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Sign near the first tee, kind of sets the tone.

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 Disc Golf Sanctuary!

1    5/10/2012   6/18/2012
Review By: h0pe
Played: 3  Reviewed: 3
11 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: -This course is truly a "Disc Golf Sanctuary" meticulously maintained and winding through several dilapidated period buildings.

-Brian was very helpful, going over the rules of the course and walking us through each hole on a map.

-The pin placements are challenging creating a highly technical course that rewards a laser accurate mid-range game.

-The first 7 holes wind through a narrow corridor of pine trees, dry ponds and boundary lines before opening up into the Ghost Town.

-The ambiance is simply amazing! You are literally playing in a ghost town and driving around the ruins of old buildings.

-Individual tee times make for an intimate experience.

-Lots and lots and lots of flavor here. The marsh on #9 is called the "Mekong Delta" and Brian's kitsch is littered throughout the course.
Cons: -The homemade baskets are wonderful for flavor but are awful to play.

-Rules, rules, rules. There are specific OB rules for this course, both to protect the neighbor's property and privacy as well as Brian's signs and the old buildings. Quite regulated with little freedom for shots.

-The wide swath of OB rules and narrow boundary lines left me feeling suffocated and stifled. Really got the sense that all the neighbors were hostile to this place.

-The pin placement, while challenging, seemed to favor a medium range sidearm throw. There was some variation but I kept coming back to this particular shot. Really felt like there was ONE (and only one) particular way to play a few holes on this course.

-Never had to take a driver out of my bag.

-5 dollars a round was rather steep considering its 3 dollars to play at Beaver Ranch, one of the best courses in the U.S.
Other Thoughts: -Control, Control, Control is the name of this course. Only had to uncork a couple of drives. Everything else was tight and mid-range.

-Beautiful scenery. Serene trees and views. The cool ambiance of crumbling buildings makes it worth playing at least once.

-Leave the power at home. You can 1-disc this with a Roc or a Buzz.

-Lots of OB rules specific to this course. Has a "backyard" feel to it.

-Truly a Disc Golf Sanctuary... at least when you're in-bounds and not annoying the neighbors.

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1    4/6/2012   4/28/2012
Review By: bobmcnelly
Played: 73  Reviewed: 51  Exp: 4.1 Years
This review was updated on 5/9/2012
1 Helpful / 6 Not
Pros: Very creative course. Great use of land. Well maintained and very technical.
Cons: Some what hard to get to but its a fun drive. While there are some real good shots most of the shots do kinda feel the same.
Other Thoughts: Great course with lots of OB, really challenging to par.

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 Giddy about Ghost Town

2-4    9/25/2011   9/27/2011
Review By: markjfun
Played: 80  Reviewed: 27  Exp: 9.2 Years
This review was updated on 7/27/2012
14 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: Ghost Town Disc Golf Course is the brilliant result of a man's love for a hobby, his ingenuity, his creativity and most important of all, his hospitality. Brian O'Donnell did his best to not overlook a single aspect of the game of disc golf when designing, building and patenting his disc golf "sanctuary", as he calls it. Playing the course is as much a fun adventure as it is a challenging round of disc golf. Historic mining equipment is cleverly integrated into the course signage and amenities, such as benches, bag hooks, tables, and even the baskets themselves. I really liked his tee signs made from old rusted mining shovels with hand-painted instructions and diagrams on them.

The tee pads are generally level and give room for a few approach steps, with the exception of the really unique "standing-room-only" tee atop a rock platform on the optional hole 4B! As you grab your disc from the handmade basket on hole 3, you find yourself walking up to an abandoned campsite, complete with a picnic table of half-consumed food and beverages, opened ice chests and 2 eerily deserted vehicles (each of which will add 2 additional strokes to your score if your errant disc strikes them). The scene is a fun addition to the motif of a haunted ghost town. After a few more holes, you peek out of a hilly aspen grove to a sweeping view of Russell Gulch and the buildings of a long-forgotten mining town. Clearly marked out of bounds areas on holes 14 - 16 add a challenge to players whose discs tend to have a mind of their own. The course is essentially divided into four sections by dirt roads, with each section presenting its own "feel". The final two holes play in the front yard of Brian's house where the fairway (mowed lawn) and the rough (4 ft high weeds) are clearly distinguished. Throughout the course, you'll be paying attention to the gauntlet of obstacles that penalize between 1 - 3 additional strokes, such as the side of a crumbling stone building and the Ghost Town welcome sign out front.
Cons: Some would consider the location of Ghost Town a hassle, but in reality its path through a mountainous ruin of man's struggle to find subterranean riches is actually the thing that makes it unique. The need for setting an advance "T" time is also a double-edged sword, because although it may hinder "drop-by" disc golfers from enjoying an impromptu round, it allows Brian to stagger groups in 10-15 minute intervals so that you have space to yourself in the disc golf "sanctuary". The fee of $3 / 1 round or $5 / multiple rounds goes directly toward upkeep of the historic area and the creative course. Some of the homemade baskets could use some TLC as well.
Other Thoughts: Upon arrival, you'll most likely be greeted by Brian standing on the driveway where he'll invite you into the clubhouse to give you lowdown on the course, hand you a map, and direct you to the first hole. T-shirts (short and long sleeve), bumper stickers, koozies, hats and second-hand discs are sold in the spooky clubhouse. There are small trash cans at about every other hole. There is a shady picnic table, a portable restroom and some informational signage in the parking lot just beyond the main welcome sign.

