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Uploaded By: timg Hole #8 (Taken 1/2009)
3 / 320ft.   3 / 490ft.   3 / 490ft. Par / Distance:
Hole #8 Red Tee

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Tons of potential, but it's not good out there now.

1    1/24/2015   1/24/2015
Review By: Moose33
Played: 36  Reviewed: 36  Exp: 3.2 Years
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Pros: This course lies in a beautifully scenic park near Dallas, GA. The rolling hills, massive elevation changes, great use of water and woods are amazing.

The baskets that are still undamaged are Pro 4 Disccatchers and catch fine, though two are badly damaged and two are missing.

This park is beautifull, I wish the course was at all maintained.
Cons: It looked like no one give a crap about this place.

No tee signs, no indicators of where the first hole might be.

The teepads are planks in the ground with the number and rental direction of the next hole written in sharpie.

The 13 and 14 baskets are gone, and 6 and 10 are badly damaged.

This course could easily be a 3.5 at least, but I've had to give it a 2.5 becuase of all of its warts.
Other Thoughts: All in all this could be an amazing park.

It really should be a 1.5 or a 2 but the amazing terrain makes it too good to give it the rating it probably deserves.

With the scenery and signature penninaula hole on 17 I wish someone cared.

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16 fun holes, but needs work!

1    12/26/2014   12/28/2014
Review By: HelloPoodles
Played: 14  Reviewed: 4  Exp: 2.8 Years
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Pros: Scenic,hilly, moderately open course allows you to break out the distance drivers on a few holes (a rarity at the GA courses I've played). Only a few holes (7 & 15, maybe 10) seem like fillers, everything else has its charms.

It kills me to only give this **1/2, because with a bit of work it could be a **** course. With holes 12 & 13 put back in play (and I think the land exists to do that and keep them away from the property line) and some proper signage, I think I'd actually prefer this to Oregon Park, and perhaps it would relieve some of the congestion there. I wish I didn't live three hours away, because this course is worthy of "adoption" by someone willing to put in some hard work and minimal $$$ outlay to fix the problems. Come on, someone step up a be a hero!
Cons: Worst signage ever! If you don't have a map, you'll be wandering around scratchin' your head at least half the time you're out here. A number of the baskets are not visible from the tees (which in itself is not a problem) but without any signs, it's very confusing.

Natural "teepads" (which are nothing more than a piece of landscape timber flush with the ground fronting a patch of dirt) are VERY difficult to find! Some have the hole numbers written in sharpie on them, some (#8 most notably) don't. The good news: I don't really remember any rocks or roots in the tee areas, so they've got that going for them.

Holes 13 and 14 no longer exist, and I never could find the tee for 16.

This site has multiple tees listed for a few holes, but I think we're down to one per hole.

#10's basket bottom is being held in place by electrical tape. Can't imagine that'll hold up too much longer.
Other Thoughts: Once you're in the park, go to the very back and park near the pavilion with the playground near it. Go to the playground and you'll see a wooden stake in the ground half way up the hill near #1's tee; the basket is to the right.

I like detailed hole by hole reviews, so in an effort to drum up interest in this course, I'll do just that:
#1. A fun shot down a gently sloping hill (this site says 355 ft - didn't seem that long to me, more like 275-300.) Better keep this one low or it could easily drift 100 feet OB! The hole has changed since the picture, as the basket is now in a more open position.
#2. From the basket of #1, look downhill and to the left for a lonely piece of landscape timber - that's #2's tee. This hole is 600+ feet and what seems like 300 feet of elevation changes - two fairly steep hills to climb. You'll probably spend 15 minutes trying to find the basket before you shoot. There are a few trees to contend with here, but only truly errant shots are punished. I like this hole - kinda epic and satisfying when you finally putt it in.
#3. After #2, go back and to you left for the #3 teepad (I believe there's a bench there). You can see the basket from the tee, which after #2 is a relief.
#4. Careful on this one - I didn't realize the steepness of the hill beyond 4's basket (well illustrated in the picture here), and had the pleasure of my errant 50 foot putt rolling downhill into the next county.
#5. Short but steeply uphill shot with a few trees in the way.
#6. Very scenic downhill shot. Nothing technical, just a matter of whether or not you can keep your drive under control. As a player of dubious skill, I found it quite satisfying to par this one as it's a 500 ft. par 3.
#7. Definitely a filler hole
#8. Took me awhile to convince myself where the tee was, as the landscape timber has nothing marking it as 8. To get to the basket (which I don't think is visible from the tee) you have to shoot over some 60 ft. tall trees, but you're already up probably 40 ft. So it's not too difficult, but you definitely need to factor in your disc's fade (I think the basket is slightly to the right).
#9. I don't remember this one at all! Sorry.
#10. The course has changed since the pictures were posted. What's pictured here as #10 is now #11, and the picture of 12's tee is now near where #12's basket actually is. #10 is pretty much a straight shot into a bowl like formation as I recall.
#11. IIRC, after 10, you need to walk to your left and maybe even a little downhill to find the tee for #11. This is the tightest tunnel shot I've played yet, and directly up a steep hill. I was concentrating so hard on keeping it straight, I drove it into the ground twice owing to the steepness of the hill, yet still eeked out a par. This is a neat hole, but tough.
#12. You're shooting down a steep, heavily wooded hill and across a creek towards a basket with little in the way of a green, so there's a fair bit of strategy here. I just aimed for the bottom on the hill, but still caught a few trees on the way down. Another hole I enjoyed.
#13 & 14. R.I.P.
#15 Walk the entire length of the field as you'll be shooting back towards 15. This is definitely the easiest shot on the course.
#16. The basket is near (25 feet or so) the water's edge, but I couldn't find the teepad. The map shows it up on the hill, but I walked that hill and I never saw it. I guess just walk to the top of the hill and shoot it down.
#17 Good risk/reward type of hole. You'll need to shoot it over the water, but the narrowest path is probably only 225 feet, so it's within most players' range. If you want to land it close to the basket, though, you'll need about 325-350 of distance.
#18. Nice straight, relatively short shot in comparison. This is almost like the last hole on a miniature golf course, where if you shoot it into the clown's mouth you get a free game.

