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Hole #2 White Tee

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Course Has Gone Downhill

1    7/25/2015   7/25/2015
Review By: thedglove
Played: 1  Reviewed: 1  Exp: 0.3 Years
Pros: Nice mix of different types and lengths of holes
Rarely crowded
Cons: Overgrown grass
Really muddy after a rain
Several holes are now completely unplayable
Other Thoughts: This course was previously a great course, full of challenges and variety. This was when it first opened. Since then it has slowly deteriorated to the point at which it is today. It's always been a pretty muddy place, so I won't really comment on that except to give caution: wait at least 24 hours after a good rain because the whole place (and I mean the whole place!) will be extremely muddy. But the amount of overgrown plant life is out of control. Holes 17 and 18 used to be my favorite holes, but they are literally unplayable. You can't even find the tee on either and you can't find the hole on 17 either (well, you can see it, but you can't get there). The same problem is all over the back nine, specifically 11-18. Hole 11 isn't so bad, but after that it all goes downhill. One more problem is snakes. Water Moccasins and Copperheads. Lots of cotton mouths reside in the wetlands area around hole 8. I've seen tons and they've gotten worryingly close. And I've seen too many copperheads to wander into the back nine very often anymore.
All in all, it's a good course that's gone to pot because no one's taken care of it. The front nine is still pretty good, except I'd be careful around hole 8 because of the snakes. I still go at least 2 times a week, so it's better than nothing.

Decent Course

1    3/2/2014   3/3/2014
Review By: DiabolicalHeel
Played: 14  Reviewed: 4
Pros: -I did like the idea of having an open front 9 and a wooded back 9. The front flowed really well and let you really rip some shots.
-When the course flowed well, the front 9, it was easy to see where the next holes were.
-The 3 tee boxes provided 3 good options for the course based on your skill level.
-Has a practice basket to warm up putting before you start your round.
-Course has some cool mandos that make shots more interesting, yet still doable.
-The course does have many different lines so it didn't feel like you were playing the same hole over and over. It wasn't the most diverse course ever, but it did have some different hole layouts throughout the course.
-I liked how hole 17 and 18 played up against the creek.
Cons: -Back 9 has no flow at all. Without a course map it can become difficult to figure out the last 9 holes. It's especially confusing when trying to find the pin on hole 15 and finding hole 17 from 16.
-A few of the holes have you throwing across walking paths and could be hazardous if you aren't paying attention to people walking. Hole 11 is especially bad about this as the fairway is literally the walking path and the pin is around a bin. I had to wait 15 minutes for the path to clear of people before I could throw.
-Holes 1 and 18 all have the potential of hitting cars, though you'd have to have a pretty bad throw. On hole 1 I massively turned over my drive and came pretty close to putting my disc in the busy road. On hole 18 if you fade your shot badly(rhbh) you could potentially hit the parking lot. It's an outside shot of hitting cars but if a disc gets away from you it is possible.
Other Thoughts: It hadn't rained much, if at all, the week before I played this course yet a decent amount of the course was still flooded and soupy. The wooded areas weren't cleared much at all outside of the fairways. It's nit picky but it does make it quite easy to lose some discs. Overall, a course I would gladly play again if in the area but wouldn't travel outside of an hour just for the course.

Pretty Good

5+    11/3/2013   11/5/2013
Review By: kingingkunsan
Played: 2  Reviewed: 2
Pros: A mixture of open greens and fairways along with some real tight areas that require pinpoint accuracy. Huge Concrete tees with large hole number markers.
Cons: In the summer bring a can of bug spray. The layout is confusing on a few holes. Front 9 is a good design. Back 9 is horrible IMO. I do not mind playing in the woods but this is more like a briar patch. Although some has been cleared holes 11, 12, 13, 14, 16 have thick briars on one or both sides of fairway. So do not attempt to find a lost disc unless you are wearing a suit of armor. I avoid the back 9 usually and just play the front 9 a couple times. Much more enjoyable for me. Finally 1,5 and 18 are close to parking lot or road. Error in shot could end up on Ash St (4 lane busy road) or into a car in the parking lot.
Other Thoughts: You have to back track from 3 to get to 4 and from 4 to 5. Be careful on 10, you may end up in the fenced in dog park or with a real unfortunate shot in the gutter. Seriously, had one go in gutter. Luckily we were able to lift the grate off and reach the disc. 13 takes you away from the rest of the course, so you have to back track to get to 14. 15 to 16 seems like you are lost due to the lack of signs and the distance between them. Again 16 to 17 is almost 1/4 mile walk.

