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Mesquite DGC

2-4    8/10/2015   8/10/2015
Review By: JNichols
Played: 50  Reviewed: 11  Exp: 5.3 Years
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Pros: Well laid out holes to start. The course seems thought out and holes are placed decently, for a Flat, Desert course. This is also a Challenging course. The abundance of mesquite trees, especially on the front 9 (Overgrown mesquite trees, I might add), make for some challenging lines to blind baskets. This course has a good blend of hole lengths from 150ft-475ft and everything in between. Being a flat desert landscape, the addition of a couple holes with the baskets placed on top of dirt mounds adds some fun/challenge. Fair baskets placements allow backhand and forehand lines on most holes. A very fair course to right handers and lefties. Very little traffic on this course. I have played it 4-5 times now and never seen anyone else. I have also seen many types of birds, rabbits, lizards, a coyote, and other various wildlife on this course. The course is actually a city park in the middle of farm land, so there is some good wildlife viewing. A couple picnic benches in the shade of trees and garbage cans help out. There is also a Porta-Potty in the parking lot.
Cons: The course seems a bit run down, or lacking up keep. The pictures of this course look NOTHING like it is now. The trees are really overgrown on some holes. Hole #4, for example, has a fairway no wider than 10-12ft at it's narrowest point. A good tree trimming would be in order to give some of the holes a "Fair" fairway. With this being the case on quite a few holes, you end up having to take riskier lines over the tops of trees on many holes instead of down the fairway. Playing this course with someone else would be Highly suggested, at least until you know basket positions. It really helps to have a spotter on this course.The baskets at this course are also just plain BEAT. A couple of them have the cage wired together to keep discs from falling out, cages on most are bent up (a couple are fairly bad), and the baskets just plain allow spit throughs more than any others I have seen. Some days, there is quite a lot of trash to pick up, too. This course gets BLOODY Hot during the day. It is desert landscape. Bring PLENTY of water/liquid. The Mesquite trees will poke you, stab you, and otherwise cause you to bleed. Be careful. Natural tee pads on some holes are littered with long metal nails sticking up in spots, where I am assuming they used to have rubber mat tee pads. Check your path before you tee up.
Other Thoughts: This course is deemed a City Park in Chandler. I think this course has a lot of potential. With a good tree trim, some general clean up, and a little TLC, it could be a gem in the rough. I am tempted to contact the city of Chandler and see what they would allow to be worked on out there.

Overall, this could be an Awesome course for the area. It is different than any of the others I have played. It could be Great with a little work.

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 Different from most in the Valley of the Sun

5+    3/15/2015   4/7/2015
Review By: snakekeeper
Played: 19  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 6.3 Years
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Pros: Not your typical treeless desert course. The mesquite trees are a definite challenge for this hacker. They force you into all kinds of interesting shot selections (if you have them, which I don't). Usually very quiet, we are often the only ones playing. Port-a-john at the entrance. Picnic tables (mostly in the shade) at Hole 7 basket and Hole 10 tee. We enjoy the seclusion of this course as a break from the often crowded Paseo Vista (which is a much better course). Plus, for our limited skills, the mesquite trees and narrow lanes to throw through present an interesting challenge for us. Maps are okay at most of the tees. Some with the hole number kinda faded and misleading directions and distances a bit off (distances for 7 and 8 are way off, I've corrected them in the hole info and in the course map in the Links/Files tab). Baskets have arrows below the basket on the poles that point to next tee which are mostly accurate. Although there are really only nine baskets, it is laid out in such a way that some of them you don't even recognize when you are coming back at them from a different direction on the back nine. Kinda cool.
Cons: The mesquite trees. While these are the source of the challenge on this course, I can almost guarantee you will end up bloodied from digging your disc out from under or out of the tree. These are not your typically well manicured and tall landscape mesquites that you can walk under. These are in their natural state where they are more like huge 15-25ft tall bushes with their branches reaching the ground. This course would be pretty cool if Chandler actually trimmed these mesquites. We just play from behind the tree if we end up with an unplayable shot either in or under the tree without penalty. We are not big sticklers for the formal rules. Just informal hackers that enjoy throwing the discs. Dusty. Flat. Very hot in summer (May through middle of October) if played after 10am. Of course that kinda applies to anything outside in the desert during summer. If you are playing in summer, you will want/need some water. In the fall/winter/early spring (Middle of October through maybe April) you can get by without. Or at least we can. Signs missing at holes 4, 17 and 18 but the poles are still marked with the numbers. No concrete tees, but the dirt is almost as hard as concrete. If you don't have a map, you will spend some time scouting out the location of the baskets until you learn the course. Since some of the baskets are kinda close to each other, it can be a bit confusing. Download the map in the Links/Files tab. Unfortunately, some people seem to be in the habit of letting their dogs use this place as a bathroom (mostly around the first couple of holes). Watch out for the dog crap. As one reviewer mentioned, the layout can be hazardous with blind shots, doubling back, crossing/shared fairways, etc, but since we see so few other people here during our preferred times, it is has never been an issue for us.
Other Thoughts: Front nine are tougher since there are more blind shots with narrower lanes to shoot through. The back nine has a few more open and shorter holes and play easier for me. 17 is particularly interesting as you are basically guessing at where the basket is even after you have scouted it out and walked back to the tee. You either take the safe way out and follow the slightly open lane out to the path where you can see the basket or you try your luck at winging it 188ft over a few copses of mesquites and hoping for the best hoping that you can at least find your disc. Surprisingly, as many times as we have blindly ended up in or under trees, I don't think we have ever walked away without all of our discs.
Not a pretty course at all but since it is pretty close by, it holds a special place in our hearts.
Check out the links/files tab for a course map I constructed using Google Earth from phone GPS coords and knowledge of the course. There is wildlife out here. The area is full of little burrowing chipmunks, or something like that, so you will see them skittering around from one of their holes to another. Haven't seen any snakes but it is the dessert so they have to be there somewhere. If you have never played a desert course, this probably shouldn't be first on your list to try. In my mind, Paseo Vista takes that honor (in this part of the valley at least). If you have but you haven't played here, give it a shot. You might enjoy the desert "forest" at Mesquite Groves.

