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 Wet and Wild

1    5/13/2011   5/16/2011
Review By: humchris85
Played: 123  Reviewed: 78  Exp: 10.1 Years
3 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: - Lots of water shots on the front half
- Good variation in lengths of holes ranging from ace-able with a putter up to a par 4
- Holes range in density from tight tunnels to wide open field shots
- Nice baskets around course with blue tops and cages, with varying baskets on the extra holes
- 27 holes with the extra 5 on the front and 4 on the back
- Some elevation change around the course with some up-hills and a few nice down-hills
- Some lefts and rights with most baskets being straight ahead
- Nice views of the surrounding area from the last 2 tees
- Concrete teepads on some holes
- Friendly locals
- Realy Close to I-80
- Water fountains around on the course
- Bathrooms onsite
Cons: - Waist high weeds on some holes make finding even a well thrown disc, hard to find
- Long walks between holes would be neer imposible to figure out without a map or a guide
- Teepads are rough or non-existant
- Extra 9 holes have no signs or clearly marked teepads so finding them requires a guide
- Old baskets on the extra holes are not consistant with the rest of the course, some are as old as Mach I's
- Hole 1 is a little hard to find they need some kind of sign marking where to park and start for disc golfers
- Signs that are still there are in bad shape and could use replacing
- Pay to play (only 3$, and I'm beting it keeps some of the "riff-raff" off the course)
- Teepads are a little short for a run up
- Beginers will probably loose a disc or two to the water holes or the tall grass
- Goose poop everywhere around the front 9 making it nasty to even put your bag down.
- Heavy winds can take a normaly good shot and send it off into the drink
- Ticks abound in the high grass, keep an eye out
- Geese around on the front 9 can be realy mean so watch out
Other Thoughts: Lagoon Valley is a decent course in the bay area with lots of water around the front half and more elevation change around the back half. The front holes are mostly well mowed though the back could definatly use some work. There are quite a few holes out here with waist high weeds that make it easy to loose a disc. I was lucky enough to have a guide for my round out here, but if I didn't I would have een dependent on the map as there were some long walks between holes. I probably would not have found the extra holes that make the course into 27 if I didn't have a guide. These holes are mostly fun and make a good addition to the course, but they have no teeboxes or signs. It would be nice if they made these holes part of the course with signs and teeboxes, but the rest of the course needs help first. The signs that were around the course were looking old and beat up, in need of replacing for sure. Alot of the teepads could use replacing as well as being made longer and wider. A few signs pointing you to the next teepad would be a nice addition as well. The locals that I ran into on the course were nice and down to play a round with an out of towner. The guide I had also sold discs out of his car so if people are on the course and need a new or used disc look out for "Disc Doug".

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 Day in the park

1    3/28/2011   3/30/2011
Review By: evac1599
Played: 22  Reviewed: 6  Exp: 6 Years
0 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: This course played really well. Didn't have any trouble figuring out where the next hole was. There is a good variation of chalenging holes. Just minutes off the I-80.
Cons: Not all tees are concrete. Signs could use a bit of work. Plan to huck a couple in the water. It's too tempting to try to run it. All the grass on the back nine needs some cutting. You may spend a lot of time looking for a shot that you saw land. Alternate holes should have better marking. I had a local play me through the whole course. If you know where you're going, this course is a great time.
Other Thoughts: It would be cool to see this thing get finished 100%. My opinion this is one of the best courses i've played. If it were trimmed up it would be an excelent rated course.