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Getting Worse

1    2/22/2014   3/3/2014
Review By: Disc_Coastie
Played: 4  Reviewed: 3  Exp: 9.1 Years
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Pros: Clean course, bathrooms available, plenty of parking.
Cons: Absolutely no maintenance of the course with the exception that the county keeps the grass mowed... Tee pads in bad repair, no signage, missing baskets...
Other Thoughts: Since it's beginning the course has declined to the point that I will not ever play here again... the alternatives Oregon Park, Frog Rock and Deerlick are all SO much better.

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Under the White Oak Tree

1    1/1/2014   1/12/2014
Review By: Upshawt1979
Played: 239  Reviewed: 133  Exp: 11.8 Years
5 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: White Oak has the elevation necessary to get the party started! I immediately like any course with hills like this. I would like to see the course in the summer when the leaves are in the trees and the grass is green. Not a ton of trees, but some more wooded holes around the beginning of the back nine. There was a bit of distance on a few holes, but nothing championship worthy. Hole 8 was one that I really loved. Teeing up high, throwing over tree tops in a creek bed, to a basket halfway up the hill opposite you. A great drive if you can hit it just right. There is a duck pond that brings water into play very near a couple of baskets. Watch out for roll aways on those hillside putts. I didn't see any other disc golfers there, but there was a few others walking dogs, playing on the playgrounds, and feeding ducks.
Cons: There is plenty of room for improvement. I had a hard time finding the first hole, and the map was not as helpful as would have liked. Concrete tees would be an excellent addition. Signs at the tees would be great, and maybe some to help out leading around the course. A number of the holes were somewhat bland with open drives leaving little challenge aside from the elevation. I had a hard time navigating them and definitely missed a couple. I see other reviewers have pointed out missing baskets.
Other Thoughts: White Oak is a course that offers a couple of really nice holes, but I would recommend going along with someone familiar with it if you have never been there. I liked it as is, but I think some upgrades to the tee pads and signage would help immensely. To me, that and replacing missing baskets could boost this courses rating to a 4.

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1    9/8/2013   9/13/2013
Review By: Drizzt09
Played: 25  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 5.6 Years
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Pros: Elevation
Good mix open and wooded holes
Cons: Natural teepads needs some work
Needs tee signs
Needs next tee signs to show where to go
New updated map to show where to go
Need to put holes 13&14 back in play
Other Thoughts: This course is very challenging. If most of the cons are corrected this could be a four disc course.

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Bring your climbings shoes

1    9/8/2013   9/9/2013
Review By: Subicon
Played: 27  Reviewed: 9  Exp: 5.7 Years
0 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: -Elevation
Cons: -Missing holes (12 & 13)
-Almost no signage
-Map is confusing and outdated
-Hole 9's basket is broken
-Natural tee pads
Other Thoughts: Despite my low rating of this course, I did really enjoy playing here. Despite being fairly open on the front nine, the distances and pin placements made for a good challenge. If the missing/broken baskets are fixed and replaced, signs added, map re-done, and tee pads upgraded, this will be a solid 4 disc course.

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 I'mmmmm Sailingggg Awayyyyy

1    10/27/2012   11/11/2012
Review By: Connor Jones
Played: 76  Reviewed: 35  Exp: 4.8 Years
10 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Elevation.

I thought about putting, "Elevation." one more time but, I assume you got the picture.

This course is a lot of ups and downs, sides and backwards and stuff. It's definitely its biggest pro.

Baskets were in great shape.

The park was very well kept and extremely clean.

You're probably going to have the course to yourself.

Really beautiful park and views.

Cons: Literally 0 directional guidance, it was like being a blind squirrel on the moon looking for a singular nut.

Natural teepads that weren't that great.

For so much elevation, there's a lot of repetitive shots including the main shot, wide open hyzer.
Other Thoughts: It's a lot easier to write in here for me, especially on this one.

