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Lots of changes

5+    2/21/2014   2/26/2014
Review By: dbdg707
Played: 24  Reviewed: 2
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Pros: The Goon Squad, the local crew, have recently added a lot to the course. Great signage, new tees and bark around each green. Even a broom at almost every hole.

Locals are really helpful.

Back 9 has some top of the world chances.

Bonus holes now have signs too.

Usually some of mainstays out selling discs for cheap.
Cons: Water shots on 4-7. You can lose a disc with a crap throw. Or lay up if you want. Your call. Not as bad as folks say.

Randoms have been known to stroll fairways.

A few holes run along the road. On a busy day, walkers can be an issue.

Wind can be tough.
Other Thoughts: Give it a shot.

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 Lagoon Valley local

5+    10/12/2012   10/14/2012
Review By: gda659
Played: 11  Reviewed: 2
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Pros: Only 3 miles from home and I can take my dog or ride my mountain bike on the course.
The extra holes beyond the 18 provide some interesting and challenging play, but you might need a local to show you the way. It's free if you park outside the gate. Start at 15 from the Butcher Road side or 12 from the Pena Adobe side. The baskets on the 18 holes are nice Mach 2. The bonuse hole baskets are a mix, but quite serviceable.
Holes 14 and 17 are my favorite with the elevation changes. It feels good to watch a good drive on those holes. Lately, 15 is growing on me, too.
Cons: Wear gaiters or tall, all leather footwear in the summer, the foxtail and star thistle are nasty. The map is inaccurate and the tee boxes and signage need work. It doesn't help that some of the signs have been vandalized. It's hot during the day and the wind can be awful and make the water holes especially hazardous. The ponds are foul with at least 6 to 8 inches of muck on the bottom. I've hit water on 5 different holes so far. I'm sure I'll make it 6 some day soon, especially if someone changes the basket location on the 5th. I haven't played yet during rainy season. I expect it to be very wet and muddy in places.
Other Thoughts: Better tee boxes and signage would help a lot. In this climate, it's expensive to have a nicely groomed landscape, so I can appreciate the almost wilderness park aspect, but losing your disc in tall grass and getting your shoes, socks, and shins tore up are going to be part of the experience. If Disc Doug finds your disk in the pond and you have your number on it, he'll give you a call. There are others who wade the waters and aren't so considerate.
There are lots of other park users, walkers, horses, mountain bikes, dogs, and others. They're not always cognizant of the course and how it plays. For me, I'll play it as much as possible because it's here. It may not be destination worthy, but if you are passing by, give it a try. If it's not too hot or windy, it should at least be a good time.

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 Not friendly to beginners, not that much fun for seasoned players

5+    12/23/2011   12/28/2011
Review By: miniboult
Played: 5  Reviewed: 5  Exp: 15.9 Years
2 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: -Easy to follow tee signs (except finding the back 9)
-Good course layout map posted right before hole #1
-Some easy holes for beginners
-Some challenging holes for seasoned players
-Winds can make rounds interesting
Cons: -Pay to Play
-Water hazard holes not friendly around lake
-high density of non disc golf traffic. This is a dog park as well as a hiking park.
-many hole placements too close to road traffic.
Other Thoughts: Some of the holes on this course can be fun (17 and 18 are top of the world type shots, though much shorter). The layout of the course is OK, but i would have preferred more holes away from the road. several holes run right along the park main road. The water holes are not friendly to beginners, so i suggest they skip them or be prepared to lose plastic. Overall a B course grade. Some technical shots, but mostly straight driving.