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 Poop Adobe

5+    3/22/2011   3/23/2011
Review By: LhDave
Played: 18  Reviewed: 2  Exp: 6 Years
3 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: The course has a lil bit of everything regarding hole type, open, tight, up, down,left, right, tunnels, water.
Most holes offer several line options
Water fountains, Bathrooms, plenty of parking
Park has tons of other stuff to do, perfect to keep family busy or make a day of it.
Course is a little long, makes for good exercise.
Cons: Inconsistent tees, front are concrete back have natural
Signs are old and faded but a little look ahead fixes that.
Wind at times is beastly
When the grass is tall, keep an eye out
Outta shape people might not like for length and the few hills.
Previously noted there is a very small community of locals, an organization/club would be awesome.
Other Thoughts: The parking fee is enforced by the city, not because of the disc golf course. The fuzz will ticket for not paying, 40 bucks for not paying a measly 3 bucks, so pay up! !!! also if you dont pay the 40 say goodbye registration

Pond and the lagoon can be quite foul, tons of poop in there, if you retreive a disc keep it outta the bag. stink to high hell

Drinking is prohibited, keep it down or tucked in the cart

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 Pleasant little gem, off an otherwise boring stretch of freeway

2-4    4/1/2011   2/14/2011
Review By: elton807
Played: 56  Reviewed: 56  Exp: 5 Years
This review was updated on 12/20/2011
3 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: Some of the water-lined front nine baskets will force you to "lag" your approach shots because the baskets are so darn close to the water. I loved how the front and back nines are so different from each other; almost like 2 different courses. Great elevation changes on last 7 baskets. Excellent views of the lagoon and surrounding hills from the tops, and nice woodsy feel on 12 & 13. The unique blue baskets are a nice touch. Really nice lagoon based park that I would never have discovered if not for Disc Golf. Lots of land available and used for this course. Great variety of shots implemented, and some memorable teeshots on baskets 14-17.
Cons: Longish fairway grass on 10 & 11, but not difficult to find your disc as long as you track it well. It might be worth the $3/$5 bucks to park at the middle of the park, as the walk from free parking is about 10-15 minutes.
Other Thoughts: I was very pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this course! Lots of character and great use of natural terrain. Some of the water holes on the front nine reminded me of Aquatic Park in Berkeley. There were also at least 3-4 DGers making serious attempts at finding sunken discs near holes 6 & 7. Very fun course!
Uniqueness: A- (front 9 near water; back 9 in the!)
Difficulty: B+ (water & elevation; not too many trees tho)
Fun factor: A- (from bombs away to target shots, it's all there)
Aesthetics: A- (very pretty area; could be better kept)
Overall: A-

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 August Is Not The Best Time To Play!

1    8/20/2010   8/29/2010
Review By: The Valkyrie Kid
Played: 720  Reviewed: 671  Exp: 37.1 Years
8 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Lagoon Valley plays the front nine out playing along side and over the water most of the way. The front nine has smallish concrete pads. The back nine plays up and around a more rugged wilderness area with some elevation to contend with. The pads on the back nine are natural. The signs are mostly fading and are getting fairly hard to read. There is one shot over water, maybe 7 or 8, but it's easy to lay up around it and not risk going into the goose-poo infected water.
Cons: Goose poo was nasty and everywhere on the front 9. As previously mentioned, I was hestitant to put my bag down. The water was fowl and ugly! It was not water I was interested in going disc diving in. The park in August was not pretty and inviting. The front 9 along the water was just goose poo fowled and the back 9 was hot, dry, dusty and burnt. The back 9 was extremely hard to navigate, even with the on-line map we had printed. We never were sure about # 15 and quit after # 16. And the wind was blowing something fierce making every throw or putt an adventure.
Other Thoughts: I guess you could say that our experience at Lagoon Valley was not exactly a pleasant one. I'll chalk part of that to the time of the year we were here (late August). Part, I'll attribute to the geese and their nasty poo. Part to the prevailing winds. Part to the lack of signage and part to the general course design.

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2-4    8/9/2010   8/10/2010
Review By: jimbosprint
Played: 69  Reviewed: 16  Exp: 13.9 Years
6 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: There are some well designed, more challenging holes on the back nine. Also, there are some longer holes (including one par 4) that are fun to unleash a monster drive on. Decent use of the varied terrain in the park.
Cons: Wind is always a major factor here and responsible for most of this course's difficulty. Common gusts are 25-30mph with a steady east to west 10mph.
Goose poo is still abundant on the front nine.
The tees are inconsistent and could be bigger, and the signage is getting old and faded.
The course was difficult to navigate the first time and it doesn't flow well from hole to hole.
The pond hole is not that long, but I saw at least a few discs in there. A friend of mine luckily skipped across it!
$3 for parking.
Other Thoughts: Not much of this is different from the other reviews, but I have played it a few times and I thought I should finally review it. On my way into the bay area, it breaks up an otherwise long drive.