Good course when its not swamped

2-4    7/14/2013   9/1/2013
Review By: Hollywood
Played: 13  Reviewed: 5  Exp: 2.9 Years
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Pros: I like the variety of basket placements, from the fairly open, tall ceiling lanes on the front part of the course, to the more technical, tighter woods baskets on the back.
Cons: It was a swampy mess the last time I played this course. That is to be expected since it was put in to utilize the land following the destruction of Hurricane Floyd. Its a nice course that continues to be developed and enhanced, just be sure to play it when it hasn't rained recently.
Other Thoughts: In the summer, carry bug spray and use it frequently. If its rained recently, the bugs are out in force and you will need extra socks and shoes.

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  Decent course

5+    5/4/2013   6/2/2013
Review By: djray5000
Played: 1  Reviewed: 1
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Pros: Very good front 9 with a lot of open space. Pedestrian traffic is minimal.
Cons: Thick grass and narrow paths on the back 9 make it easy to lose a disc, especially on holes 11 and 16.
Other Thoughts: Take caution around holes 5 and 18 the holes are near the parking lot.

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 First Run

1    1/18/2013   1/18/2013
Review By: clementsjd1
Played: 47  Reviewed: 14  Exp: 4.3 Years
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Pros: Good mixture of holes ranging from open to moderately wooded, to heavily wooded. Very close proximity to the highway. Very easy to navigate.
Cons: No bathrooms, was heavily flooded, No distance to basket markers, or signs for which tee belongs to which basket.
Other Thoughts: Looks like the course is still getting some work done to it, i am not sure though as this was my first play through, could really use some distance to pin signs, as I choose my disc off of that fact. Other than this very well designed course.

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 Many improvements

5+    12/11/2012   12/12/2012
Review By: seanlindsay
Played: 2  Reviewed: 2
2 Helpful / 1 Not
Pros: -Nice concrete pads (white tees - all holes)
-Good variation between open/straightforward holes and tight/wooded holes
-Course seems vastly improved from previous, older reviews
-Easily visible numbers at each hole, easy to navigate
-Holes set up for a variety of paths (conservative/risky & RHBH/RHFH)
Cons: -Back 9 is clearer than in the past, but could still be cleared further
-Flat (Eastern NC)
-Hole 13 has you walk back down the fairway to reach 14
-Hole 15 is hard to locate/play unless you are with someone that is familiar with the course
Other Thoughts: Hearing the plans for future work on this course, it seems like things will continue to improve. The local club hosted their first tournament this year and seem dedicated to addressing the known issues.

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1    11/3/2012   11/4/2012
Review By: sloppydisc
Played: 201  Reviewed: 147  Exp: 6.8 Years
3 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: 18 massive concrete tee pads set in a city park. We're talking huge trapezoidal monstrosities that no one should complain about.

Nice new baskets that are visible and catch well.

Signs at each pad with a huge number on them. Very visible, even from Virginia.

Front 9 is in a family friendly park setting with trails, benches and a children's play area.

Nicely cared for green grass and large trees dot the front 9. Very scenic and each hole has multiple paths to the basket. Fairly forgiving early on at this course.
Cons: Walking paths and other park users can be almost anywhere on front 9. Be aware of where you are throwing.

Back 9 is still a work in progress and new.

Navigation can be a little tricky in spots on the back 9.

Hole 13 and 15 have tee pads that seem to be misplaced or crooked. Or the baskets are in the wrong place. Not sure. Hopefully this will be cleaned up.
Other Thoughts: The front 9 of Stoney Creek is your basic city park course. Probably a great place to bring your girlfriend, wife, children or dogs. There happens to be a disc golf there, so you can have some fun too. Nothing exciting or memorable with the holes or design.

