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3 / 202ft. Par / Distance:
Beautiful, one-of-a-kind hand-crafted signature basket of Phantom Falls

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The true "Country Club" of DG

1    6/21/2015   7/7/2015
Review By: Jonny T
Played: 19  Reviewed: 6  Exp: 1.3 Years
This review was updated on 8/4/2015
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Pros: Paulie's pad is super plush with tons of great tee shots that vary elevation and lots of very difficult approaches. Make sure to bring a floppy putter as elevated pins are abound and your disc will role hundreds of feet at times. Phantom Falls has lots of fun elevation change, and some very technical shots that require both backhand and flick. The holes are well marked and the "Bible" that the owner gives you has detailed suggestions of what to throw from each tee box. This "Bible" is a lifesaver as many tees throw at the same baskets from different angles and approaches, which doesn't cause any problems because you're the only people on the course when you make a reservation. Not only do you get access to the course, but you also get to use a cooler and grill so make sure to bring some burgers for part-way through your round.
Cons: No cons. It costs a little $$$ to play the course, but its a great deal when you consider the quality of the course and the experience.
Other Thoughts: Bring lots of beer and grill food. There is a grill that you can use, and the course loops back to the house every 5 or 6 holes so you don't need to carry all your beer at once, and you can grill whenever you please.

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So much fun you forget how hard you are working

1    9/29/2014   6/22/2015
Review By: iconoclastes
Played: 20  Reviewed: 5
1 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: This is the 2nd best course I've ever played (only bucksnort is better imho) and is worthy of a solid 5.
*so much variation in difficulty, distance, technicality
*amazing lounge area that the course keeps coming back to every few holes to take a break
*owner is an awesome dude who shows you everything you need to know about the course then he leaves you alone to throw, at his house!!
*laid out perfectly, and you will never wonder where the basket is because you will either see it, or see an arrow pointing to it
*couple of ace runs
*pro shop to buy discs and memorabilia
Cons: *only thing remotely a con is that there is a lot of walking up and down the hills but if that is a complaint then you aren't into throwing that much anyways
Other Thoughts: This course is amazing from beginning to end. This is an all day kinda course and you will never forget the day you threw phantom falls. This and bucksnort (owned and ran by the same dude) are two courses you will be glad you had the opportunity to play.

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2-4    4/12/2015   5/25/2015
Review By: d rock
Played: 15  Reviewed: 3  Exp: 1.7 Years
2 Helpful / 7 Not
Pros: Course is exclusive to your party! BBQ Area for resting between holes. Awesome!!! Holes are challenging for all player levels.
Cons: No hotel rooms on the course. :)
Other Thoughts: Great course to play with a large group of people.

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Pauley's Heaven

1    9/9/2014   5/17/2015
Review By: sillybizz
Played: 229  Reviewed: 221  Exp: 12.2 Years
8 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: With over 150 reviews I'm going to try and keep this shorter than I would most of my reviews and avoid what has already been said a ton. I'm going to discuss a few of the things that I have noticed and love/like/dislike/hate about it and why....

One of my favorite things about this sport are the things that are unique to a certain course/area, etc. The wooded homemade basket that was made for Pauley is an absolute work of art. You can see pictures of the basket here and it was made famous (to me at least) in the Innova Calendars but it's even more interesting up close and personal. Not only that but it catches extremely well.

I love the 'hat tree'. Have a hat? Need a hat? Tired of your current hat? No worries there is a special tree set up on the course that just has random hats people have left in sort of a take a penny leave a penny kind of deal like they have at the local 7-11.

The elevation makes for some really crazy unique lines and multiple routes. With 39 holes and less than half of that number of baskets you get to play the same hole(s) from a multitude of angles and actually opens up your thinking to what you might throw on the next tee pad or what you should have throw on one of the previous tee pads.