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 Day in the park

1    3/28/2011   3/30/2011
Review By: evac1599
Played: 22  Reviewed: 6  Exp: 5.8 Years
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Pros: This course played really well. Didn't have any trouble figuring out where the next hole was. There is a good variation of chalenging holes. Just minutes off the I-80.
Cons: Not all tees are concrete. Signs could use a bit of work. Plan to huck a couple in the water. It's too tempting to try to run it. All the grass on the back nine needs some cutting. You may spend a lot of time looking for a shot that you saw land. Alternate holes should have better marking. I had a local play me through the whole course. If you know where you're going, this course is a great time.
Other Thoughts: It would be cool to see this thing get finished 100%. My opinion this is one of the best courses i've played. If it were trimmed up it would be an excelent rated course.

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 Poop Adobe

5+    3/22/2011   3/23/2011
Review By: LhDave
Played: 13  Reviewed: 2  Exp: 5.8 Years
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Pros: The course has a lil bit of everything regarding hole type, open, tight, up, down,left, right, tunnels, water.
Most holes offer several line options
Water fountains, Bathrooms, plenty of parking
Park has tons of other stuff to do, perfect to keep family busy or make a day of it.
Course is a little long, makes for good exercise.
Cons: Inconsistent tees, front are concrete back have natural
Signs are old and faded but a little look ahead fixes that.
Wind at times is beastly
When the grass is tall, keep an eye out
Outta shape people might not like for length and the few hills.
Previously noted there is a very small community of locals, an organization/club would be awesome.
Other Thoughts: The parking fee is enforced by the city, not because of the disc golf course. The fuzz will ticket for not paying, 40 bucks for not paying a measly 3 bucks, so pay up! !!! also if you dont pay the 40 say goodbye registration

Pond and the lagoon can be quite foul, tons of poop in there, if you retreive a disc keep it outta the bag. stink to high hell

Drinking is prohibited, keep it down or tucked in the cart

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5+    5/7/2010   5/7/2010
Review By: trevorchreid
Played: 13  Reviewed: 13
3 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: -Lagoon Valley is a beautiful setting with lots of nice people and fun activities going on
-Great place to take your dogs if you have any, just make sure to keep them close to your side and cleanup up their poop!
-Great variety of holes, especially if you do all of the bonus holes. Has a couple great downhill bomber holes, one good uhphill hole, large and small fairways.
-Nice elevation changes
-love the variety of bonus holes on the front part of the course. Bonus holes on the back - not so much.
-well thought out basket placement
-Good variety of distance.
-usually not over-crowded
Cons: -TALL GRASS ON THE FAIRWAYS. This is by far the biggest drawback for me on this course. You will spend an average of about a half an hour a round looking for your disc which as submerged into the weedy abyss.
-In my openion, water comes a little bit too much into play on this course - especially Hole #6. I'm sure the locals love it however because they are constantly out there scavenging for sunken discs in the pond and pullling them out in large numbers.
-Don't recall it having any real true dog leg holes
-Hard to navigate
-Flow is not that great
-Some long walks between holes
-Tee pads are either crappy or non-existent
-Not well maintained. Given that this is a pay to play course, it definitely needs more TLC.
-Signs worn down and not that helpful.
-Baskets a little old and out dated
Other Thoughts: If this course just had a little more TLC it could be a 3.5 to 4 star course easily.
This would include cutting back the grass on the fairway regularly, setting new tee pads, getting some new signs (including some signs that direct you to the next hole)

