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2-4    5/4/2011   6/2/2011
Review By: Sargentgeneral
Played: 96  Reviewed: 10  Exp: 5.3 Years
2 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: - Many tight wooded shots
- Great for beginner players
- Multiple tees
- Great warm-up course
Cons: - Never really get to let loose a big drive
- Tough to play when little league is playing (somebody parked on the tee box once when we were trying to play)
- Play can be slowed by the amount of players
Other Thoughts: Fun course if you live there. Nothing to go out of the way to play, but a fun little course where the less experienced can still shoot a good score. Better warm up for the courses that are more advanced.

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 Poor Mans BRP (and nothing wrong with that)

1    6/9/2010   12/25/2010
Review By: scarpfish
Played: 325  Reviewed: 98  Exp: 12.1 Years
5 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Good recreational caliber course in the northern Twin Cities suburbs, just a few miles away from the much lauded Blue Ribbon Pines course. There's even a mock of the same short right turn hole that you'll see at BRP. Has a decent amount of woodsiness to keep you honest and rob you of parking your drive. Great for families, kids, and people out for a fun round. Lots of ace run potential if you're into that thing. Also good for working on accuracy with your mids and putters.
Cons: Even from the long tees at under 5000' this is a very short track. Advanced/pro caliber players will find the challenge here a bit underwhelming. It was a sunny beautiful day when I was here, so you can expect one disc wonders to flock here on such a day, (but for the most part, they'll let you through). A few places where you can get led off track finding the next hole, but not overwhelmingly so.
Other Thoughts: I actually hit here after BRP since it was in the neighborhood before driving back into the twin cities, and kind of wish that I had done things the other way around. I wouldn't call Ham Lake a must play, but if you're on your way up to BRP, this is a nice quick way to get the arm warmed up. Conveniently located just off Highway 65.

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 Nice 18

1    8/21/2010   8/20/2010
Review By: deadbody
Played: 112  Reviewed: 62  Exp: 11.4 Years
2 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Solid warm-up for Blue Ribbon Pines, nice 18 hole layout, multiple tees in a couple spots. Nice asphalt tees, nice baskets. Mix of tight and wooded holes, and open holes. Good signs at the tee boxes, give you distance and how the hole moves. Was well mowed when I played, but the guy who joined us mid-round said it isn't always like that.
Cons: Short, I think the longest hole is about 380. Some of the tight holes are too tight, the lanes are really tough to hit, making a few of the holes for of a luck shot than skill. No elevation, this is a flat park, no water.
Other Thoughts: My son said he thinks this should be a 3.5 course, and I think the lack of evelation drops it a bit to a 3, but I would have a hard time arguing against a 3.5, it is a good but not great course, you aren't really going to be able to air it out too much, but it will give you a pretty fair challenge, good course for younger players, not great for newer players as the tree filled holes would be very frustrating. Good warm up for Blue Ribbon Pines that is just a bit down the road, I could be convinced to make the 30 minute trip out to play this course another couple times because it really was pretty enjoyable.

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 Great course, worth whatever drive, and testing of all skills!

2-4    7/2/2010   7/4/2010
Review By: a_beautifulplace
Played: 36  Reviewed: 8  Exp: 12.3 Years
2 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: This course is great. From the first to the last, every single hole on this course delivers something new to players of all skill levels. As an intermediate player, I found myself getting very close to par on the course playing all the long shots and fell behind on a few of the more intricate woods holes that were challenging and still very fun. The notable shots for me were the double hook shot near the end and the right angle hook in the middle. Course makes sense, varies in terrain and grade, and is guaranteed to challenge anyone.
Cons: It's far away, but I don't even care. Also, they could stand to do some mowing/trimming in a few areas as the course is riddled with poison ivy and oak. The worst thing about this course having played it two times is how much time YOU CAN spend looking for your disc here. A lot of foliage.
Other Thoughts: This place is worth any drive you have to make. HLDGC is going to the top of my rotation for the next few weeks, and maybe longer. There are a lot of awesome shots to get here but some take quite a bit of practice.


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  Good Recreational Course

5+    5/21/2010   5/24/2010
Review By: pokey.mott
Played: 1  Reviewed: 1
0 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: A lot of new work has been done this year with the addition of men's tees on multiple holes and all tees cemented. Expansion to back nine is nice to have a longer course and hole fourteen is a personal favorite (skip ace'd).
Cons: On a nice day around four o'clock this course can get crowded. Especially on weekends there can be large slow family groups.
Other Thoughts: This course is fun if you are out in the area and want to play more than a nine hole course and don't want to pay to play. If you really want to enjoy your round I would suggest Blue Ribbon Pines.

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1    5/10/2010   5/10/2010
Review By: airick150
Played: 2  Reviewed: 2
0 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: this course just got new tees on hole 3, 4, 5 and i think thats it not really sure and the back nine now have concrete tees and new signs no more are they generic with permanate markers
Cons: pretty busy on a nice day with big groups of slow people, the new tees have a miss type some of them are marked as par 3 when they should be par 4
Other Thoughts: great course and nice ppl usually for locals you see alot of your disc golfing buddies

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1    4/3/2010   4/24/2010
Review By: Cradical
Played: 107  Reviewed: 63  Exp: 8.2 Years
3 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: This course has really good flow. You always new where to go to get to the next hole, even your first time playing.
There were a lot of trees on nearly all of the holes, only a couple of the holes were wide open.
Each hole had good design, with most of them forcing you to use a certain throw to get it to the hole. I do feel that some of these were a little iffy, but for the most part they were all descently designed.
Some of the holes had two routes to get to the basket, I can think of one where there's a backhand line that's not really good, and there's a forehand line that's amazing.
Right on the way to blue ribbon pines from the twin cities.
Cons: There was no real length to any of the throws, except for one that you couldn't really get to because there were trees in the way. Mostly putter was used.
When we were there, it was a nice day early in April, and there were huge amounts of people here, all moving really slow. I'm not sure if this is the norm, but if it is, it is for sure a con.
Location is a big deal, it is a long ways away from anything. The only time I can really see it being played is by locals or by people who are making the trek to blue ribbon pines.
Other Thoughts: unlike most people, I dont really pay attention to if courses have signs, trash cans, bathrooms etc. I only really care how the course is set up. And if theres a lot of trash laying around, I'll tend to rate it lower, otherwise I don't really care. I have no bag, I go to the bathroom at home, I don't use trash, signs screw with my head.