Pauley presents you with so much info (on all of his courses really) with his course map/guide/scorecard/cheat sheet that you shouldn't have to ask any questions or get lost, etc. in fact Paulie refers to the cheat sheets (and next tee markers/basket markers on Bucksnort) as being "idiot proof" and since we had no problems I think that's pretty well true.

I especially love that only one group can play on the course per day and that you have to make reservations ahead of time, I know I might be in the minority in that view point but when I think of all my crowded Seattle courses I never want to go back to waiting ever again. My dad and I made this our special once a year traveling disc golf trip and I couldn't think of too many more places I'd rather be. We felt incredibly grateful and lucky that Paulie was so accommodating to us and that we actually got to play with him and get the inside knowledge on the course and the man.
Cons: This is a course that was built with Pauley and his buddies in mind and hey why not cram as many holes as you can get into your backyard, I would do the same thing but at the same time I think some of the holes could be condensed or made extinct all together in favor of a few longer par 4 holes to break up the redundancy of dozens of holes back to back that are very similar to each other. One of options that could be taken is making multiple tee pads (for all or just some of the holes) and possibly multiple basket locations. Multiple pads could keep a lot of those same fun lines to multiple baskets and then mix in the longer holes in between. To clarify when I say multiple tee pads I don't mean a long set and a short set or even stopping at 2 pads per hole what I mean is they should be at different points away from the basket to make more lines. I think the course is pretty well perfect for what it is but these small things would make me happy anyway. :)
Other Thoughts: My dad and I haven't stopped talking about our trip to Colorado since last year and I have been slowly working on my reviews for them for months now. We're in the stages of planning our trip this year and are planning on heading to Minneapolis but we have had some serious discussions about going back to Colorado, some day I will move here. I highly recommend playing both Phantom Falls and Bucksnort, don't worry about the steep greens fee it's totally worth the money for a unique and fun experience.

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 Great course for groups & avid disc golfers

1    3/20/2015   3/25/2015
Review By: chowee21
Played: 22  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 0.9 Years
5 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: -Entire course to yourself (no rushing through holes)
-Well maintained
-Good mix of uphill, downhill, short, and long
-Excellent signage to keep you on track (nearly idiot proof)
-Great host who loves the game of disc golf
-Great for all arm strengths
-Best Ever markers are pretty sweet
-Several different types/brands of baskets that are well marked/ identified
Cons: -Lack of parking (not really a knock on the course itself)
-Need to be in okay shape to trek this course (hilly and long; however you can take breaks if needed)
-only a few long open shots
-No water shots (some could see this as a pro)
Other Thoughts: This is a fairly tight, touch shot type of course. Having a strong arm has minimal advantage on most holes allowing for accuracy to be the king of all.

We had a group of 9 with majority of guys brand new to the sport. The ability to have the entire course to yourself allows for a good relaxing time.

Much of the course is high risk high reward as you have a lot of trees and steep hills. Paul provides a cheatsheet on tips for each hole along with which line to take.

Paul was a great host and even came out and played a couple holes with us. Very passionate about the sport and knows his course well.

Why not a 5? Personal preference as I like concrete pads and flatter, more open holes with water hazards. But it is a beautiful course and is a must play if you are in the area. We drove an extra 1.5 hours and it was well worth it. This course is for people who love the game.

Advice - Bring a couple baseballs/throwing apparatus as getting a disc stuck in a tree is inevitable (especially if you have some new players!). Also, bring water, a snack, good trail shoes, and be ready to work your body.

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 Tricky and bewildering and fun

1    10/11/2014   10/12/2014
Review By: Hooter320
Played: 18  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 14.3 Years
7 Helpful / 4 Not
Pros: Super friendly hosts. Paulie had great enthusiasm when explaining his course to us, which is understandable after playing it!

The differently constructed baskets (Pine builders, chimes, and Frankenstein) are not only fun to play, but cool to look at.

All tee boxes are level.

Great "cheat sheet" given with basket distances, description of baskets, and tips for every hole.