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 Not very scenic

1    10/20/2013   10/22/2013
Review By: mashnut
Played: 819  Reviewed: 774  Exp: 14.3 Years
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Pros: The course plays through a flat dusty park filled with mature mesquite trees. I was pleasantly surprised by the design on a few of the holes, they forced some interesting lines and tricky shots. You will need a mix of left and right turning shots to score well here, and the mesquite trees are really good at punishing errant shots. You will certainly lose strokes if you aren't careful with shot placement. There is an ok variety of hole lengths as well, with a couple longer shots mixed in.

The tees are natural, but the ground here is hard packed and level so I had no complaints about the surfaces. The "back nine" tees add some extra variety and some really different looks at the same baskets. The color coded signs and next tee markers make navigation pretty easy for the most part.
Cons: I understand the desire to fit as many shots as possible in a small space, but it leads to safety issues. Even within each of the loops of 9 holes there are crossing fairways and holes that play very close to one another. Throw in the overlapping layouts using the same baskets and lots of blind shots and you have some real potential for conflict. There were only 3 groups playing when I was there and there were still several times when discs came flying in unannounced or we had to wait on people to clear the fairway.

With a handful of signs missing and several others that were very inaccurate on hole distance and layout there were times it was unclear where to throw. The mesquite trees are great obstacles, but they also tend to be pretty brutal to get discs out of. There is a lot of broken glass on the ground throughout the course. Many of the holes have a high hyzer line so you can just avoid the obstacles, making it play a lot more open and repetitive than it looks.
Other Thoughts: Beginners will find the thorns pretty rough here, but the holes aren't too long or technical. More experienced players won't be all that challenged, there just isn't a whole lot you can do with this kind of property. I wouldn't go out of your way to play this one, it's not very exciting nor is it the most scenic course in the area.

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 Navigational Aids Help On This Course!

1    5/26/2013   6/13/2013
Review By: The Valkyrie Kid
Played: 870  Reviewed: 820  Exp: 38 Years
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Pros: This is another example of a desert course where the terrain is hard packed dry dirt which actually ends up being a decent surface on which to play. The course is very flat with these nasty ass mesquite trees providing the main obstacles. You're forever throwing over, under and around them. The main problem arises when your disc lands in/under one of them. More on that issue later.

For the most part, the course has navigational signs which are welcomed and much needed here. On the last two holes where the signs were missing, I became lost very quickly. As previous reviewers have commented on, the course only has nine baskets but plays 18 holes. But that isn't readily apparent because the course is designed so well. The tee pads are natural and on some holes the same pad is used for two different holes throwing in opposite directions. The tee signs are both on the same pole facing in different directions. Pretty clever design, I think.

