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Great Mountain Tees

1    7/9/2013   9/9/2013
Review By: Peer
Played: 13  Reviewed: 6  Exp: 1 Years
Pros: - Great views on top of a great ski resort!
- Difficult and VERY far holes!
- Accuracy is a must!
- Many different obstacles and lots of curves and turns.
- Nice and friendly staff
- Not very busy making it seem like you are on the course all alone!
- Free alpine slide at the end of the course
Cons: - Costs $15 to get a lift ticket to get up to the course (Includes free ride down the apline slide.
- No maps provided can make it difficult to navigate
- Lift has a wait at times because of the alpine slide that is next to tee 1.
Other Thoughts: This is a great course for disc golfers looking for a challange. Lots of steep terrian and many trees and bushes. Great mountain views from many of the tees. Many distance holes make it more difficult to shoot under par. All in all this course is a lot of fun but remember you have to pay to play this one!

Funnest course in Colorado

1    8/4/2012   8/12/2012
Review By: StimpiSteve
Played: 165  Reviewed: 10
0 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: Views, great course layout, with challenging holes and great variety. After a very fun round of golf, you get to ride the Alpine Slide back down the mountain.
Very fun in many ways.
Cons: Maps weren't available, which made following the course harder than it could have been.
One tee placement was in a very dangerous position in relation to an adjacent, uphill hole, which would be a problem if there were many people playing at once. There could be injuries. Other than that, a super fun disc golf experience.
Other Thoughts: Mountain courses never seem to have great teepads.

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 Take another look

1    8/5/2012   8/6/2012
Review By: csrammie
Played: 31  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 3.7 Years
0 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: This course if for those seeking a challenge, not for the casual player unless you can handle a big score. Most of the tee length's on this site are NOT correct (may be junior tees). This course is WAY longer. Also, staff was very friendly and helpful.

-You will throw every shot in your bag. Lots of tunnel shots, plenty of enormous trees and a lot of forced ani/forehand for righty's
-Beautiful views
-Every hole is different
Cons: -Rough terrain but you should be expecting it anyway. Bring good shoes/boots and plenty of water
-Waiting in line for the lift on a busy day but who really cares, you won't once you start playing
-A little tough to navigate, but not too bad.
Other Thoughts: Take your time playing this course. Walk up and get a look at the pin and the obstacles. For most, this course is really about placing your drives, not just crushing them. You're playing for 3 on most holes, but there are plenty of birdie opps if you play smart.

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1    6/19/2012   6/19/2012
Review By: bobmcnelly
Played: 51  Reviewed: 48  Exp: 3 Years
Pros: This course has a great variety of shots. It will make you throw every disc in your bag. There is alot of elevation change to add some real challenge to some already hard shots. There quite a bit of technical tree shots on the back 11 that found to be real fun.
Cons: The tee pads are in pretty rough condition. Most of them are pretty small and allow much of a run up. The course could also use some better signage, all the signs in the pictures are gone. But its still pretty easy to figure out with a map.
Other Thoughts: This is one of the most intense mountain courses that ive played, i would suggest hiking boots and lots of water. There is a bathroom with water fountains by the #7 basket.

  Great Course

1    7/18/2011   7/18/2011
Review By: onoo
Played: 1  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 3.6 Years
2 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Plays across the ski runs so there is always an elevation change on every hole. Throwing from way up high down to the hole and watching your disk fly for what seems like forever is a great sight. The views are amazing looking over the mountains. Several of the holes run through tight paths in the trees which require very straight throws. The slide down at the end of the round is also an added bonus.
Cons: The last 2 holes are not complete yet and they just dump you at the end of 16 and you have to know where your at to be able to make it back to the slide down. Several of the holes do not have any tee box marking or direction of where you need to throw and when you cant see the hole that is a problem.