Great course layout and flow.

Taking off your boots and stretching on the shared patio every 13 or so baskets is really nice (while enjoying a good beer).

The pro shop is quite extensive.

Having the entire course to yourself is a luxury I've never really had before - I'm afraid I got spoiled with that 1st class treatment, and never want to "ride coach" again!
Cons: They're not joking when they say "evaluate your fitness level". My legs are still sore 24 hours later.

Smooth terrain on the steeps sent my disc rolling right down past my feet after a putt... more than once.

Makes me want to drive to Pine more often.

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It's ok...

1    6/21/2014   10/11/2014
Review By: JVonD
Played: 4  Reviewed: 4  Exp: 18.7 Years
This review was updated on 10/12/2014
3 Helpful / 64 Not
Pros: You have a private patio to use and being able to hangout there as you take breaks is nice. If you like going up and down on a hill side over and over then you'll love it.
Cons: The coarse is crammed onto a little piece of property so you are going back and forth around on a hill so it's hard on the feet, legs, and butt when slipping. No water shots unless there's a 100 year flood and only a couple vanity features. The dirt you walk on is real dry and you can easily slip out causing falls on sketchy features. Big roll outs can easily occur.
Other Thoughts: This review is in comparison to all courses I've played. I keep it real so I can't give any coarse a rating over a 3 that doesn't have water features, and other unique features I'd expect, etc... So this course is on the very low end of the scale when it comes to the mountain courses. I don't recommend it. Plus the "customary" donation seems pretty mandatory which is kind of a turn off.

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Date: 10/12/2014 Designer Response by:
All players are fully briefed on the "executive", and exclusive nature of this course, the physically demanding nature of the course, the time commitment that is involved in playing 39 holes of DG, and what the customary donation is while making their mandatory tee-time. If you are not a fan of courses that survive on customary donations, and don't care for accuracy based, risk/reward, fun factor rich courses, this is not the place for you.

For an accurate account of what you can expect at Phantom Falls, click the trusted reviewers only box above. For a solid reference, there are 16 trusted reviewers who have rated PF, and the average TR score is 4.53.

Side note: I was rather disappointed in this rating at first, and then I noticed that this reviewer gave Beaver Ranch DGC a 2.5, and he/she can't spell rating or course (below). This may have brought his/her credibility into question just a tad?? I don't know - you decide?
P.S. We were on a family vacation on June 21st, so this reviewer is either lying about playing, or making up "play" dates.
P.S.S. What is a vanity feature?

JVonD - Other Thoughts: "I keep it real so I can't give any coarse a ratting over a 3 that doesn't have water features, and other features I'd expect, etc… So this coarse is on the very low end of the scale when it comes to the mountain coarses."

Stop in and play all day

1    9/27/2014   9/27/2014
Review By: chips n salsa
Played: 13  Reviewed: 6
This review was updated on 10/1/2014
7 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: Wide variety of challenging holes, course all to yourself, basecamp nearby for refreshments if you get tired, thirsty or hungry, cheatsheet that gives you the best strategy for how to play each hole, nice and shady.
Cons: Extremely steep climbing and descending--I personally like this aspect of it but if your crew isn't somewhat fit and up for the challenge they'll NEVER make it. Our group started with 4 and ended with two before we even reached the 7th hole.

Owner was super friendly but went on for 20 minutes (you're a captive audience) as he explained what seemed like each and every one of the 39 holes on the course, during which time he subtly (as in not so subtly) kept reminding us that donations--in addition to the $20 donation that is mandatory at the start--are appreciated. Here's my issue with this: I'm surrounded by beautiful landscapes with awesome baskets and killer challenges everywhere and I've got my discs and I want to throw. Cut it down to 5 minutes please because I'm drooling over the course and I'll be mentally checked out after that long anyway. We crisscrossed near the owner's house a half dozen times and there were plenty of opportunities to ask him questions if we needed. Maybe pin each basket on a Google Map so I'll know where to go if it means I can skip some (most) of the intro. And I don't need reminding about donating. If I enjoy myself I'll very much want to add a gratuity (which we all did--it was important to us to do so and any decent guest would feel the same way).

