements. This course has a creek, wooded holes, wide-open fairways, protected pins, and is in a nice setting. The tee pads are great for not being cement, as they are not that slick. There is a decent balance of open holes verses wooded holes here. The wooded holes are so much fun that they make this style of course totally worth the drive out. The open holes did have nice cut fairways and even though they used the tall grass style rough, it wasn't so bad that you would lose you disc in it. The creek along 6 and 15 is not real deep and just big enough and sloped enough, that it made it a great obstacle. The baskets do have a marker on the bottom of them showing you the direction of the next tee pad.
Cons: If you use the map uploaded 4/22/08, you will need to note that holes 1 and 10 need to be swapped now, as do holes 6 and 15. There are no tee signs on the course, so the map is needed your first time here. This course does need more trashcans as it was bit dirty and a bathroom would be helpful. Bug spray is a must as there is plenty of still water in the area.
Other Thoughts: I have to admit that the Fun Factor here was pretty good. I really enjoyed many of these holes. I can see that this place could get crowded easily with only 9 tee pads and a bunch of shared fairways. If I had the chance I would totally play here again and this was well worth the drive out.

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 Nine tees, eighteen baskets, sort of weird, but some nice holes

1    9/29/2009   10/8/2009
Review By: scarpfish
Played: 320  Reviewed: 96  Exp: 11.8 Years
9 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: If you can get past the whole shared tee/ two baskets concept, Riverfront does have some challenging and unique holes and some good wooded versus open variety. The best holes IMO are the tunnel shots on 4/13 and 5/14. 7/16 is a nice hole too as each has its own tunnel the only one of the nine that doesn't share a fairway. I also like the fact that for the most part, the holes by numerical order alternate in length. 13 is the short basket on 4/13, whereas 14 is the long basket on 5/14. Good to help challenge rec players if its in decent shape and has been mowed.
Cons: The whole one tee shooting to two baskets concept is strange and to my knowledge Riverfront is the only course in the area with this sort of a layout. I would have really just preferred they call this nine holes as most of the holes on any other course would have been just alternate placements. Two baskets are nice for player choice, but calling them 1A and 1B as opposed to 1 and 10 would help define to users that there is only one fairway than can practically be used at any given time. Terrain is your typical choppy flood plain course terrain, and while it was decent during my visit, I'm sure this becomes borderline unplayable after a hard rain, not to mention mosquito heaven. Not mowed park style for the most part, just a fairway to guide you. Hole signs are deteriorating.
Other Thoughts: Not a soul on the course when I was here, which suited me fine, but I could imagine crowds being here on the weekends during the summer. In which case, I could perhaps see some conflicts arrising on which group gets to use the teepad, and hence the hole first. Not as good as Centennial, but if that course is too crowded and Topeka or KC is too far, this is your best bet in Lawrence.

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 Winter Course

1    8/15/2009   8/17/2009
Review By: KSsteven
Played: 9  Reviewed: 3  Exp: 6 Years
0 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Good mix of distance with well manicured fairways
Cons: Immediately off of the fairways you find yourself in knee high-head high grass or dense foilage in the summer. Not much room for error
Other Thoughts: I won't play this course again until winter when there is little foilage to navigate. Or until I become quite a bit better and don't have to spend more time looking for the disc than actually playing.

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 Great Hole Mix

2-4    4/8/2009   4/9/2009
Review By: jace
Played: 42  Reviewed: 33  Exp: 7.2 Years
This review was updated on 4/10/2009
7 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: - Great use of property to fit in a nice mix of hole variety. Holes varied from open to a couple of nice corridor holes as well as some pinball wooded holes.
- Fairways on the open holes were mowed. (1/10,2/11,3/12,8/17)
- I felt the use of two baskets off one tee was actually very well done. Placement offered enough change between the two that shot selection had to be varied on half the holes.
- Hole variety is average with 12 straight/2 left/4 right
- Overall very well thought out course design to mix up the hole types.
- Nice course Map
- Although the tees are not concrete, they are a quality dirt/gravel mix that was approximately 5'x12'
- Nice view of the river along a couple of the middle holes.
Cons: - No restrooms
- Minimal trashcans - course was littered
- Course got backed up with the dual basket placement. that being said everyone let me play through and was very courteous
Other Thoughts: - Dogs were everywhere, but NOT a problem at all
- Hole #3/12 has tall prairie grass on one side that can be as bad as a water hazard!
- Hole #6/15 has water in play with a creek that appears to get as deep as 3'. Was minimal and not a factor when I played.
- My opinion is boots are a must on this course. The terrain changes from grass fairways on the first 3 holes to a wooded wonderland for the next 4 holes to grass fairways for the last 2. This course is most likely a nightmare after a rain.
- Favorite hole was #4 due to the tight corridor technical nature of the hole.
- Just a very nice compact course that would allow all skill levels to have a great round

- For more detailed review see

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 Good Use of Area

4/16/2008   4/16/2008
Review By: gravedigger
Played: 55  Reviewed: 40  Exp: 6.8 Years
3 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: Good shot variety. Mowed/well defined fairways. Not very busy. Course flows very well.
Cons: Lots of tall grass on both sides of the fairways (you may be looking for a bad throw for a little while).
Other Thoughts: The park doubles as a dog park. It was nice to take our dog for once and let her run free of a leash. But don't be suprised if a dog comes wizzing by you as you're getting ready to throw.

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