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Hole #13

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Good times!

5+    4/18/2016   5/24/2016
Review By: r2tbone
Played: 4  Reviewed: 1
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Pros: This was the best course in the area for years but, North Augusta has failed the disc golf community. I am still giving it 4 stars, even with the holes that are permanently gone and the gravel that they have installed on most of the fairways (sewer easements) and the poor directions and...
Cons: They are slowly letting this course die.
Other Thoughts: I recommend playing it if you are in the area and have some time.

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Steaming pile of garbage

1    4/28/2016   5/4/2016
Review By: Reb3times
Played: 6  Reviewed: 6
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Pros: Nope. Hard to come up with one.
Cons: Missing holes with no warning at the course entrance. Literally walked all over the area looking for number 2 before simply giving up and moving on to the next hole only for it to happen again as I continued through the course.

Missing tee boxes on some holes that have baskets, with missing baskets on holes with tee boxes.

Trees had fallen on some tee boxes with no attempt to remove them.
Other Thoughts: They will have to fix this course before it gets totally ignored by the locals and closes. I grew up in this town and know the city has more than enough money to maintain a simple disc golf course.

I will not return until the course is fixed.

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 Revised course

5+    4/11/2015   4/11/2015
Review By: AutobahnSHO
Played: 1  Reviewed: 1
This review was updated on 12/8/2015
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Pros: Course was wonderful couple years ago, construction has messed up the course. The last half (holes 10-18) is a fairly gentle course with some interesting variations. Hole 11 is a good starting point from the parking lot.
Cons: Holes 2,5-9 are not there anymore.
Other Thoughts: Go into the recreation center for a free course map. Just ask at the front desk if there are none next to it.

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needs work

2-4    7/10/2014   8/2/2014
Review By: mothballs
Played: 2  Reviewed: 2
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Pros: beautiful parrk a few benches about 2 holes maintained tee boxes are cement very little signages
Cons: alot mud after a rain for a few days very slippery alot trash on course trash cans most time full this course needs alot of work looks like nothing gets done to it
Other Thoughts: this course need alot of work done to it
it needs someone step up take care or it

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 not playable

2-4    8/1/2014   8/2/2014
Review By: bigdog
Played: 1  Reviewed: 1
3 Helpful / 10 Not
Pros: Beautiful park setting around a sports complex, very unique use of land, awesome well balanced design. Some short, some long holes. Benches on a couple of holes, a couple of trash cans, nice cement tee boxes and some signage. A few holes very well maintained.
Cons: Can lose some discs if you are not careful. A few holes are on a steep hillside making it physically difficult, 3 baskets are missingfrom this park. Could use more benches. The signage could be improved, like from 1 to 2, 3 to 4, 10 to 11, 14 to 15 and 15 to 16. The course is full of litter on fairways and both sides of of fairways. The trash cans are overflowing, never emptied on a regular basis. It appears that there are still dead trees from the original installation and compounded by the lack of maintenance on recent storm debris. Not a good place to play within a few days of rain, the red clay is all over and very slippery. Insectss like many mosquitoes, ants and ticks are always present and a real problem even with bug spray.
Other Thoughts: Augusta Disc Golf Association recently posted they now have 365 members and that is great, if each member worked for two hours a year on this course it would make it a lot better. Also, I find it hard to believe that out of 365 members not one knew that the water utility was going to make changes that would have such a devastating impact on the disc golf course. If you are in the Augusta area or visiting the "Meccaof Disc Golf" you do not need to check out this Park.

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1    6/28/2014   6/29/2014
Review By: bsembach
Played: 6  Reviewed: 2  Exp: 3.1 Years
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Pros: good variation of hole types
beautiful scenery
nice distance holes
Cons: very unorganized your likely to get lost moving from one hole to the next
needs to be cleaned up alot several places have giant trees fallen over the walking and throwing path
course map is no longer accurate
no signs toward the next hole other than an occasional orange spray paint arrow half faded on a tree

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  course needs some work

1    12/5/2013   12/6/2013
Review By: ridesbrd
Played: 6  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 2 Years
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Pros: Well balanced, has a few par 4's and longer holes, beautiful park and woods area, goes along the river but you will never lose discs in the water
Cons: Mosquito heaven, course is quite overgrown lately, needs lots of work and some redesign, course is about to lose a few holes due to new park construction
Other Thoughts: This is a great course that needs some work due to city projects and overgrowth.