One tee time a day, FOUR MONTH WAITING LIST if you can only make the 9am tee time on the weekends.
Other Thoughts: Is the kind of course you would imagine heaven would have. Put it on your bucket list.

7 of 10 people found this review helpful.

Ultimate day of disc golf

1    8/17/2014   8/18/2014
Review By: bilen434
Played: 5  Reviewed: 4
2 Helpful / 8 Not
Pros: Variety of hole types that utilize the elevation changes of the land.

Frankenbasket (made from a wine cask and a wagon wheel).

Good signage so you never get stuck looking for the next hole.

You get a cheat sheet with tips/recommendations for every hole.

Benches on every hole, and you loop back to the main area every 7ish holes, so you can rehydrate or grab some food.
Cons: Some of the tee pads could be a little longer
Other Thoughts: Totally worth the $15, there is nothing that compares to this anywhere.

2 of 10 people found this review helpful.

Must play resort style experience.

1    7/29/2014   8/6/2014
Review By: prerube
Played: 234  Reviewed: 215  Exp: 8.3 Years
24 Helpful / 2 Not
Pros: This is a total package. It has been in my wish list for 4 years and did not disappoint.

you have all 36-39 holes all to yourself, so you play at any pace and take as many shots as you want with out ever being rushed by another player.

I am a huge fan of unique baskets and Phantom Falls was a sampler platter of baskets. There was the iconic pine basket, classic wind chime, a hot pink basket, Disc Nation Liberties, Innova DiscCatchers, a beaver ranch style basket, and even FRANKENBASKET.

The shot selection and variety is great. it is beginner friendly and still fun for experienced players.

Course flow and navigation is idiot proof. signs point the way to next tee sometimes every 10 feet.

Tee signs do not have pictures of the holes, but they are unique flagstones that you will only find here, anymore than the hole and distance would look cheesy.

Plenty of benches , which you will need while playing at over 8,000 feet of elevation. The benches are mostly made out of snowboards, which adds character to an already charismatic course.

you will receive a cheat sheet with hints on how to play the holes and which basket to throw to.

Plastic discs on every hole labeled the best throw of the year and best throw ever. This is the first time I have ever seen anything like this and I loved it. There are very few courses where this idea could work so well.

Course strategically loops so you can be back at the house or your car very frequently. you don't need to carry as many discs or drinks because you can loop back around so many times.

Pro shop had great selection, Where else can you find a used Puma, Bulldog, and Pegasus as well as brand new Vibram. Bring cash.
Cons: Some holes share baskets, which does not mean much because no one else is throwing on the course.

Lots of baskets are visible on certain tee pads. Use the cheat sheet to eliminate any frustration, it is very clear which basket you need to throw to.

Hole 23 starts what is called the darkside of the course. This is where i was introduced to roll aways.
Nearly every hole 23-30 I had a good shot land near the basket and roll 40-200 feet. On a short downhill hole (29 I think) my drive landed under the basket and rolled 150 feet behind the basket and down a hill. My upshot hit the basket and rolled 80 feet towards the road. Third throw hit the basket a second time and started rolling, but a sharp rock stopped it at 30 feet giving me the scariest 30 foot put of my life.

Big arms will not get too many opportunities to let it rip, this is a shorter finesse course.
Other Thoughts: This course must be on your playlist. get the reservations with Paulie and plan on spending the day here.People ask if you can play another course in the same day, the answer is yes, but it will become more work than fun. I played solo and then when to Beaver Ranch and I hit the wall at Beaver Ranch and do not think the course was as enjoyable as it should have been. I highly recommend you stay nearby for several days and play Phantom Falls one day and Bucksnort another without playing anything else those days.

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