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 Prior Reviews Right on

1    7/6/2010   7/7/2010
Review By: Joe_Maumy
Played: 36  Reviewed: 26  Exp: 5.3 Years
4 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: The prior review is dead on. There is nothing more I can really add but wanted to make this review just to re-enforce the prior comments so it was coming from more than one person.
Cons: Weeds, Duck and Goose Crap, lack of signs
Other Thoughts: Skip it, may be better in the winter.

Go ahead and blast me with thumbs down reviews but before you do go play it yourself in the summer.

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 not bad not great could be better

1    7/3/2010   7/3/2010
Review By: Billym
Played: 25  Reviewed: 9  Exp: 7.3 Years
3 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: -Lots of holes
-some long holes
-beautiful open space
-water fountains in some spots
-a few short but sweet over water holes

Cons: -a little too open on the front nine
-this time of year the dry grass and weeds were pure hell to find discs as the Star Thistle, Foxtails etc eat the crap out of your legs and ankles; were gaiters or pants! This sh*t sucked and made the course a lot less enjoyable.
-no signs on many holes, the existing signs are not great. The online map is less than adequate and needs updating.
Tee pads are random; some dirt, some concrete of varying sizes.
-goose crap all over #4, 5, 6, and 7 so gross to put your bag down or watch your disc just land in it.
-The flow of the added holes after 11/12 flow badly; maybe it was my buddy who showed me around.
Other Thoughts: Previous poster was very accurate.
This course needs love and club support ($).
tee pads, signs and maps need improving.
-The grass and weeds need to be cut or tilled over.
Don't wear shorts this time of year (July).
-With some work this course could be very worthwhile.
-If you are traveling skip it and play Napa, Stafford and Orangevale instead.
-Goose crap is nasty they need some plastic "decoy" dogs to scare them to a different part of the huge lake.
The cons kill the potential rating; no dry high weeds, no goose crap; 3.5

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5+    5/7/2010   5/7/2010
Review By: trevorchreid
Played: 13  Reviewed: 13
3 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: -Lagoon Valley is a beautiful setting with lots of nice people and fun activities going on
-Great place to take your dogs if you have any, just make sure to keep them close to your side and cleanup up their poop!
-Great variety of holes, especially if you do all of the bonus holes. Has a couple great downhill bomber holes, one good uhphill hole, large and small fairways.
-Nice elevation changes
-love the variety of bonus holes on the front part of the course. Bonus holes on the back - not so much.
-well thought out basket placement
-Good variety of distance.
-usually not over-crowded
Cons: -TALL GRASS ON THE FAIRWAYS. This is by far the biggest drawback for me on this course. You will spend an average of about a half an hour a round looking for your disc which as submerged into the weedy abyss.
-In my openion, water comes a little bit too much into play on this course - especially Hole #6. I'm sure the locals love it however because they are constantly out there scavenging for sunken discs in the pond and pullling them out in large numbers.
-Don't recall it having any real true dog leg holes
-Hard to navigate
-Flow is not that great
-Some long walks between holes
-Tee pads are either crappy or non-existent
-Not well maintained. Given that this is a pay to play course, it definitely needs more TLC.
-Signs worn down and not that helpful.
-Baskets a little old and out dated
Other Thoughts: If this course just had a little more TLC it could be a 3.5 to 4 star course easily.
This would include cutting back the grass on the fairway regularly, setting new tee pads, getting some new signs (including some signs that direct you to the next hole)