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 Local Love

2-4    9/12/2010   9/16/2010
Review By: TalbotTrojan
Played: 86  Reviewed: 86  Exp: 5.6 Years
8 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: This is a ski hill course that is just spectacular. The views on just about every hole are breath taking. The course itself is layed out well to protect the natural plant life as well as provide a challenge that is worthy to be up there with some of the best mountain courses. Because it is on a ski hill there are some local workers at Winter Park that take care of this course which includes the occasional mowing of tall grass on the fairway. This makes finding discs significantly easier and negates one of my biggest complaints about ski hill courses. Quality baskets on every hole. Shorter tees on every hole to make the course a bit more family friendly. This course has shot holes and long holes. The short holes are super technical and the long holes are long and mildly technical. There are signs everywhere to help you know where to go and sticks on the ground to help mark the path to the next hole. If you are a hiker you will even notice some cairns. There is a lot of elevation change on this course providing for an extra challenge on many holes. The maps that you can get at the first hole are great because they show distance and elevation change. There is a local starting point that you can hike to in order to avoid paying for a lift ticket. If you do buy a lift ticket though you get to ride the alpine slide down, that is a huge pro! Oh and there is an open bathroom after hole 7 that you can take advantage of with running water and everything. There are plent of other activities to do at the Winter Park base including mini golf. Winter park is also huge for mountain biking so you could do a little of hat as well. There are plenty of food options at the base as well.
Cons: The tees are still being worked on and are natural making them somewhat unpredictable. There are a few long walks between holes though the paths are very well marked. It would be very easy to loose a disc on this course if you do not know how to throw downhill or if you can't throw it straight. There are lots of trees to steal discs. This is not the begginer course the resort hoped it would be but shroter tees still make it fun for all. There are a few baskets that have been damaged slightly be snowcats driving over top of them during the winter as the baskets are stored outside. You have to pay for a lift ticket if you want to start at hole one. You will have to be careful as you play this course as there are a few mountain biking trails that come close to the course with riders flying down the hill you want to make sure you look both ways before walking on or crossing any bike path.
Other Thoughts: This course could very easily become one of my favorite mountain courses. Even though I didn't necessarily play well on this course the unique aspects and good design made it a lot of fun. Hole 5, 700+' downhill is one of the most memorable holes ever. It is a good hike but I never really felt as if I were overly exhausted from the hike. This course is also at very high elevation so plan accordingly. This really is a course to make sure that you play at some point.

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 Fun course (if you're not too picky)/Disorganized Staff

1    7/16/2009   6/21/2010
Review By: jsaturley1
Played: 27  Reviewed: 6
3 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: - Fun, challenging course with gorgeous views.
- Only course I've seen where you get to alpine-slide at the end of the day.
- Not many people; no waiting and no risk of getting hit by a disc.
- Changes in elevation and tricky shots through narrow groves of trees are impressive and make it a challenging experience.
- The shots you will encounter vary from long, open meadows to tight paths through the trees. You'll need a slew of different discs to succeed.
Cons: - As other reviewers have noted, the tees only consist of a couple wood blocks that have the tee number painted on them. You are not given any direction as to where the baskets are or where you should go to find the next tee. I suggest bringing a small pair of binoculars with you so you can search for the next basket. The tee pads are not level and are very short; making it a challenge to wind-up for your throw.
- The pine beetles have had their way with the forests in this area. It will be a depressing site for out-of-towners that came a long way to see lush, green forests. However, the site of beetle-kill will not be as shocking to the locals.
- This is one of the only "free" activities at the resort, therefore, staff and management don't care about it because they aren't making any money off of it....

Other Thoughts: We played this course in July 2009 and had a great time! However, I was extremely disappointed when I traveled two hours to play a round yesterday (6/20/10), only to find out that the course wasn't set-up yet. According to the Winter Park web-site, the course is open 6/12 - 9/6. Apparently, this is not accurate. I asked three different employees when the course would be set-up; none of them had an answer and I'm pretty sure that two of them didn't even know the resort had a DGC!! This only reinforces the idea that this course was an afterthought. It really is a shame because with just a little extra equipment and labor; this could be one of the best courses in CO. When I played it last year, it was a great hike around the mountain and I was more than happy to deal with lack of signage and the rugged terrain. Personally, the poor tee pads don't bother me a bit... I'm more than happy to sacrifice the level pads at the courses in the city for less people, beautiful mountain views and fun hiking terrain. If you've been spoiled by the city courses or don't enjoy a good hike, you're not gonna last long on this course. If I would've reviewed this course after playing last year, I would've given it a 3.5/5. However, after experiencing the ignorance and complete lack of compassion from WP staff yesterday, I had no choice but to drop the rating down to 2.5/5. I live next to the Beaver Ranch (Conifer) course and I admit I am spoiled by the incredible maintenance at the park, the constant improvements taking place and the perfection that is demanded from the volunteers - the Conifer course sets the bar high, and this is another reason why I couldn't justify giving this course anything more than a 2.5/5.