In summation, if you like disc golf in the least and want a fun-loaded, quirky way to spend a day outside at a place with an uplifting vibe, find your way to Ghost Town.

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 Historic, beautiful and private!

5+    10/26/2010   6/26/2011
Review By: Vintageskis
Played: 2  Reviewed: 2
0 Helpful / 12 Not
Pros: This is such a beautiful and wonderful place. Brian and Bethany do a great job keeping the intergrity of the area in tact. The course is challenging and well laid out. I can't wait to play it again!
Cons: Zip.

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 An Awesome and Unique Destination

5+    5/3/2011   5/27/2011
Review By: 14erDisc
Played: 40  Reviewed: 40  Exp: 5.2 Years
This review was updated on 4/29/2012
11 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: This place has got the vibe! Call ahead tee-times to make sure you don't run into anybody else while you are up there. Personalized greetings within the "pro shop" from the owner of the land. Maps and directions given to you for proper navigation of the land. This place is a treat! The front nine are very technical and fairly short. Expect to throw almost every throw in your arsenal by the time you reach the back nine... and prepare to be accurate OR ELSE. This place has extensive out of bounds rules (which must be followed), so every shot must be properly placed. The back nine are far more open yet are still high on the difficulty scale. Hole 15 can get you with 1/3 of the hole being an OB building requiring a re-tee + one stroke. Expect to do some hiking while you are here. There is not much elevation change, but most of the land is uneven terrain and requires proper navigation. This course is also in a "ghost town", so the vibe here is awesome. Broken down buildings, shot up propane tanks, abandoned trailers, and the list of old-school Colorado memorabilia goes on. There really is no other vibe like a ghost town with a friendly host who loves to disc.

Hole 1 starts out with a straight uphill in between two fairly tight OB corridors
Hole 2 is a long and large left hook through a tight OB corridor. If you birdie this hole, it would be amazing.
Hole 3 is an awesome anhyzer hook through a tight fairway surrounded by dense trees and OB
Hole 4a is a nice straight shot to the basket which stands in the middle of a group of aspen trees. beware of the dry ponds!
Hole 4b is one of the most unique tee pads that exists. You stand atop a rock with no room to move, throw the disc through a small gap in the trees, and hit an anhyzer line ending with the basket 1 foot from OB.
Hole 5 is a great tomahawk hole over a stand of trees. Prettymuch a straight shot.
Hole 6 is the longest on the course, and is a long left hook where OB is easy to avoid
Hole 7 is a toughy. The tee box is surrounded by trees making it EXTREMELY hard, and the basket is almost straight ahead with a million trees in the way. OB is not much of a factor.
Hole 8 is an awesome anhyzer shot through a thin alley through a stand of aspens. Hit the gap or get stuck in the trees.
Hole 9, 10, 11 are all straight and open shots over a small marsh. Dont hit any buildings, they are OB!
Hole 12 is a straight shot with the basket on top of an apex, with drops on 3 out of 4 sides. This basket is in horrible condition so be careful.
Hole 13 is a blind shot with the basket resting on the hillside just infront of you. Any kind of throw works here.
Hole 14 is another straight and open shot with a fairway mowed into the ground. OB comes into play on the right side and is very hard to avoid.
Hole 15 and 16 are from the same tee, but very different shots. Hole 15 is a blind shot with a nice left hook at the end. The basket lies below the tee in elevation, and is about 3 feet from OB. This shot also requires a +1 and retee if you strike a ghosttown-building which takes up about 40% of the shot. It's an easy shot, but the pressure can get to you. 16 is from the same tee and is a long straight bomb with the basket located in a tight area surrounded by OB. Hit a house or car is a 3 stroke penalty!
Hole 17 & 18 are straight shots confined greatly by OB. And don't hit the course sign, it's +2!
Cons: There are a few baskets of poor quality on the course... the only true complaint. Some of them are home-made and really delapedated. I am all for the "course vibe" in terms of baskets, however this place has a few that can be so bad it's hard to hit a 4 foot put from a certain angle. On the up-side, the owner Brian usually gets around to fixing issues with baskets within a day or two. This is a pay-to-play ($3 a round) course, but I do not consider this a con. The money is well worth it, goes to a good cause, and keeps the less serious discer away.
Other Thoughts: One of the most unique courses in Colorado. A must play, and a course that will more than likely leave you frustrated with your score at the end of round 1. Technical and challenging, yet open and fun too!