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 What a pleasant surprise

2-4    2/20/2010   2/22/2010
Review By: Magiken
Played: 43  Reviewed: 43  Exp: 5.7 Years
5 Helpful / 0 Not
• Easy to find
• Nice variety of holes
• 8 bonus holes
• Nice park with additional activities (e.g. dog park, walking/riding trails, model plane flying, picnic areas, etc….) and facilities (e.g. restrooms (although no soap, but there was water), water fountains, etc…)
• Warm-up areas everywhere
• Goose poop - Wow. To the people who complained about Oak Grove, you ain't seen nothin yet. Fortunately, it's really only on the 1st nine.
• People, roads, and cars, are in play on a couple holes.
• Tees are a little small and inconsistent
Other Thoughts:
• Make sure you follow the path and signs around the lake to the disc course, otherwise you might park too far from #1. But being as the course is spread out all over, you could always hop in at various other points.
• Definitely use the map and descriptions located here: http://vvdgc.com/. It's critical to finding the bonus holes. As I still had a little trouble here and there, I'll add these tips:
o #1 - After finishing 9, turn 100 degrees to your right and look across the street at a wooden canopy-like structure. For us non-horsey people, this is what a hitching post looks like. Tee off to the left of it. The basket is at the end of the tree line hidden just to the right.
o #2 - Tee area is just across the bridge and the basket is behind the very large tree back across the bridge/revine area ahead. Be careful not to clip the fence when throwing because it leaves a f#&*&@ mark in your disk. Ugh…
o #3 - Walk farther up towards the next tree line and you'll see a tee area with arrows painted on the trees showing a nasty fun tunnel shot. Incidentally, there's a sign that says 'beware: archery area' back there which was a bit unnerving.
o #4 - Once you get back out to the flat open area, you're actually going to throw back to the same #1 bonus basket. This wasn't immediately obvious to me, as I thought there may be another basket. Side note: there were various small flags and things indicating tee boxes on these bonus holes so be on the lookout.
o Skipping forward…
o #5 -Walk past #15 and you'll see several curbs on the ground making the tee area. The basket is directly ahead in the middle of the trees. They call this a "short thumber". Ha! If only I could consider it short.
o #6 - You'll walk towards the paved road near a water tower (at least I think it was a water tower) and truthfully I'm not sure where you tee off. I just picked a spot on the road. The basket is along the road to the left up on the right side of the hill.
o #7 - Walk across the road and you'll see a path through the trees leading to another tunnel shot to a basket on the right. You'll likely notice the basket from the prior hole. I think the tee box is the worn area to the right.
o #8 - Again, you'll probably notice this basket when you're walking to bonus hole #5. It's in the middle of a grove of trees. I don't know where the tee area is. It's somewhere behind the basket for bonus #7. I saw some marking back on the road and a worn area in the dirt but I'm not sure where you're supposed to tee off, so pick a spot.

Random Thoughts:
I was really surprised to step out of my car and see green everywhere considering the desolate pictures that are on this site, so I guess we'll have to call this a winter review. The grass is quite deep everywhere. You should think about bringing a spotter but I wouldn't say it's a must, although keep your eagle eyes on when playing #11 and #17. There is a real nice mix of holes/shots at this course and with the bonus holes rounding it out to 26 total, it made for a surprisingly fun day. The water holes weren't too intimidating but it'll be a while before I'm ballsy enough to throw at the pins, particularly if a breeze decides to pick up. You should note that I spoke with someone who said they saw a guy retrieve 60(That's 6-0, sixty!) discs from this little pond so you have been warned. Having said that I still made par on almost every hole, and found the course to be very fair. I also almost got an ace on 14 and 18 which would have been seen by nobody, but still felt great. I also was pleasantly surprised by the nice view from the 'Top of the World' shot on 17. I would also note that despite there being a large number of people around, I never felt like they were in the way.

Bottom Line: I had avoided this course due to the pictures, water hazards, and prior reviews, but in this case, I was wrong. Despite some issues, this course presents an enjoyable round and with the bonus holes is worth the trip to check out.