The course is surrounded by a chain link fence on all four sides and with the high school athletic field bordering one side. There are gates/openings in many places on this fence so errant throws came be retrieved without scaling the fence. I'm also surprised that there's not more vandalism/trash/graffiti on this course as high school students are usually not too kind to disc golf courses.
Cons: The mesquite trees are really thorny, grabby and nasty. As mentioned before, trying to retrieve your disc from them could often lead to bleeding limbs and foul words.
The flatness, the dirt, and the mesquite trees do not add up to a pretty course. I was really surprised that the course was not trashier than it was. It just seems like a place where people would dump trash, especially with the high school so close. Maybe I should say Kudos to someone for keeping the course relatively litter free.

There were some signs missing near the end (and along the high school side of the fence) of the course around hole 17. I was lost without them. I was hurrying to get through this course and pretty much just skipped 17 and 18 without the signs. Didn't have enough time to really investigate those last two holes. I was disappointed in not getting to play them.
Other Thoughts: On golf courses a player is allowed to "Take Relief" at times such as when there is standing water on the fairway. I think on this course, a player should be able to "Take Relief" when your disc lands under or in a mesquite tree. It would save a lot of cut up hands and arms and make this course a little more enjoyable.

Course designers did a surprisingly nice job creating an enjoyable course out of a fairly drab desert environment here. Their creativity should be commended!

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 Good Course

2-4    4/10/2012   5/9/2012
Review By: mcbmaz
Played: 2  Reviewed: 2
2 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Many blind shots make it a little difficult. Signage is good. Easy to navigate. Porta-John at entrance.
Cons: Baskets are a little beat up. Digging discs out of mesquite trees full of thorns.
Other Thoughts: Good course if you don't want to deal with many people. The most I have seen out there was 4 people and that was including me and my buddy. Overall I gave it a 3 because it serves its purpose, not a pretty course, but not horrible either. I am sue that if you head out you will have fun.

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 What to say that hasn't already

2-4    3/21/2011   3/21/2011
Review By: chillis
Played: 95  Reviewed: 25  Exp: 16 Years
0 Helpful / 5 Not
Pros: I like the narrow corridors to throw down, reminds me of most Midwestern courses. A couple holes with some decent distance.

Completely fenced in, so I like letting my dog off the leash here to run around and chase vermin.
Cons: Shared tees and pins, painful mesquite bushes to fight with. Hot, dusty, no facilities (port-o-john only).
Other Thoughts: Reviews have been spot on, there is very little variation here, of any sort.

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 This one needs some love

5+    6/23/2010   8/21/2010
Review By: Sunday Mike
Played: 44  Reviewed: 19  Exp: 14.1 Years
This review was updated on 8/23/2010
7 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: This course is a great place to practice blind shots...there are a lot of them here, particularly on the front nine. Considering the amount of space available, the layout is very clever. Placing 18 (9 forward and back) in that area was pretty ingenious. Lots of chances to practice your hyzers, anhyzers or dead straight shots. #18 is a mandatory tomahawk throw so that its even another type of shot you can practice here. It is by Basha High School and may raise interest in the sport. Despite being by the high school this course is very private, I have rarely seen other golfers out here while I was playing.
Cons: There are a lot of blind shots. The course is really in a Mesquite grove and any time you put your disc into a mesquite tree you run the risk of getting ripped to shreds. I've played this course over 20 times and had blood drawn almost every time. It is flat, dry and dusty. You WILL need a lot of water, even in the winter. The signs and baskets are in bad shape. This place needs someone to adopt it and fix it up. It is way out in South BFE of the Phoenix area. South Chandler is a good 45 minutes away from Central Phoenix. It is by Basha high School and suffers from teenage vandalism. Because of the blind shots this a difficult course to navigate. I don't know of any maps available for it, so if you come here bring someone who knows the course.
Other Thoughts: This course was originally installed with the baskets from Hoopes Park (which was closed due to a woman being hit in the face by a disc and raising a stink with the City Council). Many people complain about this course, but I have always enjoyed it because it is a disc golf course, and one that is not too long. There are birdies to be had.
Unfortunately since the installation of Paseo Vista a few miles away, this course has become completely ignored (though in truth it was mostly ignored before that as well). I have heard rumours that it will be removed in the near future, but I've been hearing that for several years now. I hope it isn't true because playing Paseo Vista, then coming here and going back to Paseo Vista make for a fun day of disc golf.
I really wanted to give this course more stars but because of the state of the course I could honestly only give it two. With some love this could be a very entertaining course to play

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 Mesquite Grove...