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 A real treat!

2-4    9/4/2010   3/30/2011
Review By: petsounds85
Played: 39  Reviewed: 5  Exp: 7.1 Years
0 Helpful / 10 Not
Pros: Everything about this course is a treat. It's fun and challenging- Hey, you're in the mountains- playing disc golf through ruins of an old ghost town that lays on "the dude's" property.
Cons: I cant think of any!

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 This Course will Haunt You!

2-4    10/19/2010   10/31/2010
Review By: RogueArtist
Played: 26  Reviewed: 6  Exp: 6.1 Years
2 Helpful / 4 Not
Pros: A truly unique disc golf experience.
A fun tight course that is a complete departure from any other high rated courses.
Makes great use of the topography.
Overnight camping... a must for any disc golf road trip.
Really nice staff.
Challenging - Despite several holes that are sub 300 ft. birdies are tough to come by.
Other Thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed the handcrafted nature of the course from the hand painted signs and baskets cobbled together from a wild assortment of items and materials.

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 Short, Technical, and Wooded

2-4    9/5/2010   9/5/2010
Review By: HAWKSNEST1979
Played: 30  Reviewed: 7  Exp: 14 Years
4 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Owner has created a club house with discs, shirts, and a pool table. Owner is a cool guy and put in a lot of time into this course. Nice mountain course, with an old school mining camp artifacts and buildings, and a cool hike. Lots of technical shots.
Cons: There are some marshes you can lose your disc in or get a bit soaked. Many of the tee boxes you don't have room to get a hop start to your throw and a few you barely have room to stand.
Other Thoughts: lots of OB... Lots. Probably had 6-7 OB shots but that's what makes this course challenging. If you can make short accurate throws then you can play in the red, if not the OB will eat you up.

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 One of the best courses in CO.

1    8/14/2010   8/15/2010
Review By: jsaturley1
Played: 32  Reviewed: 6
13 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: Great course in a historic mining town located near Central City, CO.
- Very technical. Most of the holes are very short, but winding through the trees presents its challenges. Both beginners and experts will enjoy.
- The historical artifacts and structures you'll see make this more than just a typical disc golf outing. You'll see old mining buildings, horse bridals, mining carts, etc. and most of the tees are marked with rusty shovels. Really cool!!
- Very quiet and serene. We only saw a couple people the whole time. It's so quiet; when someone is talking a mile away, you can hear every word they're saying. We never waited for anyone and no one was waiting for us.
- The proprietor is a disc golf enthusiast that will give you and map and tips on the course prior to starting your game.
- This is a pay-course… and, yes, this is a positive thing! It helps the owner maintain the course, and it filters out the tourists from Central City to ensure you have a calm and relaxing experience. I would've gladly paid three-times the amount they're charging ($3/person) to support the park (I bought a t-shirt instead).
- When you're done, visit Central City, have a beer and play a couple hands of blackjack!
Cons: Don't let these minute negatives 'con' you out of playing this course!
- There are plenty of restrictions on how you play the course, but none of these restrictions are unreasonable. The OB areas are plentiful, but they helped guide us through the course and prevented us from hitting someone's house or a historical artifact.
- There's are a few people that actually live in the area surrounding the course. But, they were actually kind enough to help us find our discs when we crossed the OB fence, so maybe this should be a positive?
- Quite a few of the baskets are in need of replacement, but don't let that detract you from playing this fantastic course.
- There's a few tall grass swamps that will swallow you disc if you land in them, but you can shoot from ridge-to-ridge to avoid them. These were actually the best 'open' shots on the course.
- There's only about two parking spots near the cabin where you pay your fees. But, there's more parking down the road if those spaces are taken.
Other Thoughts: With the exception of Beaver Ranch, this is the best course I've played in CO. I would highly recommend it!
- When (not 'if') I play this course again, I will empty out some of my drivers and replace them with mid-range and specialty (e.g., hook, slice, etc.) discs - you will need more short-range discs that you can articulate around the trees and other obstacles.
- Just follow the directions provided on this web-site and you will find it - if you miss it, it's because you got distracted by the awesome historical mining structures along the road.
- Skip the crowded city courses and some of the poorly marked and maintained mountain courses and play this one instead!! I guarantee you will not regret it.

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1    8/7/2010   8/9/2010
Review By: Dalisllama
Played: 4  Reviewed: 4
1 Helpful / 6 Not
Pros: One-of-a-Kind! A must Play. Unique and Fun. Very scenic and interesting. If you follow the directions, you will get there. Brian was a great host.
Cons: Baskets!? They look cool but I feel it would be best to have baskets that are solid and sound. I can handle the OB's but I hate bounce outs specially from questionable baskets.
Other Thoughts: OBs are many and that IS part of the character of this course, deal with it. Old baskets with character, i guess i should deal with it. That makes this course just short of perfect. Thanks Brian! I will be back.

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