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5+    7/14/2013   10/15/2013
Review By: BCpreheim
Played: 23  Reviewed: 8
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Pros: This course has a wonderful mix of backhand and forehand drives, birdie holes and difficult to par holes and wooded and open holes. Water is an element that the player has to be aware of but will rarely take any discs.
Cons: The course tends to hold water after a rain. There are a few dangerous holes where a poor shot could lead to treks down steep hills. Mosquitoes are a real issue on many early holes especially during the summer. It can be a miserable round without bug spray.
Other Thoughts: No doubt this course is a terrific course and offers strong competition to other Augusta area courses.

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 An Expert's Review

5+    8/8/2012   8/8/2012
Review By: JJJJ
Played: 16  Reviewed: 2  Exp: 8.7 Years
This review was updated on 5/7/2014
8 Helpful / 8 Not
Pros: Hole 1: Endangered Forest
270 feet dead straight. Basket sits on a small hill. Deep creek filled with all kinds of crap on the right, bike path on the left. Optimal shot is a RHBH that turns right slightly and fades back up the Ehill towards the basket or a LHFH that does the same. Intermediate or advanced players should never get worse than a 3 on this hole. Endangered plant areas are located behind the basket for your viewing pleasure. Go across the Greenway to get to Hole 2.

Hole 2: Cliffs of Death
190 feet through a small window, down a big hill, and slightly left. The Cliffs of Death wait for you if you go too long or too far right. Don't go down the Cliffs of Death. You will die. Optimal shot is a putter or midrange that stays straight until it gets through the window up top and then fades left a little. Definitely a birdie hole.

Hole 3: Tiers of Allah
200 feet up a big hill and hard left. Team Monkey Dust sponsors this hole where if you hit a tree you will likely roll back down off the Cliffs of Death. Optimal shot is a high, hard fading shot past the first row of trees. You should end up on the top of the hill with a birdie putt. Watch for your disc to roll off the hill, not even the newly installed Tiers of Allah can stop rolling discs. Follow the path and then go behind the gym to get to Hole 4.

Hole 4: The River Hole
485 foot par 4. Fairway turns left after about 200 feet and then is straight for another 200. There are 2 pin placements. The first is up on the hill to the left and the second turns back right some and is on the edge of a drop off into the woods. If you go right on the tee shot you will go down a huge hill and may approach the river or the rapids. Tee shot needs to get around the first corner to at least the manhole cover. Too short and you'll probably end up on the hill blocked for your next shot or down the hill. Too long and you're in some thick woods. One of the harder holes on the course.

Hole 5: The Deathly Hallows
240 feet that is straight until the end and then up a hill and to the left. If your drive is short and left, you will be in the Deathly Hallows. There is only one escape to the Deathly Hallows, throwing out sideways. Even then you still have a sharp turning 3rd shot up the hill. Miss the fairway right and you'll likely be down in a hole in the woods.

Hole 6: Snake River
290 feet down a big hill and hard right. You may not know it, but Yo Momma sponsors this hole. Thick woods on both sides of the fairway. Missing to the right makes a really difficult 2nd shot. Two pin positions, the first is up on the hill a little and the second is on the edge of Snake River. ALWAYS aim for the down position. You will be given many riches for doing so. Look in the tree as you cross the bridge and you may just find a disc. Cross Snake River and go up the hill to get to Hole 7.

Hole 7: The Clancy
285 feet up the hill and to the left. This hole sucks. If the pin is in the bottom location, which it never is, it is a very easy hole. The 2nd pin position is up the hill the full 285 feet. You have to have your disc fade left and then back right to get it close to this pin. You're not going to do it. Spit on this tee pad as you leave.

Hole 8: The Chick-fil-a Supporter
260 feet. This hole is straight. It is proud of being straight. It buys chicken nuggets because it is straight. Jon and Sue Anne Beym sponsor this lovely hole. Thick woods on both sides of the fairway. There is a 2nd pin position tucked away to the right at the end of the fairway. Don't bomb it or you will go into a water treatment plant. Discs don't come back from the water treatment plant.

Hole 9: Old Man Jefferson
400 foot par 4 that turns right and goes down a big hill and across Snake River. Chuck Kniebler is the sponsor of this majestic hole, perhaps the signature hole of the course. The tee pad is usually completely buried here but never you mind. Throw your drive around the corner, right by the majestic oak named Old Man Jefferson, and down the hill a little. Your second will cross Snake River again and land on the beach. There's a crapper near the tee as well. Give Jefferson a hug as you go buy and he'll grace your next shot. If your drive is short and right you may end up in the Wicked Thicket. Get it out any way you can, the Thicket has been known to cause 6's. There are other pin positions located by Jefferson.