This course has potential to be a 4, and usually i'm not one to complain about lack of polish, but this course desperately needs just a few small touches, mostly some directional signs, or maps, or a man waiting to guide you around for a small fee, even though this park is probably to nice to find that sort of thing. :|

Anyways, the best section of this course is 10-14 or so. A couple of true wooded gems that really stand out. If the course had a couple more of these tossed in to mix up the general open feel, I could see myself giving it a four regardless of the polish.

My final thoughts are, until this course gets teepads, which it NEEDS due to the nature of the elevation, better directional signs and maybe a few trees planted, it's not really living up to it's full potential, and I will pick other courses in the area(such as deer lick) over this when I am there.

Also, I still had a really fun time here, it is a good layout with potential to be very good, so if you have time for it, play it.

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  :( Baskets 13 & 14 gone

5+    8/16/2012   8/19/2012
Review By: bighurt
Played: 1  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 2.8 Years
1 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: More open than wooded; great exercise due to hilly terrain; not many people play it
Cons: Baskets 13 & 14 are now missing. Parks & rec took them away due to neighboring land owner complaining about fences being cut and thus his livestock getting free. SUPPOSEDLY, park & rec is evaluating how to add two more holes which I'm afraid will diminish the layout substantially. 14 was one of my favorite holes with tiny creeks surrounding the hole. Of course the lack of signage at this course as stated numerous times before is a big negative. Be sure to take map (even though it's not updated, at least will give you a sense of where to go).
Other Thoughts: This layout has so much potential but unfortunately doesn't get much upkeep. If we could possibly get some Eagle Scouts to deem it as their project and get some concrete pads and signage put up, that'd be a great service to the community! I'm just afraid parks & rec are going to stall on putting back in the two holes and if they do, will be two crappy holes. How hard would it be to put a sign on the baskets pointing towards the next tee or tiny signs on trees (i.e. like Deerlick)?

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 Private feel here

1    6/13/2012   6/20/2012
Review By: JBryant
Played: 82  Reviewed: 37  Exp: 6 Years
1 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: Secluded. Didn't see but one other disc golfer out there and that was when I finished on 18.

Great elevation use. There are some real bomb shots here.

Baskets are in great shape.
Cons: Very difficult to navigate. No course map available. Wasn't even sure I was at the right part of the park. Managed to find the beat up course sign laying on the ground with a very faded course name on it. No tee signs. This is a real let down for such a nice course. I understand money but as a tourist I won't come back. There are plenty of better courses in the Atl area. Even the numbers on the tee pads, when I finally found my way, were so faded you practically had to hike the course twice-once to go see what basket you were throwing at and once to actually play the hole. It really too away from the experience of what I would consider a 4rated course given proper upkeep.
Other Thoughts: I enjoyed the shots I had to make. My wife hated the hike, Hike, HIKE that white oak brings. If you are going to make that hike you should just get reservations at the 5 star Flyboy and be done with it.

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 White Oak

2-4    8/19/2011   8/21/2011
Review By: 3OrangeWhips
Played: 96  Reviewed: 40  Exp: 5.7 Years
2 Helpful / 2 Not
- one of the best pieces of public park land used for a disc golf course
- great course layout taking advantage of the terrain
- throws up, down, along and across the rolling terrain
- water in play on the closing three holes
- one of the best opening holes I have played
- shiny new DisCatcher baskets
- no crowds or interference
- natural tee pads with gravel are rutted and unsafe
- hard to find tee pads and blind baskets
- no tee signs or other navigation aids; very hard to navigate
- most of the original PVC tee markers are gone
- beware: the bridges across the creek near hole #12 are not very sturdy
- beware: the stacks of 4x4 used as a bridge on #17 are wobbly and fell over when I walked on them
Other Thoughts: I guess it is about time I write a review for White Oak since it has been almost two years since I first played there in 2009 right after the course first opened. Back then I remembered thinking how much potential the course had, but two years later that is still the case. The piece of land is incredible and the course layout takes perfect advantage of it. The opening hole has you throwing along a ridge line with the basket on the downhill point--a great way to start. The rest of the front nine plays up, down and across these hills with just enough trees to make you think. The middle section is wooded with extreme elevation, and the final three holes play along and across a pond. The fairways are grassy and always well maintained, although the low lying areas can flood during rains. The big drawback is the lack of tee signs and navigational aids and the poor tee pads. I recently played White Oak for the third time and gave up on hole 13 when I could not find the basket even after scouting over two hills. Nearly all of the temporary tee posts from two years ago are gone, making it nearly impossible to find the gravel tee pads that are well hidden amongst the hilly terrain. The tee pads are rutted and covered with pea gravel, and a 4x4 across the front edge is a serious tripping hazard if your run-up goes long. I agree with other reviewers that ding this course points because there are zero amenities (tee pads, benches, signs, etc.) and navigation is confusing. Despite the negatives, this is a beautiful course that just needs some additional development to fulfill its potential.

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