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5+    10/7/2009   10/13/2009
Review By: Rescue
Played: 38  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 9.1 Years
This review was updated on 10/14/2009
3 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Having played this course multiple times.I find that although the front 13 (yup 4 new holes in the front!) can play easy. It's the wind that can turn this course into a real challenge. One of the few places I've played were a 10' putt is not a gimmie. Plus add a little water to the mix (up to 5 holes depending on placement) It can make for a long day. Now without the wind. It's a pretty basic front 13. The back 13 is like a diff. course. Trees and terrain changes make it more challenging. Once again, add the wind = long day sometimes. Baskets in great shape with 2 deep chains. If you go near the end of summer till early spring. The tall grass is not an issue.
Cons: Helter Skelter teepads. Some are cement and some are just dirt teepads. Also some teepads are very small. During mid to late spring and parts of summer (depends on when the city mows) The grass/weeds can be crazy. Up to 3' in some places. For a $3 entry fee. It should be a better maintained course. New holes are not well marked. The back 13 is also tuff to navigate, but they have a web site with an updated map.
Other Thoughts: Overall a solid course worth checking out. Once again it's the wind that can turn this course into a beast! If you put to much or to little of an angle on the disc and get it to high in the air. You could be swimming for your discs! However it is seasonal (late spring and into summer) Don't let the pictures fool you. They are old and the trees have matured since those pics. Very small disc golf community out here. Sooo it's very seldom you have any teepad backups. Even on weekends.

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 Jekyll & Hyde

5+    5/27/2008   1/27/2009
Review By: bneely
Played: 41  Reviewed: 10  Exp: 13.7 Years
This review was updated on 1/5/2010
9 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: - Good to great hole design for most holes after the front 9
- Pretty but not spectacular setting, with a large lagoon that's visible from most of the holes.
- Large variety in hole length, shape, with sharp elevation changes in the back 9
- Baskets are in good condition
Cons: -Mixture of tees, with better tees on the front 9 and natural/dirt tees for most of the other holes, most of which are in good shape unless it's been raining
-The wind likes to blow something fierce through the valley
-Front 9 hole design is bland
-A couple of long walks between successive holes, some flow issues
-An incredible amount of goose feces near many of the holes on the front 9, someone should start a fertilizer business out there
Other Thoughts: Of the courses I've played to date, none feature a multiple personality disorder quite like Vacaville's Lagoon Valley DGC. Beginning the course at the first tee, you'll find a quaint urban-style park, with some tended grass peppered onto a hard pan background, a man-made pond, and simple landscaping. The tee pads for this portion of the course are cement, and as another reviewer mentioned, tend to the smallish side. The holes are fairly typical par 3 distances(primarily in the 240-320' range) and three of the holes bring the man-made pond into play with partial forced carries.

If the entire course carried on in a similar manner, it would probably fall at about a 2.5 rating.

Then, after finishing hole 9- the best hole on the front, a 470 foot slightly downhill difficult par 3, you walk a few hundred feet north towards hole 10, which while only 340' presents OB on the left and a tightly tucked pin.

This is the beginning of a much stronger back 9, with some highlights being Hole 11- a 570' dogleg left par 4, with OB along the entire left side of the fairway; Hole 14, the first of two elevated tees with a sharp drop to the pin, a 380' shot down the hill with the best views on the course; and Hole 17, a massive 650' downhill hole onto a sideslope, that can be reached by a big arm with the right wind assistance.

In general these back 9 holes are more difficult and more varied than those on the front. If the entire course was similar to the back, I would probably rate it a 3.5 overall, which is how I've arrived at a rating of 3- finding the middle between the Jekyll and Hyde nature of the course design.

The local volunteers have now installed an additional 7 baskets, with one double-used to make 8 additional holes, bringing the total to 25 holes available for play. The quality of these holes varies- there are 3-4 that shine, but some of the rest seem crammed in too tightly in an attempt to over-utilize the existing space.

The wind is no joke at this place. If you're not from Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, or any other wind-dominant region, you might find the breezes a tad stiff, especially in the afternoon.

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 The Devils kitchen

2-4    8/22/2008   11/4/2008
Review By: Starwraith169
Played: 48  Reviewed: 22  Exp: 11.9 Years
0 Helpful / 6 Not
Pros: A couple of water shots, some nice elevation shots, great chief spot inside of a bush,
Cons: its hot as hell in the summer, carry lots of water and sunscreen. can get pretty windy
Other Thoughts: When I played it, I didnt have to pay to play, but they may have changed it since then.

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