The back 9 seems to be done, but there are some strange things going on there. Hole 13 is a weird RHBH anny route that starts out with the tee pad facing about 90 degrees in the wrong direction. Maybe the basket is being redesigned or moved?? Then you must walk back the length of 13's fairway to get to 14. This could be a safety issue, plus it adds a little bit to the walking.

Hole 15 is another misaligned pad with a narrow path, fairway or something through the woods to the basket. The basket is not visible from the pad, and it would take several acts of God or luck to navigate the path with a disc. I hope this hole gets some attention too.

Hole 16 is a short straight hole that seems like a simple filler to cut down on the long walk to 17.

17 is a decent hole, but there is what appears to be an OB creek to the right and both side of the fairway are roped off to prevent damage to newly planted trees. Chances are the path is too narrow for many golfers and trees with be harmed. The fairway is a nice RHBH anny route to a basket position in some trees. Pretty hole if it can survive.

18 is a longer hole that also has the creek bed on the right. But about half way to the basket is the parking lot on the left. This could be a dangerous hole also. Be sure not to park your care on that side when you pull in!

The back 9 has some potential, but right now it needs some redesign work. It is confusing and a little mixed up at this point.

Hopefully as this course gets cleaned up a little it will be improved, and the back 9 will be something players look forward to. Right now it will just leave you shaking your head.

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 Not worth the drive.

1    7/25/2012   7/25/2012
Review By: mrpolarbear
Played: 14  Reviewed: 3
2 Helpful / 3 Not
Pros: There were decent, regulation baskets.
A few (3 or 4) concrete tees were newly put in, the rest of the tees were marked by 2 cinder blocks sunk at an angle.
Cons: Front 9: Half the fairways were flooded, another third had 12" tall grass.
Hole #1: Standing water ~4" deep across the whole fairway, 20' - 30' circumference.
Holes #2 - #4 unmowed, 12" tall grass, but dry.
Holes #5 - #7 were all under water, unplayable.
Holes #8 - #9 were clear.

Back 9: Basically non-existent except for hole #10. A huge bucket loader parked in the center of a swath of downed trees & growth. Holes #11 - #18 were unplayable, or at least so bad & undeveloped as to be not worth the effort. I classify them as "under construction".

Overall: See other thoughts below
Other Thoughts: The worst aspect of this course was the smell and the bugs. It smelled like a bad day at a neglected zoo. Seriously, think elephant pen on a humid summer day. I'd half wager the "park" was built over a landfill. The insects were abundant and incessant.

I'm sure folks who live nearby appreciate a local DG course, and with a LOT of work (serious work) it could be decent, but in it's current condition it's just abysmal.

*Fair warning: The pictures above, specifically of holes 11-18, no longer represent the actual layout or condition of this course.

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 Starts well, ends poorly

1    4/26/2012   4/26/2012
Review By: Kent18
Played: 135  Reviewed: 17  Exp: 6.4 Years
2 Helpful / 0 Not
Pros: *The first 10 holes.
*Majority of the holes have 3 tees in good degrees of variance of distance and shot execution.
*Baskets are great and in good condition.
Cons: *All teepads are sandy or earthen which stinks in a park that is known to flood.
*Holes 11-16 are a mess.
*Very basic park with no restrooms and gravel parking lot.
Other Thoughts: The first 10 holes are in a much more open layout and offer different types of shots to execute. These holes just seem so much more fun to play vesus the back holes. Holes 11-16 go from bad to awful in trying to figure out what the course designer was thinking? It's hard not to assume that there are major factors going on here from either hole redesign that isn't finished or failure to clear intended fairways to a possible construction project as evidenced from all the tractor marks across most of these fairways. These holes also literally stink from different mud canals that line some of the "fairways" and consequently are thick with mosquitoes. There is potential here but I mean probably hundreds of group man hours are needed here to make this course worth the destination for the majority of Disc golfers to trek out here. The bottom line is the first 10 holes are pretty decent of what you might expect at an average park and the next handful of holes you are just trying to survive a course that feels unfinished and poorly designed and you wouldn't want anyone to have that kind of expereince with the game.

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