Hole 10: On the Rocks
265 feet up a hill and slightly right. Swingin' Matt Gillis sponsors this last hole on the Front 10. There is a 2nd tee way up on the hill that nobody ever uses that makes the hole 465 feet. If you flick your drive well, you will end up on the rocks by the basket. There is nothing you can do about it. It will happen. The best shot here is a RHBH that turns over and glides up the hill with a little fade at the end. Follow the dirt path up the hill and cross the Greenway to get to Hole 11.

Hole 11: Ant Farm
340 feet down the hill and left. There are ants everywhere on this tee. Always. They will bite you because they hate you. Drives need to get over the creek. Thick woods on the left and the Greenway on the right and up. Get your drive over the creek and it's a sure 3.

Hole 12: El Conundro
320 feet out of the woods and to the right. If you don't want your drive to hit the bushes on the left of the chute, you better sing the El Conundro theme song. It's to the tune of the Carpet Country jingle, just substitute Carpet Country with El Conundro. The woods on the right are a jungle, avoid it at all costs. When it rains the fairway and woods become a swamp. It's always windy when you try to putt on this hole.

Hole 13: Fly and Die
345 feet straight and down the slope. Sponsored by Team Fly n Dyes. Thick woods on the left after about 250 feet, road on the right. You will usually have an awkward downhill putt. If it rolls, it may roll into a sewer outlet. Jeff never mows the grass on this hole.

Hole 14: Ace Ventura
190 feet up the hill. Jeremy Densmore sponsors this delightful little hole. You can either RHFH through the opening in the woods or throw a high, hard fading BH around the trees. This hole is your best ace chance on the course. The ghost of King Whippet still haunts the middle trees on this hole to this day. Either cross the road or go to the dirt next to the power pole for 15 tee.

Hole 15: Aztec Temple
From up, this hole is about a 450 foot par 3. Throw it straight and long and you're set. From down, it's a challenging 550 foot par 4. It's dead straight until the very end, but woods and a creek on the left and a road on the right. Don't hit a cop car if it passes by. Rumor has it that an Aztec Temple used to be in the woods to the right, but it was torn down due to safety concerns and the woods were cut out. Darn.

Hole 16: The Power Pole
290 feet and dead straight. If you hit the power pole by the tee, local rule states that your drop your pants and run to your disc. The hole plays slightly uphill and there is usually some wind, so it plays sneaky long, a definite birdie chance though.

Hole 17: The Boomerang
350 feet up the hill, right, and back down. A RHFH/LHBH is the best way to go. You're not going to get a birdie on this hole unless you throw a great drive. Probably the least played hole on the course.

Hole 18: The Ghost Basket
320 feet slightly downhill and slightly right, if the basket is there, that is. Jeff W. took the basket and hid it somewhere, never to be seen again. You can either play to 15 basket, through the small opening in the trees or air it out and aim for the traffic circle. Just don't hit the new Lexus trying.
NEW: The basket is back! Credit to Tommy Boy McAdams and his pickles for getting it back.

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 Another Good Course Near Augusta

1    5/8/2012   5/14/2012
Review By: sillybizz
Played: 230  Reviewed: 222  Exp: 12.9 Years
10 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Riverview is a nice park for Disc Golf. The variety of the tougher lines with tree obstacles on the front nine combined with the open grassy field holes in the back make the course fun and challenging in many different aspects, your old buddy beat you on the tight lined front but you know you can get him in the back nine with the big armed holes coming up. Once we found the start of the course it was fairly obvious where you needed to walk to next to find your way around which was nice for us being our first time playing courses in and around Augusta.
Cons: Although I like a variety of very treed holes and open holes (with treed holes winning the majority) the tight woods front with the back nine open was a little strange; I would have liked more of two holes in a row with trees and then an open hole and then a another hole with trees. Putting all of the open holes in a row is tiresome but considering what they have to go around you have almost no other options.

The front nine gets very muddy in a couple of places and I actually lost my first battle with Georgia Clay on hole three walking down a very red colored, muddy hill when I slipped, did a barrel roll and got up just fine with not a scratch on me but the entire hillside worth of mud from head to toe. That experience although funny wasn't much fun for me to go the rest of course with. Not really the courses fault just a warning for you after it rains.
Other Thoughts: I like this course quite a bit as it is a nice addition to the already good to great courses in and around Augusta and this one is just a little bit different. This was probably the most fun course around town in my opinion - maybe not the best but the most fun for me. Obviously if you're around Augusta you're going to check out IDGC but this maybe the first play you should go to in town along with Patriot's Park which was surprisingly very good.

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