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 What a pleasant surprise

2-4    2/20/2010   2/22/2010
Review By: Magiken
Played: 44  Reviewed: 44  Exp: 5.9 Years
5 Helpful / 0 Not
• Easy to find
• Nice variety of holes
• 8 bonus holes
• Nice park with additional activities (e.g. dog park, walking/riding trails, model plane flying, picnic areas, etc….) and facilities (e.g. restrooms (although no soap, but there was water), water fountains, etc…)
• Warm-up areas everywhere
• Goose poop - Wow. To the people who complained about Oak Grove, you ain't seen nothin yet. Fortunately, it's really only on the 1st nine.
• People, roads, and cars, are in play on a couple holes.
• Tees are a little small and inconsistent
Other Thoughts:
• Make sure you follow the path and signs around the lake to the disc course, otherwise you might park too far from #1. But being as the course is spread out all over, you could always hop in at various other points.
• Definitely use the map and descriptions located here: It's critical to finding the bonus holes. As I still had a little trouble here and there, I'll add these tips:
o #1 - After finishing 9, turn 100 degrees to your right and look across the street at a wooden canopy-like structure. For us non-horsey people, this is what a hitching post looks like. Tee off to the left of it. The basket is at the end of the tree line hidden just to the right.
o #2 - Tee area is just across the bridge and the basket is behind the very large tree back across the bridge/revine area ahead. Be careful not to clip the fence when throwing because it leaves a f#&*&@ mark in your disk. Ugh…
o #3 - Walk farther up towards the next tree line and you'll see a tee area with arrows painted on the trees showing a nasty fun tunnel shot. Incidentally, there's a sign that says 'beware: archery area' back there which was a bit unnerving.
o #4 - Once you get back out to the flat open area, you're actually going to throw back to the same #1 bonus basket. This wasn't immediately obvious to me, as I thought there may be another basket. Side note: there were various small flags and things indicating tee boxes on these bonus holes so be on the lookout.
o Skipping forward…
o #5 -Walk past #15 and you'll see several curbs on the ground making the tee area. The basket is directly ahead in the middle of the trees. They call this a "short thumber". Ha! If only I could consider it short.
o #6 - You'll walk towards the paved road near a water tower (at least I think it was a water tower) and truthfully I'm not sure where you tee off. I just picked a spot on the road. The basket is along the road to the left up on the right side of the hill.
o #7 - Walk across the road and you'll see a path through the trees leading to another tunnel shot to a basket on the right. You'll likely notice the basket from the prior hole. I think the tee box is the worn area to the right.
o #8 - Again, you'll probably notice this basket when you're walking to bonus hole #5. It's in the middle of a grove of trees. I don't know where the tee area is. It's somewhere behind the basket for bonus #7. I saw some marking back on the road and a worn area in the dirt but I'm not sure where you're supposed to tee off, so pick a spot.

Random Thoughts:
I was really surprised to step out of my car and see green everywhere considering the desolate pictures that are on this site, so I guess we'll have to call this a winter review. The grass is quite deep everywhere. You should think about bringing a spotter but I wouldn't say it's a must, although keep your eagle eyes on when playing #11 and #17. There is a real nice mix of holes/shots at this course and with the bonus holes rounding it out to 26 total, it made for a surprisingly fun day. The water holes weren't too intimidating but it'll be a while before I'm ballsy enough to throw at the pins, particularly if a breeze decides to pick up. You should note that I spoke with someone who said they saw a guy retrieve 60(That's 6-0, sixty!) discs from this little pond so you have been warned. Having said that I still made par on almost every hole, and found the course to be very fair. I also almost got an ace on 14 and 18 which would have been seen by nobody, but still felt great. I also was pleasantly surprised by the nice view from the 'Top of the World' shot on 17. I would also note that despite there being a large number of people around, I never felt like they were in the way.

Bottom Line: I had avoided this course due to the pictures, water hazards, and prior reviews, but in this case, I was wrong. Despite some issues, this course presents an enjoyable round and with the bonus holes is worth the trip to check out.

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