2-4    7/18/2010   7/30/2010
Review By: eye-ball-sac
Played: 67  Reviewed: 46  Exp: 7.3 Years
This review was updated on 2/19/2011
4 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Pros? Hmmmm...let me think...there were 9 baskets and 9 tee signs? There were "trees"? Thats about it...
Cons: The fun factor was a big, fat 0 here. The course is located in the flattest, dustiest part of Chandler, which makes some really boring shots. The ground seems to give your disc a brownish color when your done with 18. There are tons of ant hills and I saw some either small rats or large mice running around. Mesquite "trees" (which are more like bushes than trees) seem to be the absolute worst choice for vegetation in a disc golf course I've ever heard of. They're really thick and have the longest thorns I've ever seen! If you land in one, you're going to come out with a few cuts. Tee signs are terrible. The distance is way off and the map doesn't help at all. The tees, even though there weren't any, weren't too bad since the ground is so hard and flat. No trash cans anywhere near the park. Broken glass everywhere. There's a field that's the school's where an errant drive could easily land on a couple holes. Navigation is terrible. Almost every hole is a blind shot and the maps on the sign confuse more than help. Theres really long walks to the next tee. Hole 9 plays to a basket and a sign points you to number 10. Once you walk over there you realize you're throwing right back at the same basket. Baskets are in ok shape, but anything except a solid putt will bounce out.
Other Thoughts: The high school band practices right next to the park and theres a super loud metronome that seems to echo through the whole park. Once you finish you still have that sound stuck in your head. Restroom at the entry to the course and a nice sign which is the only good sign you'll see in the whole course. There's a weird gravel path going through the park that doesn't lead to anywhere. I still don't know what it is. Head over to Paseo Vista Recreational area instead, it has hills!

If you mark this review unhelpful or you find a mistake, please send me a personal message here on DGCR explaining what is wrong with it.

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 Frustrating Course Layout

1    3/22/2010   3/24/2010
Review By: Jax11
Played: 102  Reviewed: 35  Exp: 7 Years
3 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: This course's only obstacles were Mesquite trees. It was interesting terrain and very isolated. There were some blind pin locations and some interesting lines. It was easy to find and has a port-a-potty right at the entrance. signs were well detailed but had issues (see Cons). Baskets were in decent condition.
Cons: Mesquite trees were the only obstacles, they have thorns which makes chasing down errant throws painful. Though they are actually trees, the Mesquite trees can easily be thrown over. Spike Hyzers seem to be the shot of choice as there is no reason not to go over the trees. The course was very repetitive, by the 6th hole I felt like I had played the same hole six times. There are serious navigation issues here. My group felt we took longer finding the where to throw then actually throwing. There are blind baskets which have other hole's baskets in view adding to the confusion. The signs were adequate, but the small aerial pictures were inaccurate and the distances listed on them seemed inaccurate. The tees were dirt and due to the random placement of the tee signs in relation with the "tees boxes" it was very hard to tell what was in fact the tee box and which way we were supposed to throw.
Other Thoughts: Very frustrating round of golf for my group. I highly recommend trying to find some locals who play here often to help you get around the course the first time. I also suggest finding a stick or something of the sort to help pull discs from under the thorny Mesquite trees. There is very little grass so baseline (DX or the like) plastic will get pretty beat up on this course. Very little shade in the afternoon, bring water and sunscreen

This course could be significantly better if the navigation issues were fixed and you spent less time wondering which basket to throw at.

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1    8/10/2009   8/10/2009
Review By: wolito
Played: 85  Reviewed: 84  Exp: 9.3 Years
This review was updated on 3/1/2010
5 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Finally some trees on a course in the Pheonix area! Mesquite trees on the course make you actually choose a line. This provides a challenge not found elsewhere in the area. The teesigns are decent enough and on the baskets there are arrows pointing you where the next tee is. THis definately helps out. Decent mix of long and short holes. Ground is bare and therefore porbably hard to lose a disc here. Easy parking right by tee one. A port a potty is there as well and some trashcans. A few picnic tables on the course under trees that provide a place to rest.
Cons: Definate navigation issues though the next tee signs on the bottom pole of each basket does help. It is an 18 hole course, but I believe all of the 9 baskets are used twice. However depending on how you look at the basket determines the number on the plate you see. The holes are shared as well as some of the fairways so you really have to be careful of other players on the course or someone could easily get hurt. The total elevation change on this course can't be more then 2.5 feet or 3 tops. FLAT as can be. The baskets are a mix of types and some are rather worn.
Other Thoughts: There are quiet a few negatives about this course that I wrote, but don't let that get in the way of enjoying this course. The simple fact that there are trees, though a lot smaller than I am used to, makes this course a definate challenge. You actually have to think about where you throw and what line to take. This is quite different from all other courses in the area where you just throw it down the fairway. Definately a change of pace and worthy of playing again. Can certianly get hot in the summer so bring some fluids.

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