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 Not a destination course, a neglected 'extra' at a fancy ski resort

1    8/4/2009   8/5/2009
Review By: superberry
Played: 158  Reviewed: 90  Exp: 16 Years
This review was updated on 12/4/2010
12 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: The views are indeed amazing. The ride down the alpine slide afterward is pretty neat. That's really about all. This course has been changed from whatever it was prior to August 2009. The mountain top terrain (well, beginner ski hill terrain) offers a great workout and challenge, both physically and with your shot execution.
Cons: Very many! First, you either have to walk up the mountain side or pay $15 to ride the lift up to the top. This is only after walking around an entirely too crowded and overpriced ski resort village where no one seems to know much about the course (because the course is simply an afterthought, not the main venue). So, you get to the top and then there are no maps, no tee signs, and no defined fairways (because they don't mow the TONS of small trees and alpine brush on the side of a mountain). So, lack of tee signs and generally poor directions (or ability to see next tees or what basket to throw at) is the first con. Next, the tees SUCK! They are marked with flags and a wooden post with a number on it (no tee sign type of hole direction or distance). Plus the tees are uneven, not level, and usually still full of brush and small trees. The fact that there are no tee signs or maps makes play pretty poor because you don't know what basket to throw at when you can't see it, or see too many. The course design is really just inadequate as well. Many of the baskets are placed in horribly cramped areas of the trees with no real green or approach area. They also do not utilize the amazing beauty of the mountain terrain either. The wooded holes are poor at best and the open holes do not include any long bombers to air it out down the hill. The funnest 'hole' I played was from tee 5 to basket 6 (because we could tell where the basket #5 was and basket number 6 about 600' away looked like a logical choice). [Lookingh at the hole info in 2010 now, it appears some redesign may have been done and some longer holes added]. The baskets themselves are also old and bent and in poor shape, plus they are the old discatchers with a single layer of chains.
Other Thoughts: Disc golf here is only an afterthought. Some employees who happen to disc must have gotten approval to put in a course. Despite the championship caliber location and terrain, the course is really sub-par. So, despite being cool to play on a mountain side, the course is not a good course. There are FAR too many cons, and the potential the mountain presents is NOT utilized. All in all I felt this was nearly a passable course, but the mountain top play makes it worth a try. It needs some attention and improvement. Level tees with some type of material (may be hard to get material to stay put on a ski hill in the Rockies), maps, good tee signs with the hole depicted and distances, and some adjusted pins to utilize terrain not just to block the pin, but make for a risky green in the case of rollaways or blowby. Study up a little bit on player skill levels per PDGA standards and position the tees for those skill levels such that obstacles will be in the way at points where it is probable that a player of that skill level will land, but a well executed shot will clear obstacles. Winter Park in Kewaunee, WI is the CLEAR winner of the disc golf course challenge. While some flatlanders or someone who has never even been to the mountains may enjoy playing this course, true disc golfers should not expect a great course (neat but not great), nor should they go out of their way to play this course. I was on vacation from WI, planned to be driving through Winter Park, and HAD to play this course because I designed another Winter Park course in WI. I almost regret having played here, other than checking it off my list and experiencing the great and strenuous mountain terrain. This is not a disc golf COURSE, it is simply discin on a mountain.
Trestle mountain bike park is well worth it, although they place a lot of regulations on your ride from what I saw). This activity gets a lot of care and attention from the staff (the same staff who barely knows there is a disc course here).

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 Winter Park Resort

1    8/12/2008   8/12/2008
Review By: climber3201
Played: 18  Reviewed: 9  Exp: 5.9 Years
10 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: This course amazed me with its incredible vistas and expansive views of the Rocky Mountains. On the first hole, I felt the unbelievable thrill of driving a disc from literally the top of a mountain, down it's slopes. I found myself throwing more than twice as far as on flat ground back home in Texas. This course includes open holes, very tight holes, and everything in between. The layout of the holes offers diversity, challenge, and interest. All holes are well marked and an accurate course map makes navigating between and on holes simple. This is a beautiful and fun course.
Cons: Although unavoidable, winds blowing over the mountains can decrease precision on long drives. Some of the longer holes seemed to offer little to no chance at par.
Other Thoughts: Allow two to three hours to play this long course. It includes one hole over 1300 feet long, requiring many long drives to reach the hole.

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