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 Short but fun

1    4/10/2010   4/12/2010
Review By: jbenjohnson
Played: 6  Reviewed: 2
1 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: - New 9 added so there are now 18 holes.
- Variety of shots needed, the new back 9 is very short, but very wooded, with many of the holes having no path to the pin
- Clean, pretty easy to find the next hole
Cons: - Short course, only two or three holes where you can even think about using a driver
- Short asphalt tee boxes on the front 9, dirt tees on the back 9
Other Thoughts: - Good course for a quick round, only takes about 45 mins for 18 holes

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 Four Fun

2-4    10/31/2009   10/31/2009
Review By: Gflap
Played: 328  Reviewed: 33  Exp: 12 Years
4 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Excellent use of available land. I'm usually not wild about courses that wrap around ball fields, but as previous reviewer noted, this is not an issue with this design. 7 X 3 asphalt tee pads with 6x6 timber bordering front of box. 6x6 tee sign posts with inlay of hole picture on metal plate. Although back 9 pads and signs are not yet completed. Good use of trees as obstacles on all holes with some lines semi open and others with very tight lines to baskets. multiple type shots needed for this course. Well maintained park with trash cans strategically placed.
Cons: Unfinished tee pads and signs on back 9.
Other Thoughts: Played this course on a breezy fall day and loved it. This course is a perfect example of fun holes that are not ridiculous in length. Advanced and recreational players, alike, will have an equal amount of fun here. Kudos, to whoever designed the new back 9.

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 OK warmup for Blue Ribbon pines

1    9/13/2009   9/19/2009
Review By: harr0140
Played: 851  Reviewed: 478  Exp: 6.6 Years
4 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: 1) Course is easy to navigate despite no directional tee signs because it simply circles the 4 baseball diamonds that create a complete circle.

2) Course is designed very well for the property. It uses what little land available to the disc golf course very well. There are some great little pockets of woods that really help to make some good holes.

3) Does have asphalt tees which are better than grass or dirt.

4) Mulch is used well in areas that would be bare soil.

5) Posts at every tee showing a little desciption of the hole although very simplistic it gets hte point across.

6) Course incorporates what little elevation change there is on the property on a couple holes, and it also even has a water hazard (#6, was dry in September, but could be wet all spring) and another wetland (right of #9???) that may be underwater in spring.

7) You would think a course that goes in a cirlce wouldnt test a lot of different shots . . . but it even has two holes that go left to right (opposite the flow around the fields). The wooded areas force you to pick a line and try to execute.

8) Course plays in about 30 minutes!
Cons: 1) Tees although asphalt are too small . . . no runup is possible because they are mostly like 6 feet long. There also is an abundance of sand in the soil around this course so the sand ends up all over the tee pads. This makes them slippery even for a simple two step approach!

2) #8 is almost a little to tight and gimmicky, there is almost no good line to even try to hit. A hyzer skip would be about the only way to get it close but tha is risky because you might just hang up in the grass instead of getting the skip.

3) Course doesn't have enough variation in distance so you end up throwing the same disc multiple times. It does have 1 long hole but all the others are very similar.

4) I wouldn't say this is a beginner friendly course despite being fairly short. Some of the tight holes are just too tight for a beginner to throw well.

5) Course is missing that really cool hole that would be its signature hole. It is a few good holes and a few average holes and one gimmicky bad hole. That equates to an average course in my opinion.

6) Walk between 1 and 2 goes across the entrance to the parking and walk between 2 and 3 is a little long and out across another parking area (for maintenance building) and walk from 6 to 7 goes out past a utility building of some sort. Not too tough to find the next holes but could lead to confusion.
Other Thoughts: Hole recap:

1) Nice right to left shot into a fairly densely wooded area. It is mostly just tree trunk you can hit but you can pick your line and disc accordingly.

2) Shortish hole with basket tucked about 30' into a wooded opening. Not a bad hole . . . if you miss the gap intot he woods your putt may be blocked.

3) Pretty straight fairly open with a few trees left that will knock down a disc thrown to the right of the basket.

4) Big left to righter around a big evergreen tree.

5) Longish hole with basket tucked up to the right woodline. Slightly uphill to the basket also.

6) Right to lefter over wetland (dry in Sept.) and into wooded area.

7) Tee is wooded and you have to shoot the gap at the beginning and cannot see the basket from the tee but it will need to come in from the right to get it close.

8) Gimmicky hole (would be a great tomahawk or thumber hole to go over the trees and such) or you can throw out to the right with a big hyzer and try and skip it in close or just throw straight out and risk the 45' putt for birdie.

9)Good hole fairly long out over an open area with basket tucked inside of a handful of small trees. You might get lucky and get through the, or you might hit one and be left with a 35['.

Like I said this is a good warmup course for Blue Ribbon, it will help you test your straight shots and also each direction. You may not throw your fastest disc on this course but it would be a good course to wake up and play before heading up to Blue Ribbon. I wouldnt go back unless I was in the are and probably only if I was headed to Blue Ribbon pines, but I did enjoy the course.

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